0 yuan to buy! Fiji router K2T released: only one line body

I'm afraid that Fiji routers are not unfamiliar to many people. From K1 to K2, K2P, K3, and K3C, all are 0 yuan purchase models, attracting a lot of users to participate, among which the top-end K3 price reached 1999 yuan.

Today, another Fidelity router was officially released. It is the Fiji dual-band Gigabit router K2T. The price is 699 yuan and the 0 yuan purchase model will start on May 14.

Fidelity router K2T router surface is white and elegant, the body shape is long, and two pairs of each have a groove, simple and chic.

The network port and the body are separated, the network port is integrated into the power adapter, so that the airframe to the messy network cable. Using Type-C interface single-line mode, 5 data power transmission simultaneous patented technology, from this router only need 1 connection line.

Fidelity router K2T uses Qualcomm chips, built-in antenna, 802.11ac protocol, wireless speed up to 1167Mbps, 2.4GHz and 5GHz at the same time sending and receiving, channels independently without disturbing each other. Interface, provide a precursor WAN port, 2 Gigabit LAN port.

In late May, K2T will also share Wi-Fi functionality on the line and contribute idle money at home to help you make money.