What did you say about your home's washing machine?

Washing machine should put the bathroom only!'

'I think the washing machine is good on the balcony!'

'Someone is like me, is it in the kitchen?'

It's better where the washing machine is. Everyone has a different opinion. Which position is best? In fact, these places can all be placed where they can be placed according to the layout of the house, the type of flat and their own preferences.


Washing machine for toilet

Washing machine is the most common bathroom, most people are still willing to put the washing machine in the bathroom. Toilets have water pipes, circuits, waterproof and other projects, as well as smooth drainage, more convenient to use. Do not need to add water pipes in the balcony , Waterproofing, etc. From the decoration, it is more economical to place the bathroom decoration.

Not only the sun exposure will damage the washing machine, but the wet environment will also affect the service life of the washing machine. Therefore, the bathroom should be dampproof and dehumidified, and do not let the bathroom be in a wet state for a long time. To solve the wet problem in the bathroom, you can separate the bathroom from dry and wet. Can reduce the damage of the washing machine.


Washing machine on the balcony

Put the washing machine on the balcony is more common, so that it is more convenient to use. After washing clothes, you can directly take clothes out to dry, do not have to walk around the clothes, dry clothes, very convenient. And the balcony ventilation is good, the environment is relatively dry, the washing machine In the balcony will not be due to prolonged exposure to moisture and bacteria.

If the washing machine is placed on the balcony, the water circuit, socket, waterproof, drainage, etc. of the balcony should be well done, especially the drainage. If the washing machine is not handled properly, it will be troublesome to have a jam.

Xiangyang's balcony is best installed curtains to block the sun, to prevent damage to the washing machine long-term exposure; or put the washing machine on the shade, avoid direct sunlight.


Washing machine on kitchen

Washing machines in the kitchen are rare, if the bathroom and balcony are too small (or no balcony), no place to store, the kitchen is a good place to put the washing machine into the kitchen, I feel as long as the clothes are removed, it will be contaminated with some kitchen Fumes.

The kitchen is a place with large soot. Contaminated with fumes, the beautiful appearance is easy to be covered, and it feels greasy. Therefore, it should be scrubbed regularly to prevent fumes from affecting the normal use of the washing machine.