Sweeping robots on the road! Can replace sanitation workers?

Smart working robot

Unmanned small road sweeper

Driverless, wireless charging, follow-up sweeping, deep self-learning... On April 24th, the Sanitation Smart Operating Robot developed by Zoomlion Environmental Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhonglian Environment”), a driverless compact scan A new generation of artificial intelligence products such as road cars debuted in Changsha, marking the start of the sanitation equipment into the era of AI intelligence.

Alternative sanitation work

The traditional environmental sanitation work is based on people and supplemented by equipment. There are pain points such as low work efficiency, high risk of accidents, and difficulty in cleaning up garbage.

At the scene, the reporter saw the smart operating robot developed by Zoomlion Environment. Its volume is not much different from that of an ordinary bucket car. There are two orange-red robotic arms that use electric power and have intelligent cleaning and inspection. Intelligent ground garbage detection and cleaning, wireless charging and other functions. At the same time, through the installation of mechanical claws, pipette tips, scrubbing devices and other equipment on the intelligent robot arm, it can also achieve the functions of cleaning the ground, trimming the garden and so on.

'The Sanitation Wisdom Robot is positioned to replace artificial high-end sanitation equipment products completely. It will greatly improve the efficiency of sanitation work, eliminate safety incidents when sanitation workers work, and save environmental sanitation manpower costs.' said Chen Peiliang, CEO of Zoomlion Environment.

Sanitation equipment is increasingly intelligent

The unmanned small road sweeper displayed on the day also made a big impression. It can automatically sense the surrounding pedestrians, vehicles and other objects, automatically avoid obstacles, and conduct accurate tracking and cleaning of garbage, and also according to the type and load of ground waste. Adjust the operating speed, sweep speed, fan power and other operating parameters to achieve energy-saving cleaning. In terms of safety, if the road conditions are complex and there are too many obstacles around, the unmanned small road sweeper will automatically stop operations. At the same time, the operation of the machine The video, job trajectory, and working condition data are transmitted to the dispatch cloud platform of the Lianlian environment in real time, enabling real-time remote control of the machine.

In the morning, when you carry out garbage, the smart trash bin in the district will automatically identify the garbage bags in your hands and implement the sorting and discarding. On the way to work, you will see the driverless new energy powered dust-reducing vehicle, new energy power. Road sweepers, robots trimming trees, unmanned food and garbage trucks... 'On the scene, Chen Peileng described to everyone the future of environmental governance in a smart city. According to Chen Peiliang, with the advancement of science and technology, Currently, in the field of sanitation equipment, mechanical replacement of labor, new energy in place of traditional energy sources, and smart products replacing non-intelligent products, it is a trend to realize intelligent management of big data.