Lightweight ThinkPad X280 brings a different business experience

In recent years, as an independent category in the PC field, the definition and boundaries of the business PC concept have become more and more clear. The real business book does not require performance explosion hardware configuration, nor does it pursue the extreme industrial design of the fuselage, compared to the current market mainstream. The game book, thin and light, there is no gorgeous appearance. However, this business has other products have irreplaceable features - the ultimate office experience. Business leader in the market - ThinkPad has recently updated its ultra-portable products. Line X series. Introduced the new ThinkPad X280 notebook. This product uses a new mold, but also equipped with a wealth of accessories and services, making it not only as a laptop appears in people's office scene.

New molds without losing the traditional style

Appearance, ThinkPad X280 uses a new mold design, compared to its predecessor product X270, its weight and thickness have been greatly reduced. Black angular appearance, low-key tough without losing professional. Even out of office, and other ' Compared to the flamboyant's light, the ThinkPad X280's face value completely holds the scene.

The X series is also known as the Flying Families, and the new ThinkPad X280 continues the lightweight and portable design concept. The A4 paper size can easily fit into a backpack, down to a size of 17.8mm, and a light weight of 1.3kg. The weight does not bring any burden to the user, and this size and weight benefit from the X280's use of a large amount of magnesium alloy and carbon fiber material, so that the body weight and plasticity have been greatly improved, this brings Another advantage is that the fuselage is very rugged and very suitable for business travelers to carry.

The ThinkPad X280 continues the keyboard design unique to the ThinkPad family. The X-type support is more stable. The drum structure and 1.8-mm key range provide a superior rebound experience. The feel is excellent. As the latest product of the ThinkPad X series, the iconic TrackPoint Little Red Riding Hood, the classic three-button design is naturally not less. It can be said that the ThinkPad C-side experience is very good.

'Black' technology provides you with a better office experience

As a brand that studies business and professional office needs for a long time, ThinkPad has been polishing in some details and is committed to providing users with a more comfortable and convenient office experience. For a long time, ThinkPad has formed a series of 'black' technologies that belong to itself. We can find these 'black' technologies on the ThinkPad X280.

As a portable business notebook, the ThinkPad X280 is most concerned about life, because most of the time users are unable to maintain power connections on the road, laptop life is very limited. And the ThinkPad X280 owns Fast charging technology, which can be filled with 80% of electricity in one hour in the off state, even if the user only has a cup of coffee or the time of the airport transfer, it can also make the laptop lasting enough electricity.

The ThinkShutter black valve at the top of the screen is a physical switch that protects the camera. It is just a tiny physical switch, but it allows users to avoid worrying about privacy leaks. Users who need it can also choose to have an infrared camera model that can be quickly implemented. Face recognition, unlocked without touching.

The ThinkPad X280 is based on 12 rigorous controlled tests based on the MIL-STD-820G standard (Tests are: High Altitude Test, Dust Test, Strict Temperature Test, High Temperature Test, Low Temperature Test, Humidity Test, Vibration Test, Ocean Bump Test, Explosion-proof test, fungus test, solar radiation test, blow test), a notebook that can be applied freely in various harsh environments, it is most suitable for people: It is undoubtedly frequent business travel, will encounter various Unknown challenge person.

Rich interface allows you to get rid of 'little tail'

In terms of interfaces, the ThinkPad X280 is equipped with a Type-C×1 connector on the left side, a Thunderbolt 3×1 connector, a USB 3.0 connector×1, an HDMI connector×1, and a mini-Ethernet interface; the right side of the camera is set up. A USB 3.0 interface. Overall, although the ThinkPad X280 uses a very light and portable body design, but the interface design is still very rich. Rich interface allows us to get rid of the 'little tail' when you go out!

The ThinkPad X280 also boasts a number of expanded interface designs while having a rich interface. The Type-C portable docking station can highlight the advantages of the notebook's original high scalability. The existence of the docking station makes our desktop more concise and cluttered wires. Can finally disappear in my vision.

This time we got the Thinkpad Thunderbolt 3 Dock docking station for evaluation. This docking station has two Thunderbolt3 ports, 2 DP ports, 5 USB3.0 ports, square port power connector, 1 VGA port, 1 microphone/ Headphone jack, 1 Ethernet interface, 1 HDMI port. Rich interface types and a large number of interfaces allow this thin and light business to expand to the extreme.

