The world's slimmest electric massager, card size only

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Massage is a medical method that pushes, presses, kneads, and kneads on a person by hand to promote blood circulation, pass through meridians, and adjust nerve function. With the development of science and technology, people have invented a massage device that replaces manual massage. Massage chairs, massage beds, etc. But everyone knows that such massage equipments are relatively large and heavy, and you can't do anytime, anywhere massage. However, there is now one of the most slim electric massagers in the world. Can help you enjoy the massage anytime, anywhere. It is called Cardlax.

The Cardlax has a body thickness of only 4.7 millimeters and is about the same size as a bank card. You can put it in your wallet, pocket, and use it anytime, anywhere.

Cardlax simulates presses in the massage technique, pinch and elbow presses, and users can freely select the corresponding mode according to their needs. At the same time, the 4-button layout allows anyone to use it easily. Simple power button, a mode Buttons, so you can choose the massage style you want to accept, and finally add and minus buttons that can change the intensity of the massage.

In addition, Cardlax also prepares different frequency bands for different muscle types. Low frequencies (less than 18 Hz) can activate slow-response red muscle fibers, allowing athletes to gain muscle through this type of electrical muscle stimulation. IF (30- 50Hz) is mainly for fast contraction of white muscle fibers.

After training muscle soreness? Cardlax can help you relax muscles, let the muscles recover from the sore state faster, and be prepared for the next training. Even in stressful offices, Cardlax can let you sit and enjoy A relaxing time.

Worried about repeated use without stickiness? Cardlax is fixed to the skin by a gel pad. When the adhesive strength is insufficient, you can wash it with warm water to make it sticky.

This product is currently released on Kickstarter crowdfunding, and interested friends can pay attention to it.