Do not use an electric sweeper to sweep the floor in one step!

I don’t know if you’ve been troubled

The big trash is okay to say better

But if you have hair

It feels like the whole person is not good

The people with cleanliness look crushed

If it is not clean

The air is also filled with subtle dust.

As long as the windows open for ventilation every day,

There is a layer of dust on the floor every day.

Most people are accustomed to using brooms.

Both hands must be busy

One hand holding a broom and the other hand holding a hoe,

When you see the rubbish, you have to bend over.

Dozens of square meters of small living room, To clean,

Need to bend over dozens of times, exhausted!

The broom was waving and dusty.

Authoritative data show that

When the broom sweeps the floor,

The dust density in the room is 11 times that of daily life.

Including dust mites and mold spores, they are also inhaled by our bodies.

Seriously threaten our health.

The director likes to use sweeping robots.

The little guy runs all over the house and doesn't need effort.

However, the corner of the corner still have to do it yourself

If you don’t need to bend over, you don’t have to work hard.

It will not raise dust and germs.

At the same time, it does not cost electricity, there is no noise,

Able to quickly clean the home,

Is there such a divine sweeping tool in the world?

Really, it is simply the gospel of countless lazy patients!

Needless to say, there are really

It is:

That Cloud

Take a look at its strong sweeping ability!

The melon seeds in the fields will disappear.

After sweeping, there was no residue left.

Big Peel and Confetti,

It's also easy to get into That Cloud's body,

NO problem!

Housewives often have headaches and hairs that are not well cleaned.

Every time you sweep the floor, use your hands to grab it. It's not clean and unhygienic.

This is not a problem for That Cloud at all.

Wherever you walked, your hair disappeared!

In the past, dust cleaning was the most exhausting task.

First clean it with a broom.

Then dragging it with a mop,

Let's take a look at the actual scene of sweeping the room full of garbage.

Do not bend without power,

We just gently push That Cloud for a walk.

Less than a minute of effort

Garbage, hair and dust are all gone!

They got into That Cloud's body,

Contains closed miniature waste bins,

It is very easy to empty the trash.

Not at all,

When you pull it gently, the garbage is poured out!

With That Cloud,

Cleaning is like walking.

You just push it gently for a few laps,

Where there is rubbish, where is it pushed?

Clean immediately clean!

I don't need two hands to work.

One hand playing cell phone, one hand pushing it to clean it?

There is no problem at all!

Rubber sweeping roller combined with PET broom wire,

Quickly sweep large and small garbage into trash bins

There is also a microfiber mop in the back area.

Strong ability to lock water, fast adsorption of fine dust,

Let all the dust that has been leaked clean

Sweep the floor, mopping the floor, over and over again!

The sweeper is made of 210 stainless steel.

Rugged, three-section retractable design

Both children and the elderly can find the length that suits them best.

Fun is not tired, the whole family can easily play it!

Now launching high-grade injection molding

Stronger texture and fashion sense

It will be bright in years

Six colors, there is always one for you!

No effort, no electricity, no time,

Sweep to become a walk and enjoy, just a That Cloud,

The original price of injection molding is RMB 98. Now the discount for the technology is limited to RMB 78.