Industry Conscious! Asus: 90% Router Fails SRRC Radiation Certification

In the afternoon of April 24, Asustek held the “Chiyou Unbounded” 2018 Open Platform Conference in Beijing. The conference will bring a new set of products including motherboards, graphics cards, monitors, routers, smart robots, and e-sports products. .

At the beginning of the conference, Xu Youjia, the vice president of Asustek Computer, made an opening speech. When talking about his own routing, he said, ASUS Octopus router just won the 2018 Best Commercial Route Award from PCMAG Magazine.

At the same time, ASUS's thousand-digit e-sports router achieved a three-digit year-on-year growth, sales, and sales were the largest in the entire network.

Xu Youjia said that ASUS routers all pass the national SRRC radiation certification, and currently more than 90% of products on the market do not pass this certification.

The SRRC is the State Radio Regulation Committee (SRRC). The SRRC safety certification is issued by the National Radio Administration. A certification must be obtained for all radio component products sold and used in China. It is related to 3C quality. Certification like national compulsory certification.

SRRC can be regarded as the benchmark for radiation safety of domestic wireless network products. Its certification standard is limited to 40 microwatts/cm2 as stipulated in China's "Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Regulations", beyond which it is unqualified.

Xu Youjia emphasized that Asustek firmly adheres to relevant national policies and ensures product quality. Those enterprises that have not passed the SRRC certification may go on the market and may have some luck.