Extensive expansion package to meet the different needs of different scenarios

Lenovo USB Type-C 45W Travel Power Adapter

There are many thin and light notebooks that have already abandoned the traditional 'brick' adapters, but older adapters outperform portable adapters in all respects (removal of volume and weight), so if a fixed workstation is used it is still a more traditional adapter. But when carrying out the bulky adapter, it would be inconvenient. The ThinkPad X280 is very thoughtful for us to prepare the Lenovo USB Type-C 45W Travel Power Adapter, which is portable and compact.

Lenovo USB-C Portable Port Expander

ThinkPad X280 and Lenovo USB-C portable port expanders can be selected as a professional expansion adapter that allows users to easily link to external devices via the USB Type-C port. It is convenient to connect projectors or larger Display, network, mouse, etc.

ThinkPad Stack

ThinkPad Stack smart cube projector module has a compact body, readily put in pockets, DLP technology + ANSI US standard 150 lumens output, support for automatic correction reminder, projection range adjustable 35-120 inch screen, and has 720P HD resolution , Support to play 1080P source. Such a small projection, whether it is office or daily use have a good experience.

PConline Studio Summary

As the leading product of the business, ThinkPad's position in the business book can not be shaken. ThinkPad X280 is a very comprehensive small-size thin and light business book, ideal for business travelers with mobile office needs. Lightweight and portable body, efficient Performance, long-lasting endurance, and rich body interface can provide sufficient work support for individual users, and can also ensure that travelers can achieve efficient office operations on the plane. Regardless of ThinkPad's own experience, talk about it, use only rich The accessories for you to choose This is not every product can do.

Additional reading Lightweight body of high-performance experience

ThinkPad equipped with Intel Core i7-8550U high-performance processor, strong enough to meet most of the work in the use of the scene, through the test, its processor performance; storage, computing, graphics processing and other capabilities are made for us Satisfactory answer sheet.


The processor can be said to be the soul of the computer. The Intel Core i7-8550U equipped with the ThinkPad X280 can be said to be powerful enough. Its operating frequency is 1.8GHz and the Turbo can be accelerated to 4.0GHz. This is much lighter than now. The Intel Core i5-8250U's clock speed and Turbo frequency have been improved a lot. In addition, it has 4 cores and 8 threads, and the level 3 cache is 8MB. It uses a 14nm manufacturing process, and the thermal design power consumption is 15W.

Cinebench R15 Benchmark

Cinebench R15 is a software that specializes in testing processor performance. It renders a high-precision picture and finally gives a score and ranking of the processor. It is very informative. From the test results, Intel Core i7-8550U's multi-core processing power of 566cb, single-core processing power of 145cb. This thin and light business this is a relatively good result.

PCMark 8 Benchmark

If the test data of a certain aspect of the computer, some readers may be more difficult to understand, and do not understand the high scores can do. So we used PCMark 8 for testing, this software can be from storage, calculations, graphics, games, etc. Test the computer, and finally give a score. This score can directly reflect the computer's ability to handle daily affairs. The ThinkPad X280 scored 3212 points, which proves that this computer has no pressure to deal with daily affairs.

Endurance test

The importance of endurance for the business case is self-evident. PCMark 8 has a function that specifically tests computer life. We have turned the screen brightness to 75% and the ThinkPad X280 has achieved 5 hours and 24 minutes of good results. , That is, it can take half a day, so if you are on a business trip and want to do some work on the plane high-speed rail, ThinkPad X280 is fully capable.

Hard disk read and write speed

The ThinkPad X280 has a 512GB SSD that guarantees both read and write speeds and ensures sufficient capacity. This hard disk has a continuous read speed of 2471MB/s, continuous write speed of 1870MB/s, and 4K read/write. The speed has reached 70.55MB/s/191.7MB/s.

Import time test

The graphics processing test used Photoshop to import 100 4K images and recorded the time of the next ThinkPad X280. It took about 1 minute and 16 seconds to complete the work. It can be said that the speed is quite good, and it is used for daily photo processing. Absolutely a good choice.