Did the refrigerator de-icing cause an explosion? This is no joke!

The temperature will soon reach 30°C. It is a good season to eat ice.

Then the question is, Is it OK for your refrigerator?

Case review:

On July 4, 2016, an appliance repairman in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, worked in a store. The refrigerator that was being repaired exploded suddenly and the maintenance worker was bombed. After investigation, the explosion was probably related to the improper operation of the maintenance worker. In the same year, an explosion occurred in the doorway of a repair shop in Changsha, Hunan Province. A man was seriously injured. The explosives were an upright refrigerator. The explosion left only half a shell in the refrigerator.

Why does the refrigerator explode?

Let's explain it to everyone

Refrigerator explosion, to a large extent, related to improper deicing operations. Refrigerator is easy to produce thick ice when used. Such a thick layer of ice is inconvenient to store items, and waste of electricity, so many families will use the refrigerator Deicing after a period of time. There are many methods of de-icing, but how to choose de-icing is the most important. Wrong method of deicing will also cause security risks. After reading the following experiment, everyone will understand. First, of course 3. Prepare a refrigerator with thick ice inside.

Choose to use a knife to remove ice. Because the ice is too thick, it is easy to scratch the freezer wall when using a knife to remove ice. Prepare an electronic firearm and place it in the freezer to simulate the electric spark generated when the refrigerator is running.

What happened next, surely everyone thought about it before they saw the result.

Why does the refrigerator explode? The reason is actually very simple. During the deicing, the sharp knife cuts through the freezer compartment and causes the refrigerant to leak. It forms an explosive mixture with the air inside the refrigerator and causes the explosion under the ignition of the spark. .

Because of the environmental protection requirements, the refrigerant in the refrigerator now uses isobutane instead of the conventional Freon. Isobutane is a colorless combustible gas. When the concentration of this gas reaches 1.9% to 4.8% in air, it will be explosive. mixture.

How to remove ice safely?

The first step: First remove the refrigerator plug, cut off the power, ensure the safety of operation

Step 2: Remove the food from the refrigerator and empty the refrigerator

Step 3: Ice! The key is here!! Method One: Naturally Melt. If the temperature outside the box is high, open the refrigerator door and let the ice cubes melt naturally at room temperature. After the ice is removed, wipe the refrigerator with a clean wet towel. internal.

Method 2: Defrost with hot water. Put hot water in the refrigerator and close the refrigerator door. After a few minutes, the ice cubes fall off in a large amount. This time you can clean it in time.

Method 3: The hair dryer removes ice. It is to use a hair dryer to blow the ice cubes, and then clean the interior of the refrigerator. However, it should be noted that if we accidentally put the hair dryer close to the refrigerator, it is easy to let the hair dryer. The high temperature causes some fragile parts inside the refrigerator to cause deformation and damage. Take a little further when using it.