Whirlpool's new core washing machine settled | Unlock new service for sea fishing | 'Washing mobile phone'

Vibrato, the hottest short video platform nowadays, for some people, has become a 'little guide to life'. Someone learns make-up techniques on vibrato; some learn daily life tips; others also recommend vibrating sounds every day. Looking for food... net oil gluten, extra thick tomato beef rice, 'french' stuffed tofu, it sounds familiar, Haidilao fancy eat some time ago is really fiery on a hot one. However, with the country's most abnormal The service of sea fishing, in recent days with the century-long global home appliance leading brand Whirlpool's cross-border cooperation, will be able to provide sterilization, odor of the new Rui washing machine settled in Haidi fishing shop, to provide customers with intimate and superb service, on the vibrato Once again hot, brushed the ticket circle and microblogging. Xiaobian has been from the "shaking friend" or "the coach" there, get to enjoy the sea fishing method, to share with everyone to experience the sterilization of the new Rui washing machine, deodorant The function ~

Shaking sound video capture

Haidilao has always been famous for its service. It not only provides free shoeshine, nail service, but also clerk will be able to peel shells for guests and perform ramen noodles to create a variety of dining surprises. When I was eating in the Beijing Tiantongyuan Haidi Fishing Store, I saw two washing machines in the waiting area. As we all know, the taste of the hot pot covered with hot pot, whether it is clean or not, if it is not cleaned in time, the taste is very difficult Dispersed. This is also a lot of people like to eat hot pot, a major pain point, and the sea fishing hand in hand 100 years of global home appliance leading brand Whirlpool Xin Rui washing machine is a good solution to the pain point of the customer, can pass the 'smart oxygen' function does not need Use water to remove the smell of the clothes in a timely manner, so that netizens can call their eyes wide open.

Financial Business Lady Wu Xiaobo Whirlpool Station 'suit sniffing'

Some netizens broke the news that as early as March of this year, AWE had seen the financial gambler Wu Xiaobo experience the 'Smart Fresh' function of the Xinrui Washing Machine in the Whirlpool showroom to handle heavy smoking suits and staged a 'suit sniffing'. .

Whirlpool New Core washing machine settled in sea fishing

In addition, the new Rui washing machine not only has the function to remove odors, but also can be used to sterilize cell phones, purses and other non-washable items that are often overlooked by people. In addition to cell phones, mobile phones are an indispensable item in modern life. However, did you know that the mobile phone bacteria exceeded the toilet seat cushion. The relevant departments detected 10 out of 240 strains of bacteria in 108 randomly selected cell phones, 39 of which were pathogenic Staphylococcus aureus. Bacteria per cell square centimeter About 120,000, more than a shoe's bacteria. On a mobile phone, there are so many pathogenic bacteria. It seems that the regular disinfection of mobile phones can not be ignored.

Children experience Xin Rui washing machine on site

The chatter video was rapidly spread on the Internet. After watching, the netizens praised the intimate service of the restaurant and the powerful functions of the Xinrui washing machine. They all expressed that they would like to experience the offline experience. It is reported that during the May Day promotion, the Whirlpool household appliances in the country The counters will carry out 'free mobile phone washing' activities for consumers and allow users to experience the powerful functions of 'Smart Detoxification'.