Baby's healthy life begins with a dedicated washing machine

Many people admire the baby's skin to be slippery, tender, and flawless. Not knowing that the baby's skin barrier is not as powerful as an adult. Many bacteria and viruses cannot stop it. If baby's clothing and adult's clothing are shuffled, it is likely that the baby's The skin brings a burden. Nowadays people's living standards have improved. Many families choose to purchase special washing machines for their babies. Today, we introduce a Panasonic XQG30-A3023 baby-specific automatic washing machine.

The Panasonic XQG30-A3023 washing machine is a baby washing machine designed for babies. It has a capacity of three kilograms. The mini body can wash baby's clothes for one week at a time. Its four-antibacterial function uses light and silver to remove bacteria. High temperature sterilization at 95°C, specially selected antibacterial material, help Baoma check.

The inner cylinder also has a self-cleaning function, which can effectively remove the stains and detergent residue on the cylinder wall, effectively inhibit the growth of mold. Intimate child lock design can prevent baby from misoperation and protect the baby from danger.

Editor Comments: Panasonic XQG30-A3023 washing machine appearance is small, can be placed toilet, balcony, kitchen and other space, and does not occupy too much area. It is designed for infants, can effectively remove stubborn stains and bacteria on baby clothes, while carrying Self-cleaning technology in the tube, to rest my mother from the inside out.