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Since the second half of 2016, artificial intelligence televisions have sprung up like a mushroom. It was a dazzling time. Not long ago, Skyworth launched the Q5A series with Hummingbird AI chips. High-profile shouting that 'Although AI chips are true AI TVs' What is the use of the AI ​​chip? What is the difference between the Skyworth Q5A and other AI TVs? Let's explore the mystery of a 50Q5A.

First explain what the hummingbird AI chip is, according to the official introduction, Tropicus AI chip (Trochilus Extreme) is independently developed by Skyworth AI chip, the chip can be based on the giant database independent deep learning, and then optimize the TV picture texture and voice interaction experience, bring practical and interesting personalized intelligent operation. From this concept, we can see that the AI ​​chip has a significant improvement in image quality and voice interaction. After the strategic cooperation with Baidu, Skyworth TV-end AI system will also be more and more perfect, so below from the AI ​​quality, AI Voice and AI system deployment.

Skyworth's independently developed Hummingbird AI chip

50Q5A TV with hummingbird AI chip

One, AI quality

Skyworth's independently researched and developed Hummingbird AI chip incorporates three image quality optimization techniques, including precision smoothing, dynamic object reshaping, and super sharpness. Precision smoothing can solve image distortion problems, allowing smooth and natural color expression; dynamic target reshaping It is to reduce the noise of the image and present more details. The super sharpness is to enhance the sharpness of the image and make the image more clear and powerful. What's the specific effect? ​​Let's take a look at its performance when playing the most common network video.

Hummingbird AI Chips Bring More Rich Picture Adjustment Options

Precise smoothing can be used for real-time intelligent color depth compensation of network video to solve the ribbon phenomenon caused by image color distortion. The picture in the above picture is smooth and natural, it looks very comfortable and natural.

In addition, the Skyworth Hummingbird AI chip uses the AI ​​algorithm to compare and correct the images on the TV screen with the network database resources, autonomously discriminate the details of the object, and then accurately eliminate noise, reconstruct the details of the object, and effectively resolve the movement of objects with large noise in the video. The resulting loss of detail and tailing, the effect is obvious when viewing the motion picture.

The English letters in the figure are clear and sharp. This is because the Skyworth Hummingbird AI chip can analyze the structural characteristics of the screen in the network resource based on the AI ​​algorithm, so as to intelligently improve the sharpness of the edges of the objects in the playback picture, and solve the problem that the edge of the object exists in the traditional algorithm. Sawtooth problem.

With the Hummingbird AI chip, even if you watch ordinary non-Ultra-HD network programs, you can have very good results. Specifically, you can see from the following 4K ultra-clear demonstration screen shots, the butterfly's red wings, blue The colored flowers, the green branches and leaves have been vividly portrayed, while the overtones of different colors are very natural.

Second, AI voice

The Hummingbird AI chip can reach hundreds of billions of operations per second, plus the powerful artificial intelligence technology introduced in cooperation with Baidu, which makes the AI ​​voice function quite powerful. The voice function is familiar to everyone, search, fast forward, adjust The volume is not necessary to say, but the more elementary experience, Hummingbird's AI chip is to give Q5A more advanced gameplay.

How's the weather today?

What about the day after tomorrow?

For example, after asking 'What's the weather like today?', you can continue to ask 'What will be the day after tomorrow?', without having to ask questions again, to achieve multi-level search. This dialogue is obviously more logical.

Movie directed by Feng Xiaogang

Just comedy

This is also the case when searching for movies. After asking about the movie “Directed by Feng Xiaogang”, it can continue to be screened. For example, if only “comedy,” the search time is reduced.

Sound is noisy

If you think that the sound of the TV is a bit big, you don't have to say 'turn down the volume', just say 'noisy sound', and TV already understands what to do.

It is not difficult to see from these advanced gameplay that the Q5A's AI voice function has risen to a new height, the dialogue with the TV has become more and more smooth, and the interaction has become more natural. Perhaps we will be able to achieve Dialogue with friends is like communicating with television.

Third, AI system

The new artificial intelligence system created by Skyworth and Baidu, Xiaowei AI, highly integrates Skyworth's voice interaction technology and Baidu's information and service ecological advantages. With the help of Baidu's powerful database, Xiaowei AI has realized accurate image recognition. When you watch TV, you say 'Who is this?', TV answers quickly, and shows detailed personal data.

In the future, the ten categories of ecological services, including audio and video entertainment, information inquiry, living services, smart homes, and travel conditions, will all be launched on Skyworth TV. TV is no longer a simple audio and video service, take-away, taxi, Translation, encyclopedia questions, etc. can be achieved, very worth the wait.

From the AI ​​picture quality, AI voice and AI system can be seen in three aspects, Hummingbird AI chip makes Skyworth Q5A TV's hard and soft power has a significant increase, it seems that the role of this chip is really not small. Has AI chip Is a true AI TV, With the evolution of the small dimension AI, this TV will bring greater surprises.