Apple Watch heart rate monitoring saved another girl

Apple's Apple Wathc smart watch seems to have become a legendary product like bullet-proof Nokia phones, because according to foreign media reports, Apple Watch has recently saved an 18-year-old young user.

According to ABC News, an 18-year-old girl from Florida, USA named Deanna Recktenwald, was in the church. Apple Watch suddenly popped up to warn her that her resting heart rate reached 190 per minute. The girl's mother, Stacey Recktenwald, said It was precisely because of this warning that they were able to seek medical help in a timely manner. She did not know that Apple Watch had such an alarm function.

After visiting the hospital, Deanna was sent to the emergency room and was finally diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. According to doctors' reports, only 20% of Deanna's kidneys work properly, which means that she needs to undergo a kidney transplant in the future.

Deanna's mother sent a thank-you e-mail to Apple CEO Tim Cook. Cooke responded in the e-mail that he was happy that Deann was safe, and thanked the mother for sharing this story with him because it motivated Apple to continue go ahead.

According to the research report, Apple Watch's heart rate monitoring accuracy rate is as high as 97%, which is the highest accuracy device in smart wearable devices.