Set performance and value in one | You do not understand these new products?

When we discuss the narrow border full screen, we often think of mobile phones. Nowadays, laptops are starting to come up with 'values'. With the release of the eighth-generation Core processors, major manufacturers have also launched new eight generations. The processor notebook not only has a significant increase in performance, but also has a breakthrough in the design, allowing consumers to take a glimpse.

Although the competition in the notebook market is still bloody, it has also joined a number of new brands, among which glory is the most concerned. The MagicBook it launches is the main group of young users, giving the PC a relatively traditional and mature industry. There was a wave of fresh energy, I don't know if you have been circulated with this new wave. Here's a look at these new eight-generation processors.

Recommended Products: Glory Magicbook

Product Configuration: Intel Core i5-8250/NVIDIA GeForce MX150/8GB/256GB SSD/1920×1080

Nowadays, mobile office has become the norm. Therefore, the portability of notebooks is very important. The glory MagicBook is very light and thin. The narrowest edge is only 9.6mm, the thickest part is only 15.8mm, and the weight is only 1.47kg. The light and thin, one hand can easily pick up the notebook, carrying out the door without burden. At the same time, Glory MagicBook front (A side), the back (D side), the keyboard surface (C side) are all metal body, each side To do simple atmosphere.

glory MagicBook Take a piece FHD of 14Inch display, so that the details can be rendered vividly, the screen vivid and realistic, screen ratio up to 81%, Bringing a microscopic wide field of vision experience. It is worth mentioning that it is very close to the use of anti-glare screen, it can diffusely reflect the glare of light. At the same time use at night, can open eye protection mode to effectively filter out the harmful Blu-ray, relieve eye fatigue.

Even if it is thin and light, the hardware configuration is getting higher and higher, and the performance is quite powerful. Glory MagicBook is equipped with Intel's eighth-generation Core i5-8250U processor, with NVIDIA MX150 graphics card, regardless of daily office usage needs or all kinds of games on the market. Can easily deal with. At the same time it is also equipped with 8GB of memory +256GB SSD, seconds at a glance naturally bootable, In addition, it is also equipped with 57.4Wh battery, support for 12 hours native 1080P video playback, to meet the needs of our mobile office.

Recommended reason: Glory MagicBook, as glory's first high-performance thin and light tide playbook, is a glorious form of official entry into the notebook market. It is not only very lightweight and portable, but also has powerful hardware performance. At the same time, it supports close to 180 degrees. Opening and closing, while also equipped with full-size keyboard and equipped with four speakers, support for Dolby Sound System, built-in 2×2 MIMO dual-antenna Wi-Fi, after 200+ routing compatibility test, support 360° shielding interference, performance and Yan value gathered together.

Recommended products: Asus new rock FL8000UN

Product Specifications: i7-8550U/MX150/8GB/128GB+1TB/1920×1080

As a veteran PC maker, Asustek has also introduced a new eight-generation processor new product - FL8000UN, which is equipped with an eighth-generation Core processor i7-8550U, which is a 4-core 8-thread processor, clocked at 1.80ghz, With MX150 graphics card, 8GB of memory, whether it is daily use needs, or run large games are more than enough, while the hard disk is used 128GB SSD+1TB HHD match, to meet the needs of different users.

Asus FL8000UN design, still inherited the family's consistent design style, dark blue with silver color scheme is very deep, the surface of the line design is also very comfortable to feel, A surface using ASUS has always been round drawing design, the middle part of the ASUS LOGO, raised texture makes the hand feel very good, it is also very eye-catching in the light, and the body surface will not easily leave a fingerprint, naturally do not worry about the notebook become a fingerprint collector.

At the same time, the Asus FL8000UN is equipped with a 15.6-inch TN full HD screen with a resolution of 1920*1080. Whether it is daily chases or games, it has a large and clear view of enjoyment. In addition, the FL8000UN is also very extensible. Perfect: RJ-45 network interface, VGA interface, HDMI interface, USB 3.1 Type-C interface and two USB 3.1 Type-A interfaces, can meet almost all the external needs, almost no one can compete in scalability.

Recommended reason: For students who like games, the Asus stone FL8000UN is definitely a good choice. Whether it is a powerful eight-generation Core processor, or a full version of the blood, it can bring a very good gaming experience to users, while ASUS FL8000UN Also equipped with a front VGA webcam, high-definition, usually no pressure video chat, from all aspects of the configuration, have value for money.

Recommended products: Lenovo small trendy 7000

Product Configuration: i5-8250U/GeForce MX150/8GB/128GB SSD+1TB HHD/1920×1080

As a high-energy lightweight model, Lenovo's new trendy 7000 uses a metal body design to display a more refined character. It weighs only 1.69 kg and is as thin as 1.93 cm. It is very convenient to carry with you. At the same time, it is also equipped with 14 inches. FHD full HD screen, has a wide viewing angle of 178° IPS, only 7mm narrow border, screen ratio up to 78%, in addition to thin and light, but also bring you endless enjoyment of the visual.

Lenovo's new trendy 7000 built-in dual hard drive, support for PCI-e SSD, support for second-second boot, fast transmission can be easily achieved, and up to 1TB of large hard drive, while loading all kinds of video files. At the same time, Lenovo's small trendy 7000 has a strong The endurance, 52.5Wh large capacity battery with advanced fast charging technology, can charge 80% of the electricity within one hour of charging. In addition, it can also be used to fast charge other smart devices, and its efficiency is more than twice that of the past. Is an upgraded version of the charging treasure, no longer afraid to go out to play cell phone power it!

In terms of configuration, Lenovo's new trendy 7000 is also in hot pursuit. It adopts the eighth generation Core i5-8250U processor, which has a 30% performance improvement compared to the seventh generation. The slim body is also equipped with a performance discrete graphics card and It's amazing how powerful the processor is. In addition, in the thin and light design, there is a lot of functional interfaces. The multi-innovation of interface functions brings a richer and more diverse combination of extensions.

Recommended reason: No matter what time and place, Lenovo's Little Trendy 7000 can meet the needs of users to the utmost. In addition, its super high value and light design, reveals the extraordinary style of the user, and makes you become everyone's focus.

to sum up: With the soaring performance of the eighth-generation Core processors, everyone has a higher expectation of new products from major manufacturers. In this era of 'value is justice', we are also expecting them to introduce high-value products. , Regardless of the glorious Magicbook, or Asustek's FL8000UN, Lenovo's new trendy 7000 is a collection of performance and value, like the little partner can not miss.