RiMall Wisdom App Mall Helps You Flexibility to Work Lightly - Ten New Local App Reviews on Ricoh SOP Digital Multifunction Machines

E-Mall is the quickest way for people to purchase physical goods/services through the Internet. You will definitely use TMALL Tmall Mall in your life. You will download and install the app through the appstore on your mobile phone. I believe in the near future you will pass through the office. Ricoh's RiMall Smart App Store is looking for a solution for corporate printing solutions. It can be said that Ricoh's RiMall Smart App Store is a feast of Ricoh's smart office solution for its SOP intelligent digital copier users.

With the continuous development of the enterprise, the demand for different solutions on the digital multi-function machine is gradually increasing. The solutions for the traditional digital multi-function machine products require the technical personnel to inspect, purchase, technically debug, trial, and other cumbersome and complex long-time and high-cost processes. , But still does not meet the needs of front-line employees.

In response to these issues and needs of the company, Ricoh introduced Android and smart interactive applications to office equipment, and introduced the Ricoh SOP smart application platform. These SOP devices all come with RiMall smart app store, allowing first-line employees and companies to use it. Technical staff can see, and quickly download and install to use, to meet the needs of different employees in different scenarios.

Ricoh's RiMall smart app store has what applications can help companies solve which cultural requirements? Enterprise employees and technical personnel can quickly find the required features in a large number of applications installed using it? With these questions we try In RiMall's Smart App Store, you have 10 applications in the financial industry, government industry, and manufacturing industry to bring you the most comprehensive trial experience.

Financial industry efficiency

To borrow a classic line from the movie: 'I take minutes and millions of minutes and I'll eat you miscellaneous?'. This is true for practitioners in the financial industry. The efficiency of employees is directly linked to the profits of companies. These millions of people working in minutes and minutes will also waste a lot of valuable time learning and operation in daily printing operations. RiMall application store packages in the smart application market can be a good solution to some everyday The literary and art problems make it impossible for the financial industry staff to spend time and labor on day-to-day operations.

There are three applications in the application package of the financial industry application in RiMall Smart App Store. They are: ID Card Information Smart Capture Print Application, Smart Hybrid Split Scan Application, Graphic Watermark Addition Application. These applications should be How can they be used to facilitate the daily printing work of employees in the financial industry? We try one by one.

1. Identity Card Information Smart Capture Print Application

Existing Problems: The financial industry is inevitably faced with the problem of the use of photocopies of ID cards. What is even more embarrassing is that even if photocopies of ID cards, user information needs to be filled in to make bank and insurance business personnel miserable and reduce their service experience.

Solution: Ricoh's ID card information capture and print application in the Ricoh financial industry application package can solve this problem. Simply swipe the customer's ID card on the reader and the Ricoh SOP smart digital copier can read the ID card. The internal information is automatically filled into the form and printed out.

save time: 5~15 minutes

After downloading and installing the application, companies in the financial industry can import PDF format templates via SD card and USB flash drive. The most important thing is that in the face of different enterprises' needs for collecting ID card information, Ricoh ID card information intelligent capture printing application can be used. Enterprise customized form template design, so that each user information form is accurate and neat, to facilitate the subsequent information processing and filing.

2. Smart Hybrid Split Scan Application

Existing Problems: In the face of jobs that require more documents, employees in the financial industry need to scan documents such as ID cards, business licenses, multi-page materials, tax payment certificates, and other materials in different scanning operations to a single file. The operation is cumbersome. It's harder to operate with small files such as ID cards.

Solution: The intelligent hybrid split-scan application in Ricoh's financial industry application package can solve this problem. This function supports multiple mixes on the ADF automatic document feeder and flat-panel scanning console on the Ricoh SOP intelligent composite machine. Allows the user to implement the first type of scanning and typesetting directly in one step on the SOP smart multifunction machine.

save time: 15~30 minutes

The operation of scanning, mixing and splicing multiple documents into one file is the most troublesome task for employees in the financial industry. The diversity of documents scanned in the previous period requires the use of different functions of the scanning machine of the digital multifunction machine. The later image mosaic production cannot be sloppy. The intelligent hybrid split-scan application in Ricoh's financial industry application package allows financial industry employees to easily complete the above-mentioned tedious steps on the SOP smart multifunction machine. Through drag and typesetting operations on the touch screen, it will be completed. The documents are sent directly to a dedicated mailbox or to a specified shared folder, ensuring efficient and orderly delivery and use of the information.

3. Graphic watermarking application

Existing Problems: In the financial industry, there is often a need for photocopying and scanning of documents. At present, more financial companies use special templates to add information such as corporate LOGO, confidential information, and photocopies to avoid misuse of corporate documents and document information. Because this type of template is cumbersome due to nesting, it is easy for employees to forget to bring problems that can be avoided for financial companies.

