Ingenuity is simple and easy | Booz E200 barcode label printer evaluation

Frequently sending and receiving courier friends will find that the previous 'hand-written delivery form' was gradually replaced by a new type of 'electronic interface' similar to a product label. Not only that, thanks to low labor costs, low order error rate, etc. , Through the bar code label printer/electronic sheet printer printing labels/face sheets, more and more widely used in fixed asset management, retail merchandise, warehousing logistics, medical, services and other industries.

In order to better serve the industry users, as the leader in bar code/label printing, Boozed has launched a commercial bar code label printer - Bosch E200. Bosite E200 uses thermal transfer printing, desktop printers' original Push-pull 'External Paper Holder Design. Can load paper rolls with a maximum outer diameter of 8 inches at one time, and install a 300-meter roll of ribbon at the same time. This was not possible with previous desktop products. Users are in use. That is to save space, but also reduce the frequency of replacement supplies (paper and ribbon), convenient, and improve work efficiency.

With the accelerating pace of warehousing, logistics, retail and other industries, industrial applications require more stability, high durability, and fast print speeds to meet industry development needs. Will the Boss E200 stand the test? The author brings you a comprehensive evaluation.

Appearance: Simple and Refined

Different from the old industrial design, Boss E200's body design is simple, slightly shiny black body with a silver glossy metal LOGO, moderate body fuselage, highlights the product texture, give Refined simplicity, high-tech sense.

Structure: Design and Technology Extension, Simplicity and Technology Integration

In terms of product structure design, the E200 is a desktop printer, but it adopts a combination of industrial-grade product design—left-right structure and convection heat dissipation design. The print control area and user operating area are arranged independently in the left and right styles. On the left is the main heating area—print control area. The sidewalls and the bottom are designed with cooling holes to increase thermal convection inside the printer and improve the heat dissipation effect. The heat generated during the printer's work is quickly distributed, ensuring the stability of the printer's work.

Compared with printers with 'up and down structure' (the control area is below, above is the user operation area), the advantage of left and right type is that it can dissipate the heat generated in the work quickly and effectively, ensuring the stability of the printing work and the durability of the product. Commercial (desktop) printers basically all use the upper and lower structure. This design can make the products smaller and save space; however, the E200's design adopts the left and right structure, which is more stable and durable, and the products are designed to be small and exquisite, and the users are solved. The problem of using space.

On the control panel, Boss E200 has set 3 indicators, 3 buttons, which are pause/self-test, paper feed/calibration, cancel/reset. Clear and concise indicator and key design for user operation More convenient and easy to use.

Initial installation: fast and easy to get started simple

Many friends are confused about the initial installation of the bar code label printer. However, when you contact the Bosch E200, you will find that the original is very simple. Due to the left and right structure, push-pull retractable external paper holder design, Bosch E200 The design has become unique, simple and practical. In addition, Bosch E200's CD-ROM comes with a series of drive, tag editing software and other information, users can also understand the product accessories through the paper quick installation guide, press The illustration shows the installation of ribbons, paper rolls, paper positioning, preparations before printing.

Ribbon installation:

Accessories: 1 ribbon roll, 2 ribbon adapter tubes, 1 carbon ribbon core


1. Insert a ribbon adapter tube into the ribbon roll to serve as the ribbon supply shaft; insert another ribbon adapter tube into the hollow ribbon roll as the ribbon recycle axis.

2. Open the lid of the ribbon cartridge, and attach the ribbon supply shaft to the ribbon supply end (a total of two sets of card slots, the ribbon supply spindle is on the lower right side card slot).

3, Pull out the ribbon, wrapped around the ribbon recovery shaft, and then install the ribbon recovery shaft to the left slot.

4. Turn the ribbon clockwise to collect the left end plate of the shaft until the ribbon tightens.

Roll installation

Accessories: 1 paper roll, 1 roll, 2 reel baffles, 2 paper reel sleeves


1. Insert the paper roll into the paper roll with the light from both sides of the paper shaft baffle facing inwards.

2. Place the paper reel with the paper roll on the pull-out paper holder (the label is facing up).

3, Pull the label paper out, and pass under the paper guide bar, rubber roller, print head.

4, press the print module and lock the print head locking lever.

