Google Pushes Wear OS Updates: Built-In Google Assistant More | 'Smart'

On April 18th, Google China held a press conference at the Beijing headquarters to officially announce to the Chinese market and consumers that the smart wearable device system Android Wear was renamed Wear OS by Google. By that time, Google said that the renamed Wear OS will also Welcome more new features.

Now, one of Google's promised new features of Wear OS has officially started to push. According to foreign media reports, Google began to push Wear OS updates to users in the United States and Europe today, bringing more Google Assistant capabilities.

Equipped with Wear OS smart watch

It is understood that the updated Wear Assistant's built-in Google Assistant will support smart recommendations, contextual semantic understanding, and new skills such as controlling smart home devices through smart watches.

It is worth mentioning that at the upcoming Google I/O Developer Conference in 2018, Google will announce more new features of Wear OS. According to legend, Wear OS will usher in a new system interface, such as a dark theme. Longer endurance and power saving scheme, under non-charging status, the application will no longer run in the background to extend the standby time of Wear OS devices.