Solution: The graphic watermarking application in the Ricoh financial industry application package can solve this problem very well. Before using the SOP intelligent digital copier to scan or copy, use this function to add directly into the 'company LOGO', 'confidential' , 'copy' and other companies can customize the watermark, you can get the appropriate scan, copy documents, for bulk documents, the function of the bulk add watermark application allows employees to operate more efficiently, and in the SOP smart digital multifunction machine These watermarks are dragged, zoomed in and out, and the rotating function can cover the key information on the watermark to ensure accurate and reasonable use of scanning and copying documents.

save time: 5~30 minutes

The teletext watering application supports two file sources for importing documents from storage devices and scanning for original documents. Users can drag, rotate, zoom in and place pre-imported watermarks anywhere in the document, for batches. Document users only need to use photo and watermarking to add once. After the watermark is added, the SOP intelligent digital multifunction machine can be used for printing and output operations. It is easy to use, safe and accurate.

Government Industry Intelligence

The government industry has always been a large print shop. Its demand for printing and writing far exceeds that of companies. However, due to the diversification of the government industry, the demand for printing has become more complicated. Frequently, users who work in the government industry complain to us that the printed products are not smart. Causes it to work overtime to print and copy a document.

Ricoh RiMall's smart and complex digital printing services for government industry are currently placed on the complex and diversified needs of the government industry. At present, smart page copy code generation applications, smart book split scan applications, and agent card one-click production applications are mainly used to solve the most common problems in the government industry. The most problem for the staff headaches.

1. Copy page number smart generation application

Existing Problems: The rigorous government industry will always be re-produced because of some details when it comes to printing operations. The addition of page numbers in the copy documents has caused many staff headaches. In fact, the copying operation is the basis of the digital multi-function machine. Operation, but if the batch copy document is marked with a page number, the worker can only manually scan the document and manually add it one by one through the image software.

Solution: Ricoh government industry application package copy number intelligent generation application can help staff to quickly add page number, without the need for secondary return operations. Staff only need to choose a good copy settings when copying, smart page generation through copying code can be Add page number settings on the copied document and make a one-touch copy.

save time: According to the number of documents

The copy page smart generation application allows the user to add a user-friendly setting for the page number when copying. This function can realize the one-step operation of the different page number requirements such as header and footer, alignment, page number style, etc. Manually added.

2. Smart book split scan application

Existing Problems: The government industry has received paper documents for a long time, and even some bound booklets, books, etc. The staff will carry out a large amount of manual manual trimming of the scanned documents because of the problems of folding and front and back pages. Filing work takes time and effort.

Solution: The intelligent book split scan application in Ricoh's government industry application package undoubtedly solves this problem. The user only needs to manually perform the demolition work and split the booklet into the ADF on the top of the SOP intelligent digital multifunction machine. In the device, the smart book split scan application can automatically and quickly sort the scanned documents by page number and send them to the mailbox or shared file.

save time: 1 hour

After the staff performs the demolition work on the documents such as the booklet, the booklet typesetting method can be selected through the smart book split scan application program, and the documents can be placed on the scanning unit according to the order on the SOP intelligent multifunction machine, and the staff can Booklet binding position Select a single-page document cutting position to scan the booklet into electronic version. It is worth mentioning that, after splitting into multiple pages, the user can preview the scanned document and manually delete the blank document, saving valuable Storage space.

3. Agent card one-click production application

Existing Problems: In the meeting, the production of the leader's seat card is mostly done through the graphics software and then pasted into the Word document and then printed out. When a major meeting requires a large number of seat cards, the staff can only work overtime.

Solution: Ricoh's agent card in the government's industry application package simplifies the operation on the computer with the one-click application. The staff only needs to import the table card document and attendee information form in this function, and one-click to generate the accurate information agent. brand.

save time: Depends on the number of seats

Manufacturing industry data

For the manufacturing industry, the value of labor costs is not to mention. In fact, the importance of the data is gradually being paid more attention by companies in the manufacturing industry. Data is the foundation for companies to survive, and it is an important lubricant to promote productivity and improve employee writing. .

How to efficiently transfer data, use data, and protect data is a problem that every company is thinking about. Ricoh's SOP intelligent digital multi-functional peripherals provide comprehensive protection for data security, but how do companies transfer and use this data? Ricoh RiMall Wisdom The application's warehousing requirements for massive data in the manufacturing industry provide users with email roaming printing applications, variable data to QR code printing applications, scanned to named folder applications, scanned graphic editor applications, This is also the Ricoh RiMall smart app store faced the most in the three industry application package.

1. Mail Roaming Print Application

Existing Problems: In the manufacturing industry, due to the large size of the factory site or frequent business trips, remote printing has become a very difficult task. At present, many employees use the communication software to transfer documents to local colleagues for operation, turning one person’s work into two. Working hours reduce the efficiency of work, and it is more likely that confidential information leaks out.

Solution: Ricoh Roaming's email roaming application in the application package enables remote employees to remotely print remotely by sending emails.

save time: 15 minutes

The first time you use the mail roaming printing application, the company's technical staff needs to set up an administrator's mailbox settings. After sending a mail to obtain a six-digit print code, you enter the mail print selection list, which is different from other cloud products in the market. Ricoh's email roaming printing application can choose to print attachments of emails, ensuring the accuracy of printed information and satisfying the layout requirements of corporate documents.

