You need a laptop like this when you enter the workplace

For many small partners, the transition from students to newcomers in the workplace is a very long process. For graduates who are not profoundly involved in the world and lack professional planning skills, the pressure is considerable. The most important one is the contradiction. It is a far cry from the previous ideal position—a huge pressure for transformation. It often creates a big gap in the heart, which leads to inefficiency in your own management. At this time, a notebook that can improve office productivity naturally Become the best choice for reducing stress.

In the past, when we were at school, our requirements for computers were not high. We often only used videos to complete homework or play games. However, when we were in the workplace, we were completely different. Not only did we require computers to have high configurations to run large and large computers. Office software, but also enough portability to meet the needs of mobile office, which will directly affect our work efficiency and even the quality of work, so for newcomers to the workplace, a portable and strong notebook is particularly It's important.

Recommended products: Lenovo's new Air 14

Product Configuration: i5-8250U/MX 150/8GB/256GB SSD/1920x1080

For many newcomers to the workplace, when choosing a notebook, they often consider whether their design is in line with their own positioning. Therefore, the design of a simple product will attract much attention. The Xiaoxin Air 14 implements the design concept of a minimalist style. The three-sided micro-frame design, with over 80% of the ultra-high screen ratio, gives you a more open visual effect. The chassis uses a full metal design with a diamond-cut shiny side design. It also has gold, silver, blue and black four color schemes, so that different users can choose their own color, In addition, in order to meet the needs of mobile office, small new Air 14 only 1.59 kilograms of weight is also very portable .

In the workplace, we often have to deal with large amounts of data, but also need to run some large office software, so the performance of the laptop is also very important. And the new Air 14 is not only light and thin, but its configuration is also very powerful, it built a brand new The eighth-generation Intel quad-core i5 / i7 processor has very strong performance that can meet your various application needs. DDR4 memory and dual PCle SSDs can bring a superior reading and writing high-speed experience, whether it is for daily work, Graphic processing, or video games, small new Air 14 can be smooth and non-catching, very good.

One of the major problems when running large office software is that it is hot, and the cooling system of the Xiaoxin Air 14 is very good. It adopts a heat-dissipation dual-fan system that will be upgraded with an ultra-thin, ultra-stiffness LCP material blade and backflow pad. Exclusive patented technologies combine to effectively increase cooling efficiency and keep you cool and productive in your work and games.

It is worth mentioning that the small new Air 14 also has built-in MX 150 graphics card, equipped with 2GBG DDR5 video memory, allowing you to always attack, calmly deal with the complex work, even if you run large software can easily deal with. If you press FN + Q The key, can also enter the performance enhancement state, can effectively improve work efficiency.

Recommended reason: For the newcomers to the workplace, a notebook that can effectively increase work efficiency is necessary. The Xiaoxin Air 14 has an ultra-thin body, so it can be easily carried on a mobile office, and its high-performance configuration is also Can meet your daily office needs, can be said that the new Air 14 almost meet the expectations and requirements of most newcomers to the laptop, like the little partner can not miss.

Recommended Products: ASUS FL8000UN

Product Configuration: i7-8550U/8GB/128GB SSD+1TB HHD/1920×1080

ASUS FL8000UN uses a magnesium alloy body, with a FHD-class 15.6-inch display, the screen is saturated and delicate colors, clear and exquisite display effect. At the same time, it is equipped with a touch panel, force feedback is just right, can bring brand-new Control experience.

In terms of performance, the Asus FL8000UN is also very good. It is equipped with a new eight-generation Intel Core i7-8550U processor, with 8GB of memory and NVIDIA Geforce MX150 graphics card, which can meet our daily office usage needs. At the same time, it also uses the hard disk. The configuration of 128GB SSD and 1TB HHD, whether it is the second-second boot or the large-capacity demand can meet.

Now that web conferencing has become a new model for workplace meetings, the Asus FL8000UN is equipped with a VGA webcam for multimedia devices. The audio system uses Acoustic Master audio technology, built-in speakers and microphones to fully meet the requirements of web conferencing. Demand, In addition, its interface is also complete, it is equipped with a 2×USB3.0, USB Type-C interface, video interface uses conventional VGA, HDMI, audio interface uses a headphone/microphone combo interface, can meet a variety of Office needs.

Recommended reason: The ASUS FL8000UN brings stunning user experience with outstanding industrial design. The processor it carries is not only more powerful, but also quieter and more efficient. It is this outstanding performance combined with an exquisite appearance, let it Become a popular notebook, popular.

Recommended Products: Dell Achievement 5000

Product Configuration: Intel Core i5-8250U/AMD R530/8GB/256GB SSD/1920×1080

Achievement 5000 inherits Dell's high-quality design genes, in Emphasizes the three sides of the machine hit the color design, with elegant diamond cut metal appearance At the same time, Its curved side wedge design and also It is very nice to look at. It also has a perfect hit color design with glittering silver hitting the dark blue color, so that every angle of the fuselage shines.

Achievement 5000 is also equipped with the eighth generation Intel Core processor i5-8250U, its powerful computing performance, so you can easily work, improve work efficiency. And 8GB of storage and 256GB solid-state hard drive with a very strong, let you Inline silky. It is worth mentioning that it also supports up to 512GB SSD solid state hard drive, and optional AMD Radeon R530 2GB/4GB high-performance graphics card, to meet the needs of different users.

Recommended reason: Dell's achievement 5000 has a strong hardware configuration while keeping the body light and thin. In particular, the i5-8250U and the AMD R530 can meet the needs of daily office use. At the same time, it can carry up to 512GB of SSDs. , Also reserved two memory slots, up to support 32GB DDR4 memory expansion, the industry is rarely intimate design only for a smoother experience.

to sum up: For many newcomers to the workplace, in addition to the need to make adjustments to their mindsets, it is also important to configure their own production tools. This is especially true in today’s mobile office environment. A portable notebook with outstanding performance will undoubtedly effectively improve the efficiency of our office. Whether it is Lenovo's new 7000 or ASUS FL8000UN, the Dell Achievement 5000 is very suitable for newcomers entering the workplace. I don't know whether you like it or not.