Haier washing machine nationwide promotion | 'seven heart service'

According to the latest news, from now on to May 1, Haier's washing machines nationwide to promote the 'seven heart service', to provide users throughout the product flow of quality assured, installation and other meticulous service experience. Haier washing machine dare to promise to use the entire process to meet The upgrading needs of consumers are emboldened by the high quality and differentiated products they have introduced, and the realization of the “double lead” of product and service quality.

At the moment of consumption upgrading, consumers are increasingly pursuing a better life. This requires home appliance companies to constantly improve their product structure and upgrade their product technology to provide users with high-quality, energy-efficient and high-quality products, and to enhance the pre-sales and sales of products. Zhonghe after-sales service. As the world's first brand of professional care, Haier washing machine always centered on the needs of users, is committed to creating high-quality products and services for users, which is the root cause of its global sales for the first time in nine consecutive years.

Taking Haier's direct-drive washing machine as an example, Haier innovatively developed a direct-drive variable-frequency motor to replace the traditional belt motor to eliminate noise from the source, and it can be quiet and stable for 10 years to speed up the popularity of direct-drive frequency conversion. Science and technology, Haier innovation coin, oblique roller and other interactive activities, allowing users to intuitively feel the quiet and smooth of the direct drive washing machine. From the running of the washing machine stands a coin, to build a 1.828 meters coin tower, and then to 3 A 5.045-meter-high chair tower was erected on a washing machine with a diagonally inclined table. Haier's direct-drive washing machine refreshed Guinness records twice, leading the trend of 'quiet washing'.

In addition to direct-drive washing machines, Haier also innovatively promotes differentiated high-quality products such as washing-free washing machines, top-loading washing machines, and shoe-washing machines to meet the diversified needs of consumers around the world. Behind the high-quality products is Haier's quality. The high demand. It is reported that Haier washing machines in the world have 23 manufacturing bases, 10 R & D centers, can gather the world's top resources for innovation and research and development, the first time in response to user needs, leading the industry development trend.

In the past 12 years, Haier Washing Machine has relied on the 10+N R&D model, adhered to the needs of its customers, and provided users with personalized sets of solutions for washing and washing. This release of 'Seven Hearts Service' highlights Haier. The excellent quality of the washing machine is based on product quality. It is 'double-leader' at the product level and service level, providing reference for the high-end transformation of the entire washing and care industry.