Unlimited possibilities for a better life | Yunmi Smart French Refrigerator on sale

Well-decorated kitchen, how can you keep the whole house if you don't have a refrigerator with an overvalued face?

The capacity is not enough, so how can I eat goods?

Do you need to clean your household appliances once a week?

Fresh fruit and vegetables have lost their umami taste in the refrigerator soon. How can they be accepted?

Does the smart era still use traditional refrigerators? No, I can't go back.

Refrigerators have become an important household electrical appliance that we must indispensate in our lives. However, there are always some small regrets during the use of many products, such as insufficient storage space and the inability to put more food ingredients; fresh fruits and vegetables cannot be kept fresh. It is difficult to swallow when losing umami taste; the smart age can not be networked to enjoy the convenience of products in the new era.

As a leader in home-based Internet appliances, Yunmi introduced a new intelligent French-style four-door refrigerator. When the traditional refrigerator encounters intelligent programs, the 462L has a large capacity and many intimate functions. It will provide consumers with a brand-new experience and start a better life. The infinite possibilities.

—— 462L large capacity: What you want to save on what to eat goods artifact -

The most embarrassing thing in life is to go to the supermarket and go home to find that the refrigerator is not enough. The cloud rice intelligent French-style four-door refrigerator has 462L large space. Even if it is a food constitution, how to save, how to save.

The 173L freezer is equipped with a push-pull double drawer, which allows you to easily access each of your ingredients, giving you a more energy-saving and worry-free experience. Extra large free-standing space allows you to store large food ingredients. effortless.

- Independent temperature-controlled fruit and vegetable preservation area: the secret of keeping fresh fruits and vegetables fresh

Yunmi intelligent French-style four-door refrigerator provides independent temperature control, independent freshness prevention and other ingredients, temperature control, good preservation effect, can retain more delicious

- Frost-free cold air technology: Easily lock every nutrient of ingredients -

Frost-free cold air technology makes the interior of the refrigerator clean and fresh, without the need to manually clean the ice cream. At the same time, it will not be troubled by the excess moisture in the cabinet. It is easy to lock in every nutrient and moisture of the ingredients. Like a tiger.

- Removable filter: The air in the refrigerator lasts for a long time -

Raw and cooked ingredients, the problem of mixing dishes and odors has always been an urgent problem to be solved by countless users. Yunmi Smart French-style four-door refrigerator has specially detachable herbal bactericidal deodorizing filter. Keep your refrigerator fresh at all times, stunning every time you open the fridge .

- 180 ° vector frequency conversion: Accurate temperature control for each penny you carefully -

Yun Mi intelligent French four-door refrigerator specializes in 180 ° vector frequency conversion technology, accurate temperature control, less than 1 kWh in 1 day, not only environmental protection and energy saving, but also save you every penny.

- 38db mute: Provide you with quiet cooking space -

38db silent technology, quietly guarding ingredients, making it possible to revel in your own cooking world.

- 10.1 inch touch screen: smart touch cooking phone is not wrong -

When you are cooking, the living room rings to answer the call. As long as there are cloud meters intelligent French four-door refrigerator, this situation does not exist. The mobile phone Bluetooth connection refrigerator, through 10.1 inches touch screen, you can take the cooking side to answer the phone, Also supports one-click shopping, query recipes, smart life, it is so convenient.

- Remote control of mobile phone APP: Everything is under control -

Working outside, but also through the mobile phone APP at any time to view the preservation of the refrigerator, filter life, all the information at the moment refrigerators and ingredients.

Yunmi Smart French-style four-door refrigerator has a stylish French design that blends into the home to show high-grade. 462L large capacity to meet all food needs of your food. Frost-free cool air, removable filter, independent temperature-controlled fruit and vegetable insurance area for your lock Each of the essence and nutrition of ingredients, quietness and intelligence coexist, many practical technologies to add, only for you to open the infinite possibilities of a better life.

Yunmi Smart French-style four-door refrigerator was launched at 00:00 on April 28. The cloud meters Tmall flagship store started with an initial price of 3999 yuan. It was purchased during the initial period from April 28th to May 2nd. The value of the first 100 users was 59 yuan. Refrigerator herbal filter element.