Huawei or launch a game smart watch: strap avatar handle

Mobile gaming platforms have endless potential. Many PC-based gamers have now moved to more mobile platforms. So, have you ever thought about playing games on smart watches? Huawei has such an idea.

Huawei gaming smart watch

According to reports, Huawei recently obtained a patent related to smart gaming watches. From the exposure of patent documents, Huawei intends to use the smart watch strap as a gamepad to control the movement and shooting of characters in the game. At the same time, this patent also allows the keyboard to activate the virtual keyboard through the strap. Not only that, the watch also supports self-timer and other functions. It is speculated that this watch will usher in the basic functions of ordinary smart watches such as call, video, health tracking.

However, the display of the smart watch is too small, it seems to affect the game's operating experience. At present, we do not know what kind of research and development stage the patented technology is in. After all, Huawei also has the possibility to develop this technology. Then, will Huawei introduce this? What kind of watch? We will wait and see.