'On-demand powder' | Industry pioneer | Brother DCP-B7500D monochrome laser machine evaluation

From a global point of view, market demand for office machines has slowed down in recent years. For the Chinese market, emerging SMEs still have a huge demand for office equipment. How to better capture the needs of SME buyers? Pain points, making their own branded office products in their offices, became a big cake for many brands. Brothers first introduced the 'on-demand powder' series of one-machine for small and medium-sized enterprises, for the market and the brand are very large The advantages.

For small and medium-sized enterprises, a suitable office machine can achieve a multiplier effect. Increasing the printing speed and equipment stability, and reducing the overall cost of use are the key. The newly launched 'on-demand powder' DCP- The B7500D monochrome laser machine broke the above pain points one by one.

Brother's 'on-demand powder' series of black and white laser machine DCP-B7500D is a commercial-grade office machine with 34 pages per minute printing and automatic two-sided printing. The 'on-demand powder' series is adjusted by internal mechanical structure. The original toner cartridge is upgraded to a toner hopper. With the consumption of toner, the new toner in the toner hopper is added to the developing unit as needed, while the toner in the hopper is always kept fresh, avoiding premature exposure to air and causing deterioration. With the change of mechanical structure, the structure of the silo is more simple than the toner cartridge, bringing the price of 99 yuan for the original 2600 page silo, providing a more cost-effective document printing solution for small and medium-sized enterprises.

As the industry's first brand to eat crabs, is 'on-demand powder' a way to save on business costs, but at the same time there are new changes? The author then passed tests to verify its performance.

List of parameters

Innovate for market demand

As a force that can't be ignored in the industry, the brothers have been making a fuss through technological changes and consumable innovations. The DCP-B7500D black and white laser integrated machine that supplies powder on demand is the best evidence.

1. On-demand powder supply. Through the new technology, a black-and-white laser printing experience with a substantial drop in overall usage costs.

2. Upgraded to dual laser technology. The machine body has been upgraded from single laser technology to dual laser technology through innovative technology, making the machine print speeds up to 34 pages per minute. This series of products has maintained the consistent quality of Brother products, design.

3. Brother DCP-B7500D monochrome laser machine followed the design of brothers office products, but there was a slight improvement on the basis of the previous generation of products. The overall use of white and light gray engineering plastic shell, effectively deal with all kinds of bumps handling process , And the color of the material is natural, not sprayed, more environmentally friendly. The gray used on the top, can not only distinguish between the scanning components, but also makes the overall consistency improved. Therefore, the machine has been enhanced in the performance while reducing the overall Volume, overall size is 410*398.5*272 (length * width * height, unit: mm).

The control panel is clear at a glance.

Standard equipped with 250-sheet tray.

Standard 250-sheet tray

Taking into account the Chinese consumer's habits, Brother DCP-B7500D monochrome laser machine comes standard with one-click copying functions such as ID cards and tickets, Chinese/English LCD screen prompts operation steps, simple and fast.

Back USB interface

Back paper slot

4. Compared with the toner cartridges of previous generation products, the silo volume is more compact and the printing capacity remains unchanged. Only 99 yuan can be used to purchase official genuine consumables, making the purchase cost of the enterprise users low, increasing the reliability of the machine, and greatly reducing the The use of original consumables to achieve a low cost to enjoy high-quality experience.

5. Perfect after-sales service. In particular, the 50,000-page life and 10,000-page non-paper jam completely meet the demand for large output users. The users of the series only need to join the brother club and enjoy the 3 years provided by the manufacturer. Warranty, the official certification of repair shops across the country to remove the user's worries.

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1. Home output time test

Although the homepage output time is not a pain point for ordinary users' consumer demand, or it is not deliberately pursued, but as a brand of technical strength and user experience intuitive experience, I did a different document in the deep sleep first home output time test and print mode home page Output time test.

2. Number of pages printed per minute

For business users, the number of printed pages per minute is the most intuitive, especially when the print volume is large, the author has done many detailed tests, the effect is as follows:

3. Printing accuracy

If you print directly using the print function in the document, the print accuracy is 300dpi, 600dpi, HQ1200dpi, and 1200dpi. The default is 600dpi. There are various options such as Ink Save Mode, Eco Mode, etc. in the print configuration file. The detailed contrast renderings are as follows: (All originals are scanned)

The above dpi accuracy we can see, 300dpi and 600dpi and 1200dpi 'on-demand powder, carrying capacity' has a significant difference; in different modes, black and white gray fine pattern can see the last third color block (from Left-to-right), while the ink-saving mode only sees the fifth lowest color.

4. Power consumption test

For enterprise users, energy consumption is also one of the focuses of attention, and as an all-in-one 24-hour machine, its comprehensive energy consumption performance is also one of the factors of procurement. The content of this demonstration is the brother of DCP-B7500D in black and white. The actual power consumption test of the laser machine is not as large as the power consumption of an MFP. According to the actual printing situation, if it is in the deep sleep state, the power consumption is 1.6 watts. (Official is 0.9 watts), working mode power consumption peaks at 484.5 watts (officially 475 watts).

Deep sleep power consumption

Operating Mode Power Peak Power Consumption

5. Desktop Drive Introduction

The latest desktop driver can be downloaded from Brother's official website. If your needs are just printing and copying, the printing function of the office software can fully meet your requirements. However, the experience and perfection of the desktop drive will be better than that of the office software. The built-in printing function details are more complete. If you want to scan the document for the electronic manuscript, you need the Brother Utilities driver. Of course, you can also directly use the scan button on the control panel.

Office software comes with a print function presentation (GIF)

Desktop Driver Software Print Function Demo (GIF)

Brother Utilities Driver Interface Demo

to sum up

Brother DCP-B7500D monochrome laser machine integrated printing, copying, scanning, quick start and 34 pages/minute print copy speed, support for automatic double-sided function, can greatly improve office efficiency. 'On-demand powder' original 2600 pages The bin is only 99 yuan, which greatly reduces the cost of consumables, and the author's impression of 10,000 sheets of paper jams is particularly impressive. Copying of ID cards and bills functions is particularly useful in business offices.

In general, it is very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, large-scale enterprise internal working groups, and service departments of government agencies and institutions. It can well support daily black-and-white printing.