Which brand is best for sweeping robots? The top ten brands perform smartly!

With the advent of smart life era, intelligent robots have become an integral part of people's fast-paced life. In order to meet the huge market demand, many domestic and foreign home appliance brands are constantly innovating with the trend of the times, improving production technology, and a wide variety of Smart Sweeping Robots came into being, which also gave consumers the option of “difficulty” in purchasing sweeping robots. In order to let everyone have a deeper understanding of the more popular sweeping robot brands, Xiaobian will be the world's Big hot brands make a detailed overview for consumers' reference.

1. Feiner TOMEFON intelligent sweeping robot

As a successful leader and pioneer in the industry, Finner TOMEFON has always been committed to creating a cost-effective indoor independent space comprehensive solution for each family. Its intelligent floor sweeping robot breaks the tradition and dares to innovate. It is continuously configured on the original basis. , Performance upgrades, The newly upgraded Finnair TOMEFON intelligent floor sweeping robot can not only be intelligently positioned to clean one by one, but also can be intelligent voice prompts, automatic back-charge, greatly liberating the user's hands. Today, with strong brand strength, high-end products , Quality after-sales service, Finner TOMEFON has become Europe and even the world's most famous first-line brand of indoor purification.

2. PHILIPS (Philips) sweeping robot

Second only to PHILIPS TOMEFON Philips is a company specializing in diversified technologies. It is dedicated to improving the quality of people's lives through meaningful innovations in the fields of health care, quality of life and lighting. Philips' intelligent sweeping robot, although Mainly through the production of OEM, but it has done well both in terms of design and performance. It is also more recognized by users.

3. Dyson Sweeping Robot

James Dyson, founder of dyson sweeping robots, began developing vacuum cleaners in 1978. After 5,127 experimental models, he finally succeeded in inventing the world's first dustless bag vacuum cleaner. , Dyson (Dyson) products have achieved great success and performance in more than 65 different countries. With high-end products and strong brand strength, Dyson has become a leader in sweeping robots.

4. Neato Intelligent Sweeping Robot

Founded in 2005, Neato is a robot R&D, manufacturing company based in Silicon Valley, California. One of the biggest features of Neato's products, including sweeping robots, is the adoption of a smart laser guidance system called the Miracle of Subversive Intelligence. Evaluation agencies and authorities have given Neato a high rating. However, due to the high price of the product, the Neato sweeping robot has not been popularized.

5.Ecovacs sweeping robot

Cobos is a company specializing in R&D, design, manufacture and sales of home service robots. It has the most complete domestic service robot product line in the world. This is also unmatched by other domestic brands. Its intelligent sweeping robots At a moderate price, it is still relatively popular with domestic consumers.

6. Proscenic sweeping robot

Founded in 1996, Pusannik has won many awards such as the European CES Innovation Practical Design Award and the Finnish Excellent Design Award with its advanced technology. The intelligent sweeping robots owned by Pusannik use wireless carrier indoor positioning technology. One of the most advanced three positioning methods, stability and durability are high, coupled with its low price, laid the foundation of its customer base.

7.Panasonic sweeper robot

Panasonic began developing and manufacturing home sweepers in 1993. After more than 20 years of technology accumulation,

Today, Panasonic has become a world-renowned international integrated electronic technology enterprise group. According to the triangle principle, Panasonic launched a unique triangular appearance RURO intelligent sweeping robot, compared to a circular sweeping robot, this innovative design makes RULO in the corner cleaning Which one has a higher talent.

8.Haier sweeping robot

Founded in 1984, Haier Group is the world's largest brand of home appliances, and has now transformed from a traditional home appliance manufacturing enterprise to an open business platform. Haier's latest Pathfinder intelligent floor sweeping robot is quiet, LED touch, smart Automatic sweep dust, function is very powerful.

9.Fmart sweeping robot

Established in 1998, Fumart is an industrial chain company dedicated to the R&D, production, and sales of home service robots. With its advanced R&D technology, Format has won a number of patents worldwide. Expo 2010, Fortune was selected as a cleaning robot to enter the China Pavilion. At present, Fortune's sales network has more than 900 offline stores, serving 50 million families worldwide.

10. SDG (sweeping dog) sweeping robot

Shenzhen Dimcat Smart Electric Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, production and sales of smart sweeping robots, air purifiers and other smart electrical products. Cat Power has many years of production, R&D experience, and products sell well in Europe, America and domestic markets. , well received by domestic customers. Its brand of sweeping dog intelligent robot using imported materials, long life, not easy to bad, is the preferred smart home products.