Whirlpool New Core washing machine settled in sea fishing | Open a new era of health dry cleaning

This year, after 90 years of popular 'Buddha Health', the most expensive nighttime dressing is the most expensive mask; 80 after more and more can not be separated from the mug, hey, Qiuku three big parts, after 60, 70 in ' The food supplement “'Meibu” goes further and further along the road... For health and longevity, people are struggling to develop a variety of health care methods. However, the hidden health problems hidden in the mobile phone are ignored by most people!

The study found that we touched mobile phones up to 150 times a day. Scientists in the United States had found 7000 different types of bacteria in 51 cell phone samples. Some people even warned that our mobile phones are still more dirty than toilets. You used mobile phones for so many years. Have you ever thought of sterilizing it?

Recently, a new free-to-use mobile phone service for seawater fishing in Beijing has spread over the Internet. It has been sterilized by customers' mobile phones, bags, plush toys, etc. through the Whirlpool New Core washing machine placed in the shop. 3. The bold and novel idea of ​​using mobile phones to attract hundreds of people to queue up and experience is very hot.

According to the staff, Xinrui series washing machines are star products of the 100-year-old Whirlpool brand, the world’s leading home appliance brand. The difference from the general washing machine is that it uses the principle of ozone sterilization. People know that ozone is a bactericidal gas, and scientific use is Safe and side-effect-free. Xinrui washing machine (model: WG-F100887BHCIEP) generates ozone through a built-in ozone generator, and can be used to clean laundry items such as mobile phones, plush toys, pillows, and bags to remove odors. purpose.

Haidila Whirlpool Puxin washing machine experience area, many people watching experience

Children experience washing toys

Plush toys allergies?

To sterilize stuffed toys

Ms. Chen, who lives nearby, took a 5-year-old child Beibei to eat sea fishing and was immediately attracted by the new Ruihu washing machine in front of the store. Ms. Chen said that there are many plush toys at home, but the plush toys are contaminated with bacteria and worms are not cleaned enough. In time, she often makes her child vulnerable to skin allergies and inflammation, so she pays special attention to such appliances as bactericidal.

After experiencing the new Rui washing machine 'a key smart sterilization and odor' function, Ms. Chen said, 'healthy dry cleaning' of the washing machine is very practical. Children's plush toys cleaning takes time and effort, the effect may not be ideal, if you use a washing machine To do these things, you can save a good mask.

Aroma artifact Farewell to odors such as tobacco and alcohol

In the equilateral district, Mr. Yang and his lover are also very interested in the service of 'decontamination and odor'. Mr. Yang said that he likes to smoke when he is young and is not good for his body. Now he is trying hard to stop smoking, and he will occasionally smoke once. , but he is very clear about the dangers of secondhand smoke. He does not want to worry about his wife because of the smell of smoke.

Customer experience to give clothes '祛味'

At the scene, the staff invited Mr. Yang to experience the 'Smell' effect of the new Rui washing machine. Put the clothes with the smell of smoke into the washing machine first, and turn the knob to Smart Oxygen sterilization. The washing machine will start working in the blue light and be more than ten minutes. Afterwards, the clothes smells are all gone, and they are fresh and fresh. Mr. Yang's lover said that the Xinrui washing machine's function of “decontamination and smell” is very attractive to her. When replacing appliances, it will be given priority. On the day of arrival, there are many customers. Experience.

No one stipulates that the washing machine can only wash clothes. When Whirlpool opened his brain and tried to make the washing machine provide a 'clean and dry' service, we discovered the cute side of the technology and it was so earthy; when the sea fishing customers tried to Mobile phones, bags, shoes When we enter the washing machine experience, we find that the washing machine is not only a smart home appliance, but also a token of love between the loved ones. If you also want to experience the 'sterilization and odor' function of the Xinrui washing machine, Before May 1, you can go to the nearby Whirlpool counter to experience it. I believe there will be surprises for you.