Nanofiltration technology for the first time for domestic metallurgical mines

The success of the joint commissioning of six nanofiltration NF units in the Hegang Iron and Steel Mine Zhongguan Iron Mine Water Treatment System recently marked that the mine uses nanofiltration membrane technology to purify the mine inflow water to meet the national “Class III groundwater quality standards”. This project is At present, China is the first demonstration project to apply nanofiltration technology in metallurgical and mine mine re-irrigation water purification systems. Nanofiltration technology is a new type of membrane separation technology, between ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis, which can effectively retain multi-valence water Salts and organic contaminants have a good selectivity for the separation of monovalent and polyvalent ions. Compared with traditional reverse osmosis technology, nanofiltration has a lower operating pressure and is relatively more energy-efficient. The water quality is better than the groundwater used in the surrounding area of ​​the mine, and it can be used for drinking by simply investing it. It is understood that the mine will introduce a 'mine water treatment system' project in 2017 with a total investment of 20.47 million yuan. Capacity of 1000m3/hr, clarification tank flocculation and sedimentation + multi-media filtration + nanofiltration + disinfection treatment process, successful application of nanofiltration technology to mine recharge water purification system , 80% of the clean water can be recovered, and the remaining 20% ​​of the brine produced in the production process is used for beneficiation production to achieve zero discharge of production wastewater.