I am overwhelmed with the new entry? G3810 helps you to successfully take the first steps in the workplace

Stepping out of the campus into the workplace, this is the only way in life. Xiao T’s identity has changed from being a happy university student to being a ignorant workplace. White’s transformation means that things need to be handled more. Carefully and carefully. Regardless of whether it is to handle daily work or to control details, Xiao T wants to leave a good impression on the company's leaders and colleagues.

I am overwhelmed with the new entry? G3810 helps you to take the first steps in your career

After completing the entry procedures, the supervisor of Xiao T immediately assigned him a job and printed the file with G3810. Although the printed file is a very simple task for office workers, it is a challenging task for Xiao T. Due to the complex buttons on traditional printers, the operation is tedious and it is easy to make a bad impression on the boss. If the time is too long, it will give the boss a bad impression. Before the small T came to the company printer, the discovery and the impression were very different. .

Xiao T found that the G3810 printer is very compact, with few buttons on the body, and it is particularly clear and easy to understand. As a small T, there is no operation experience can also recognize which function keys, the most important is the printer display Screen and shortcut keys, one key can set the printing status and the number of print copies. After a simple setting, printing can be started. The printing speed is fast, and each type of font is clear, so the first task of the small T is completed successfully. .

After completing the first task, the boss asked Xiao T to attend a meeting. The information he distributed was exactly what he had just printed. Suddenly, several other colleagues of the company came to attend and they had to play a few more pieces of information on a temporary basis. There was a small sense of responsibility. T volunteered to print the data, but before the small T left, the boss responded: 'I have this information in my cell phone. I have connected the printer with a wireless connection. You can go and get it. The next time I encounter a sudden situation Without a computer, you can also use the mobile phone to print wirelessly, which is very convenient. ' Little T can not help but sigh that this printer is too convenient, and it is very useful in many work situations.

Xiao T their group is going to give big customers plans, need to print a pre-packaged plan to the customer in advance. More than 100 pages of the program, you need to play 12 copies, the amount of printing is particularly large, but also thanks to this Canon G3810 printer, thousands of The amount of print was completed in no time, and each font is clearly visible, sharp and sharp. The Canon G3810, can play 6,000 pages in black and white, 7,000 pages in color, and costs only a few cents a piece. Also, ink It's also extremely durable. You can also change it in a month. If it's gone, just open the ink cartridge and squeeze in the ink. It's not dirty. It's simple.

After completing several errands, Xiao T successfully passed the first day of his career. When he wrote the work summary, he found an interesting thing. That is, today's work is all around the printer. Out of curiosity, small T understands that it is - Canon MFP G3810, a good helper to make the job rookie on the job day to complete the task!