Good performance and high value, no mistake in choosing such a game

The holiday is coming soon, and I believe many people will think this way: Instead of going out to 'crowd people', it would be better to play games with friends from home or in front of two or more friends. Enjoy the fun of killing children and killing them. As the saying goes, 'we need to sharpen our tools before we do anything.' Therefore, we need a powerful game to assist ourselves and demonstrate our superior combat skills. But now the game has a large number of brands, from design to hardware configuration. Each has its own characteristics, so each brand has its own followers, today recommended for everyone Huoyes Hellfire X6 this game, whether it is a design or accessories configuration is a very good product.

Naruto's notebooks have always been dedicated to creating a personal appearance for gamers, providing superior performance and the ultimate experience. This first release of the Hellfire Hellfire X6 is no exception. It is equipped with an Intel Core i7-8750H processor with excellent performance. A performance monster. It also inherits the Naruto classic and cool red and black color appearance, and many of the design details of the fuselage are actually considered for the player, in addition to a high refresh rate of 144Hz gaming screen and The keyboard with a great sense of operation gives the player a more comfortable gaming experience.

Excellent keyboard for the game player is essential, the Hellfire Hellfire X6 is equipped with a full-size keyboard, has a white background on the black, very simple and refreshing. In order to create a full game atmosphere, the Hellfire Fire X6's keyboard With 16.77 million color backlights for everyone to choose from, players can use their consoles to give full play to their own imagination and create their own keyboard backlight. In addition, this keyboard is also very powerful in the operation experience, key process design is very reasonable , feedback is also very fast, and multi-key no conflict, allowing players to fully enjoy the pleasure of operation.

In addition to the details of the appearance of the player, the Hellfire Hellfire X6 is also very powerful. It is equipped with Intel's eighth generation i7 standard pressure processor - i7-8750H, can easily deal with a variety of high-intensity work, And it is equipped with the NVIDIA GTX 1060 graphics card, you can play with all kinds of large-scale games, allowing you to easily eat chicken without pressure, At the same time, it also has 8GB of running memory +256GB solid-state hard drive, let your computer to handle multi-task faster one step.

In addition, the Heinefire X6's screen NTSC color gamut has reached 72%, and now many of the game's NTSC color gamut is only 45%, so the Hellfire Hellfire X6 compared to other game, the color is more beautiful, brightness Also higher. In addition, the screen refresh rate on the quality of the display also has a crucial impact, the Hellfire Hellfire X6 up to 144Hz refresh rate, response speed is only 9ms, is a veritable e-sports screen, this display can let The graphics card will give full play to its performance. There will be no picture inconsistency or tearing. To play some FPS or MOBA games, the 144Hz refresh rate of the gaming screen can help you win.

For games, to fully realize the performance, in addition to having a good configuration, the heat dissipation must also keep up, otherwise the notebook will become a Teppanyaki when running a large game, so the Hellfire The cooling design of the X6 is also quite awesome. It has two turbofans inside it, and the heat-conducting copper tube is also boldly designed to continuously take away the heat emitted by the fuselage. And the Hellfire Hellfire X6 also With a one-button heat dissipation function, players can cool down the body with a single press when they are in a fierce battle. This will not delay the game.

Compared to other laptops, the game also has a prominent advantage - rich interface. Naruto's this Hellfire X6 has 2 USB3.0 interfaces, 4 USB2.0 interfaces, 1 Type-C interface, 1 HDMI interface, 1 SD card slot, RJ cable interface and 3.5mm headphone microphone interface. The interface needed for daily use is basically available. It can be easily dealt with in almost every use scenario, even if you want to Connecting peripherals or expanding the screen is completely free of problems. Let this Hellfire Fire X6 play its best.

to sum up: This Hellfire Hellfire X6 is the favorite of the majority of senior gamers, it not only has a monster-like configuration of the Intel Core i7-8750H processor and GTX 1060 graphics card, 144Hz refresh rate of the gaming screen is also a lot of notebook can not match. What's more, from the aspects of appearance, color matching, screens, keyboards, expansion interfaces, etc., they are designed for the majority of players. Players can not only enjoy a smooth gaming experience, but also be very comfortable in operation. To work with teammates Eat chicken or open black, Naruto Hellfire X6 is definitely a good choice, This is the current Hellfire fire X6 standard version of the package (GTX1060 + i7-8750H + 8G + PCIE 256G) The price is only 6699 yuan, like the partner Don't miss it, poke me for more.