Follow the above steps to install the ribbon, label, and then paper alignment. Follow the steps in the Quick Setup Guide to calibrate the paper. This completes the initial installation step, which is very quick and easy.

Configuration: Awesome performance Perfect

The Printhead E200 uses a print head and a range of components that are of superior quality and are exquisitely crafted by a product that is pleasing to the eye.

In addition to the patented Convex cooling technology, the E200 also has a wide range of interface options, including Wi-Fi, RFID, Bluetooth, etc. Next, let's take a look at these configurations.


Bosod E200 has a large number of cooling holes on the sides and bottom of the fuselage. This design not only helps to disperse the heat in the printing state, but also ensures stable printing and high efficiency. This is also true for the long-term durability of the machine. Very crucial.


Bossite E200 standard configuration interface is a USB 2.0 interface. However, users can choose the following interfaces at the time of purchase according to the needs of use: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and even RFID printing function. If the user needs the serial port function, but also through the distribution Businesses contact Boozed manufacturers for customization. The adoption of multiple connection printing methods not only satisfies the needs of applications in different industries, but also expands the application environment of the models. In the increasingly fierce competition, Bosch E200 is enough to stand out.

Software: Easy Installation

The printer comes with a CD-ROM that drives the software. Place the CD in the CD-ROM drive. According to the prompts of the popup window, install it step-by-step or log in to the Boozt official website to download and install. Also included is the genuine BarTender software. This software is developed by a world-renowned software developer. Bosthod printers customized label editing software, continuation of the simple interface of common products, user-friendly and powerful. When users use Boss printers, not only experience the exquisite design of the hardware and stable and durable, but also can feel the software The simple and convenient, fully meet the daily label production needs.

Select software installation

Seagull drive installed

Select Install Printer Driver, Next

According to the default port, click Next

Modify the printer name, and choose whether to share this printer

Click Finish

Driver is installing

In addition to the driver software, the disc also contains BarTender tag editing software. Let's take a look at the use of this software.

This software provides some templates for creating labels. Users can modify them on the template as needed. They can also define the label size and design the content. After actual operation, we find that, according to the navigation bar prompts, we define the label size. The content design is also quite simple and fast. White users can easily get started.

Performance: Very fast

Bosch E200 has a resolution of 203dpi and a print speed of 101.6mm/s. For users of commercial printing, the fineness and speed of printing can meet the demand. In addition, the compatibility of supplies of barcode label printers is very important. Brands, materials, quality labels, a printer for a variety of consumables can achieve better print results, can be considered a high quality printer.

So what's the print quality of Bosch E200? I use Barthender E200's own BarTender software to simulate the express label for printing. In terms of text printing, the printer has five kinds of dot matrix western characters and 24 dot array Chinese characters, support TrueType fonts, And support a variety of two-dimensional code, bar code printing, enough to meet the electronic surface alone, one-dimensional and two-dimensional bar code printing needs.

After the actual printing test, we found that the Bosch E200 has a good print quality. First of all, clear and sharp, font density is better, especially small fonts can also be clearly expressed. Second, the two-dimensional code, bar code can be clearly identified, in particular The lattice is also clearly visible.

Print speed is fast enough, print quality is cleaned, users are better served, service quality is improved, and work efficiency is improved. From these perspectives, Boss E200's outstanding performance is satisfied by the editors.

Edit Comment: High value for money

The Boozmod E200 is a label bar code printer specially designed for fixed asset management, retail merchandise, warehouse logistics, medical care, and service industries. Whether the exterior design, internal structure, hardware and software configuration, Bosch E200 has excellent performance. It is worth mentioning that the Boozmod E200 has achieved a 300-meter ribbon and an 8-inch roll of paper on a small-scale commercial printer through a disruptive and innovative design. It continues the left-right structure design and convection cooling design, which saves users space. It also shows the product's stable and durable performance.

From a qualitative point of view, Booz De E200's performance is remarkable, handwriting is clear, two-dimensional code / barcode can be clearly identified, the quality is superior. Combined with the price of 899 yuan, Bosch E200 shows a high cost performance.

Summary: In an increasingly competitive market environment, Booz can be highly cost-effective, will further meet the needs of industry users, and better serve the industry users. For a commercial printer, the user usually requires a compact, stable, durable, supplies Compatibility and print quality, Bosch E200 all can meet.