How can you easily compromise with a discerning? High performance notebook can meet your needs!

Nowadays, for the average consumer, notebooks are no longer a novelty. More and more notebooks are being developed for various purposes. With the advancement of technology, the performance of the generations of notebooks has increased very quickly, from everyday use. From the business office to the smooth running of various large-scale games, high demand can be satisfied. Therefore, when consumers purchase computers, they are increasingly favored for notebook computers.

Today's laptops are becoming more and more powerful in hardware configuration and performance, and even in many occasions they can replace desktop computers. In particular, the portability of notebook computers is unmatched by desktop computers. Therefore, major manufacturers are paying more attention to them. Laptop products, the following is recommended for everyone with a few powerful notebooks, to see if everyone likes.

Recommended products: Mechanic T90

Product Configuration: i7-8750H/GTX1060/8GB/256GB/1920×1080

The machinist's T90 is equipped with a 15.6-inch high-definition screen with an A+ non-bright 1080P, which can accurately restore the original colors, provide stunning and clear picture quality, and help users to capture the subtleties on the battlefield at any time while playing games. movement.

T90 performance is also very powerful in terms of configuration, it is equipped with a new eight-generation Core processor i7-8750H, this processor uses a 14nm process technology, six nuclear 12 threads, 9MB three cache design, its frequency reached 2.2 In GHz, the single-core processor achieves 4.1GHz performance, and the performance is very powerful. There is no pressure to run various large-scale games. In addition, it supports Intel Hyper-Threading Technology and Turbo Boost 2.0 technology, so that you can eat chicken more smoothly. '.

In addition, the T90 is also equipped with the GTX1060 using the NVDIA Pascal architecture. Its performance is three times that of its predecessor GPU. It also enables the use of high-speed FinFETs to deliver superior performance and energy-efficient performance. In addition, it also supports DirectX12. Your nature is a faster, smoother gaming experience!

Recommended reason: The machinist T90 comes standard with a 128G PCI-E SSD + 1TB mechanical hard disk. At the same time, through the use of the mechanic's double speed technology, you can greatly increase the read/write speed of the hard disk, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of competition, and at the same time, It adopts RGB colorful dynamic backlit keyboard with full-scale sky surface printing. It has 16.77 million colors. It supports zone color change to provide 4 zones for adjustment. Four zones emit light independently. Personality can be set according to personal preferences!

Recommended Products: Raytheon 911 Star Edition

Product Configuration: i7-7700HQ/GTX 1060/8GB/128GB+1TB/1920×1080

Raytheon 911 Star Sparkle has a fresh blue style LOGO and texture light strip under the cool look. At the same time, its backlit keyboard also enhances the overall look and feel. It can be said that the Raytheon 911 Star Sparkle is very outstanding. The thickness of the machine is 25mm, and the weight is only 2.4Kg. In this era of face watching, even if the game has the same high value, and Raytheon 911 Star Sparkle can be said to be high-value, thin and powerful in one .

In addition, it is equipped with a new eight-generation Intel Core i7-8750H processor. The i7-8750H single-core processor with 6-core and 12-thread design can achieve 4.1GHz, single-thread performance is improved by 10%, and multi-thread processing capability improves. 30%. In the Raytheon official evaluation, the performance is improved by as much as 60%. With the GTX1060 discrete graphics card, most mainstream games on the market can run smoothly and the performance is excellent.

It is worth mentioning that the SSDs of this product have all been upgraded to PCIe Gen3*4-channel NVME protocol SSDs with continuous read rates of up to 1400MB/s. Compared to the previous SATA protocol, SSDs are continuously read and written. Random read and write capabilities are about 3 times faster than previous products. The experience really tells the smooth experience of storage, and with a 1TB large-capacity mechanical hard drive, you have a large storage space.

Recommended reason: The Raytheon 911 uses an upgraded version of the 820.11AC wireless network adapter. With the CNVi connection platform, a more efficient and energy-efficient wireless network card solution. The AC9462 network card can achieve a connection bandwidth of up to 433Mbps. It supports the 5Ghz WiFi protocol. The network connection capability is greatly enhanced and the transmission speed is increased. And the signal stability is further improved. Even in the V network environment, it can ensure the stability of the network transmission. The game is not stuck.

Recommended Products: Flying Fortress FX80

Product Configuration: i7-8750H/GTX1050Ti/8GB/1TB+128GB/1920×1080

The Flying Fortress FX80 is equipped with a new Intel Core i7-8750H processor, which is extremely powerful. At the same time, it can be equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10 series graphics cards. Even if you run the game in full HD resolution and high quality mode, you can still provide smooth, stable performance. The game screen brings extraordinary speed and smoother game experience.

The exterior design of the fifth-generation Flying Fortress FX80 continues the previous generation of the classic 'four-edged' cutting-edge family design language, introducing space warships and future war armor elements of science fiction. The new mold design will further strengthen the muscles of the whole machine. Sense. Flying Fortress FX80 will introduce a variety of color schemes on the color of the fuselage, and use bold, creative lines to outline the fascinating game texture.

The FX80 also features a user-friendly keyboard layout designed for gamers. Red LED backlighting and highlighting commonly used WASD buttons help players get into battle faster. With Overstroke's accurate key technology, it also ensures that each button's peak pressure remains at about 62g. In addition, the FX80 body uses a unique V-shaped fan design, with Overboost fan boost mode, cooling effect increased by about 25%! The internal double brass double fan is also scientifically distributed in the fuselage two The side of the cooling port, brings better cooling performance.

Recommended reason : The Flying Fortress series is ASUS's first-class game products. The upcoming fifth-generation Flying Fortress FX80 will not only be upgraded with molds, but will also be configured with excellent prices. The pre-sale is now open in Jingdong, not just for purchases. Gifts will be given, and there will be 6 white bars for interest-free, and the sun bills will be returned to the 100-yuan E card and other benefits.

to sum up: These notebooks not only have a good face value, but also have excellent configuration, so that you can pick and choose your handy, satisfy all kinds of office and entertainment needs, and bring you only enjoyable experience. Your favorite friends can consider starting. One!