If you don’t use 3,000 yuan to bring a good TV home, how do you choose?

The warm wind blows, everything starts, the peach blossoms bloom. The warm spring breeze blows, the grass rises, and the flowers are opened. Even the human face is spring. This does not, just like spring, many young couples are prepared Step into the marriage hall and move into a new home.

Since it is moving into a new home, then adding new home appliances will only meet the new family's 'identity'. After all, it is not always possible to decorate new homes. The appliances are still old-fashioned. Now, let Xiaobian recommend several comparisons for everyone. With the new home TV, you are satisfied with the package.

Sharp 50-inch 4K Ultra High Definition TV: LCD-50SU575A Jingdong Price: ¥2799

If we say that the current TV is the most popular, it is undoubtedly an artificial intelligence TV, but some people think that everything can be found by relying on the voice, then there is no point in one TV station to search for their favorite programs. Regain the feeling of finding a program, then you can't miss this Sharp TV.

Sharp TV LCD-50SU575A, supports two kinds of vertical and hanging installation, vertical and stable, hanging soft, two kinds of American capital, each with its own characteristics. In addition, there is a true 4K, 100Hz-20kHz wide range / Dolby Audio And DTS dual decoding, you bring a beautiful 4K picture quality theater viewing experience.

At the same time, it also supports mobile wireless transmission, carrying iQiyi and kiwifruit tv. Whether you want to go home and catch up on drama or brush operas, it can easily meet you. New UI custom content navigation and 64-bit processing chip In addition, it uses the traditional Internet TV button search platform, you can review the feeling of the film.

· Hisense 55-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV: LED55EC500U Jingdong Price: ¥2899

The happiest thing in the world is to accompany you to see the world. However, in reality, not all of us can come to a walking and walking tour. Therefore, in a different way, we can also see a beautiful world. TV, Watch TV with you.

Hisense TV LED55EC500U, 3840*2160 resolution, clear, starting from every detail, is a multi-zone image contrast enhancement technology, with 4K HDR, 3D color reproduction technology, so that a more colorful world is truly reflected.

In addition, Hisense TV gathers to watch the film and video library, gather Hollywood movies, mass hit films and television and hot variety shows. After the rapid expansion of movie theaters to see first, even if you miss the movie theater premiere, you can enjoy in your own home.

· Changhong 55-inch 4K Ultra High Definition TV: 55D3S Jingdong Price: ¥2799

In addition to classics, many more people are interested in new technologies. For example: The recent fire artificial intelligence voice control, no need to search Taiwan, just need to speak the name of the TV, the TV will help you find the program, simple and smart. Changhong TV , Voice search, want to see it.

Changhong TV equipped with 32-core artificial intelligence technology, voice search, fast response, it can also recommend programs with the same theme based on program type, smart recommendation, viewing more comfortable.

In addition, Changhong TV D3S can also be implemented 2K to 4K. When not looking for 4K film source, 2K-4K times the line of technology, can greatly enhance the quality level, showing more natural rich real details.

· TCL 55 inch curved slim TV: 55A950C Jingdong Price: ¥3788

The beauty of home is not limited to decoration. Home appliances can also be embellished with home-style beauty. This TV, which can capture viewers by appearance, is really beautiful. It is TCL TV.

TCL TV A950C, all over the body is showing us its beauty. The perfect curved arc echoes with the metal fuselage; The scientifically designed all-metal die-casting bracket is stable without distortion; The backboard design is smooth, smooth, exquisite, delicate Every design is just right, it makes the overall look so perfect, full of art.

The U.S. is no longer limited to face value. The TCL TV A950C is also equipped with a Conchs Sound independent front audio system. The sound is emitted naturally forward. With virtual surround technology, you can hear details that have been missed. Not only that, but also Bluetooth alone. Function and automatic adjustment of night volume, let you enjoy more fun brought by the design.

Spring is coming, everything is recovering, new homes are being moved, and the season for everyone to change television is coming.