2. Variable data to two-dimensional code printing application

Existing Problems: At present, the badges of corporate employees in many manufacturing industries use IC cards and handwriting stickers. Because of the different level of personal writing, personal information cannot be quickly read by other employees of the company. Even for some visitors, only visitors can be seen. Or 'VIP guest' enterprise employees can't get more information.

Solution: The variable data to QR code printing application in Ricoh's manufacturing industry application package enables companies to directly make and print the badge template in batches. The font is beautiful and clear to facilitate employee identification. The QR code automatically generated at the bottom solves the problems in the manufacturing industry. Unable to wear an IC card for personnel identification.

save time: 5 minutes

The variable data-to-two-dimension code printing application is a very practical function developed through in-depth research on the needs of enterprises in the manufacturing industry. It solves the problem of inaccurate information and inconvenient reading of traditional corporate badges, and can be used by corporate executives. 8 templates with built-in functions. You can also import badge templates and corporate LOGO. By automatically recognizing the CSV format table information, you can print out two kinds of badges for printing layouts. Variable data to two-dimensional barcode printing function can be used to select font size, LOGO Size, two-dimensional code size and other options, to facilitate the company to adjust the most satisfactory application of the badge template.

3. Scan to self-named folder application

Existing Problems: The transmission of enterprise data needs to be precise because of its high efficiency, and because of the need to reduce the flow of security due to security, data files obtained by enterprises in the manufacturing industry are mostly stored on U-disks or in a unified shared folder. Not only do employees who need data retrieve data for browsing. Multiple operations are also not conducive to the confidentiality of corporate data.

Solution: Ricoh's manufacturing industry application package can effectively alleviate this problem by scanning to self-named folder applications. Enterprise technical managers can preset folders for data storage of scanned documents. After employees log in to the program, they will automatically see the problem. The user-specific folder is displayed. The user can scan after confirming. You do not need to enter the folder address manually. If you fail to create a folder for the employee in advance, the application can directly create the folder named after the employee in the background. The files scanned by the employees are all named by rules, which is easy to use for subsequent searches and make the use of enterprise data more efficient.

save time: According to job requirements

The Scan to Self Named Folder feature appears to be a small problem that can be solved on a computer, but you can see that Ricoh understands the needs of users in the manufacturing industry. This function not only eliminates the user's manual input of folders or duplicates of scanned addresses. Labor can make the scanned data easily accessible for use, speeding up the use of corporate data.

4. Scan Graphic Editor Application

Existing Problems: The graphic editing work of enterprise staff has been carried out in computers, laptops, and tablet computers. If you need to edit the paper document information, you must first scan, then transmit, and finally complete the edited printout.

Solution: Ricoh's manufacturing industry application package scanner graphic editor application allows corporate employees to operate traditional and complex graphic editing applications on the SOP intelligent digital multifunction machine. Employees can perform more flexible operation editing, including sensitive information Perform a mosaic erasing, or cut and send to a part. You can also slip or add text to specify the information. Staff can quickly send it to a personal folder or mailbox after editing.

save time: According to job requirements

Daily batch files need to be modified by staff. Electronic graphic editors can undoubtedly allow faster transfer of files modified by employees. RiMall's function of scanning graphic editors undoubtedly simplifies this process and brings graphic editing functions to the file. On the SOP intelligent digital multifunction machine, employees can not only choose to save to a folder, but also send data by email directly.

45-day free trial

Ten applications, three hotspots, and one RiMall smart app store. This is what we are going to discuss today. What are the pain points for business users? The Ricoh SOP intelligent platform's digital copiers equipped with these applications can really help User?

As we can see above, in fact, these ten applications in RiMall's smart app store are all problems that enterprise users are using in the use of digital copier products, and are also the pain points for users.

The three industries of the financial industry, government industry, and manufacturing industry are the basis for RiMall's smart application mall to compress ten application programs into three packages. In fact, these three industries are currently using digital composite machine products or say Output has greater demand for the industry.

In fact, Ricoh's RiMall smart app store can be seen as an open market for corporate communicative solutions. Business users are looking for the literary solutions they need here. While the three application packages for the three major industries are It's a fee, but the 45-day free trial is enough for the company's employees, technicians, and decision makers to use it, to feel the changes in the printing office and to finally decide whether to purchase or use it. '7 days no reason to return' has a similar twist.

to sum up:

If the digital multifunction machine is a city, Android-based SOP smart platform is undoubtedly the most prosperous area in the city, and RiMall smart application store is gradually organized in this area of ​​market behavior, when business users want their printed The operation is more efficient, more intelligent, and when the data utilization rate is higher, it will come to this market to observe and generate purchasing behavior. At present, there are few merchants in this market, and the products are relatively single, but they self-regulate through the market. We believe that in the near future, this market must be crowded with people. Like TMALL in life, Ricoh's RiMall smart app store will grow bigger and bigger.