72-hour frozen flowers commander refrigerator PK others refrigerator: bloom VS flower defeat

With the improvement of the quality of life, consumers have more diverse storage temperature requirements for food materials. Variable temperature refrigerators should be born. However, ordinary refrigerators have small temperature change intervals, slow temperature changes after temperature setting, and temperature fluctuations in storage processes. The young man with a sense of experience was daunted. On May 3rd, the commander used a single flower to solve the industry's dysentery. In this 72-hour frozen flower experiment video, the flowers were wilted and wilted in the ordinary refrigerator, The precise temperature control under the wide variable temperature technology is undefeated.

For foods, the refrigerator is precisely controlled and temperature-controlled. Rapid freezing can cause foods to form tiny ice crystals with little damage to the cell tissue, thus preserving the original taste of the ingredients and can be stored for a long time. Otherwise, the food can be easily frostbite and frozen. Nutrition loss. During the experiment, the commander selected flowers that were more delicate and delicate than the ingredients. Two flowers with the same conditions were placed in the L.ONE refrigerator ultra-wide temperature change drawer and the ordinary refrigerator for a period of 48 hours to 20°C. The freezing and 24 hours of 5 °C thawing, a total of 72 hours of experiment. The results show that -20 °C when the color of the flowers in ordinary refrigerators began to dark, 5 °C when the whole flower almost all withered, and the commander in the refrigerator flowers It has been fresh as ever.

As we all know, there is a tendency for yellowish vegetables to appear in refrigerators, and the phenomenon of frozen fish becoming dry and woody. The commander is able to freeze the fragile flowers intact. The experimental phenomenon and the mystery are caused by extensive discussion among netizens. In the young group, the refrigerator's fresh-keeping performance can be fully answered, which further confirms the appeal of young people to the quality of home appliances, and also proves that the leading refrigerator industry has achieved technological innovation.

There are diametrically opposite results, which stem from the fact that most refrigerators in the market have small temperature swing ranges, unstable storage temperatures, and slow temperature changes after the temperature is set. Therefore, after a large temperature difference in multiple stages of flowers, the damage is significant. Commander L.ONE refrigerator Undefeated frozen flowers, thanks to its ultra-wide temperature changeable drawer, with the support of double frequency conversion technology—inverter compressor and variable frequency centrifugal fan, the commander of L. ONE refrigerator has only a dozen degrees of variable temperature range on the market to -20. From °C to 5°C, the 26-step ultra-large variable temperature range can quickly and accurately reach the set temperature, so that the flowers will have minimal damage after multiple large temperature changes. For young people pursuing life texture, whether it is refrigerated, 0 degree, soft frozen or Refrigeration, the superb refrigerator's ultra-wide temperature change can be adjusted according to the needs of different fresh ingredients, satisfying the temperature requirements of different ingredients.

From the perspective of the entire industry, after the popularity of air-cooled and variable-frequency technologies, the refrigerator industry has returned to the essence of preservation, and major brands are fighting for the commanding heights of this fresh-keeping warfare. Following the 'secondary change in the smoothie' experiment, the commander’s refrigerator was relaunched. The experiment of “Frozen Flowers are Undefeated” speaks with the fact that consumers can intuitively experience the experience. In the “one-on-one” mode, the commander of the “China Five-word Series” refrigerator continuously iterates and completely terminates the damage caused by the refrigerator temperature difference. The ultra-wide variable temperature technology brings young people the on-demand storage of food materials and the life experiences set by the heart. The commander refrigerator will also continue to tap new user needs, innovate product research and development, and further strengthen the leading position of the commander refrigerator in young groups.