Interpretation of speed legend | Epson WF-C20590a ink cartridge array machine evaluation

In 2017, the office printing industry is faced with many opportunities and challenges: Under the tide of digital transformation, printers and printers began to think about how their products and solutions have become a 'booster' for digital transformation in all industries and industries. Users' demand for color printing is increasing day by day. Cost is still a major obstacle to the popularity of color printing. How does the printing industry use technological innovation to reduce the cost of color printing? Different vendors have different strategies. And try. Among them, Epson launched in December 2017 the new enterprise ink cartridge array composite machine - WF-C20590a, not only solves the problem of color printing costs, and this 'PrecisionCore technology' based on the 'array' The laminating machine is in the rank of 'second speed', and the printing speed can be as high as 100ppm (single-sided, double-sided at the same speed).

So what kind of highlights and advantages does Epson's enterprise-class ink cartridge type array composite machine WF-C20590a use? What's next, YORK will take you deeper!

Technology Decryption: Application of PrecisionCore Array Printheads

Unlike Epson's other ink tank models for companies, the Epson WF-C20590a's outstanding advantage lies in the 'array'. True, Epson's new enterprise ink cartridge array composite machine, using the PrecisionCore array print head, unlike the past The printing method, the array print head has a high-density nozzle, can span the entire A4 paper long side of the page, the paper can be printed once to achieve high-speed output.

There is a history to mention PrecisionCore technology. As early as in 2007, Epson has introduced thin film piezoelectric (TFP) printheads, widely used in Epson large format printers. At the 2013 European International Label Printing Exhibition Epson, based on thin film piezoelectric technology, introduced a new PrecisionCore printhead, and announced that thin film piezoelectric (TFP) printhead technology will cover a wider range of fields from industrial printing to office printing. Since then, little is known. PrecisionCore technology is gradually becoming familiar with enterprise-level consumers.

Admittedly, PrecisionCore upgraded its thin-film piezoelectric technology. The core technology includes the new MicroTFP printing chip and TFP printheads already used in the product. The PrecisionCore MicroTFP printing chip with a thickness of only 1mm is the Epson black technology, which contains In-conveyor thin-film piezoelectric elements, ink guns, channels for ink delivery and nozzle plates for ink jetting. New Epson WF-C20590a array print heads with up to approximately 33,500 nozzles, with precision Knowing, and this precision can play a very good role in providing high-quality text printing and ultra-fast printing speed. This is also the Epson WF-C20590a print speed of 100ppm cheats.

In addition to the application of PrecisionCore technology, this device also has other advantages, such as the unique double-sided paper path design, which makes single-sided printing and double-sided printing at the same speed, and the application of ink cartridge technology on the composite machine not only solves the problem. The company's demand for color printing, but also cleverly solved the problem of cost. In the environmental protection that Epson has always emphasized, how does this multi-functional machine do? Let's look at the following analysis.

Appearance details review: full of sincerity

At the same time, while the company's printing and writing pays attention to printing speed, quality, and environmental protection, it also emphasizes the aesthetics of the printing equipment. Therefore, many office equipment manufacturers have done a lot of work on the appearance of the printing equipment, including Epson's wisdom: The external ink cartridges are built into ink cartridges; white is used as the main color of the product, which also fits the requirements of the corporate office environment. At the same time, binding, binding of stacked devices Use to make this model more awe-inspiring, double the sense of fashion.

In terms of details, Xiao Bian mainly reviewed scanning devices, control panels, consumables systems, stacking and binding programs, and paper in and out systems.

Scanning Device: Like most other MFPs, the Epson WF-C20590a uses a paper-feeding, flatbed-type scanning method. This design takes into account both speed and quality parameters. In addition, this machine's paper-feed scanning The system is dual scanning head, single channel scanning system, double-sided document scanning can not help. Official information shows that the speed of double-sided scanning can reach 110ipm. The advantage of flatbed scanning is mainly reflected in the quality of scanned documents, Epson WF-C20590a uses CIS photosensitive components, optical resolution of 600dpi, which is completely enough for corporate office!

Control panel: On the control panel, many manufacturers choose the 'button + screen' method. Since the birth of the touch screen, the manufacturers of composite printers have discarded the way of complicated buttons and chose the touch screen as a simple and intuitive operation method. Similarly, Epson WF - The C20590a features a 9-inch (22.7 cm) color LCD touch screen, which allows users who are used to operating smart phones to perform operations on this machine. In addition, functions such as copying, scanning, faxing, wireless connection, and viewing the remaining amount of supplies can be performed. The touch screen is quick and easy to implement. With regard to functionality, the following will be a detailed review.

Consumables System: Innovation is Epson's blood, reflected in the Epson WF-C20590a consumables system. The most obvious feature is the use of large capacity ink tanks. True, Epson WF-C20590a has a total of 5 ink tanks, including two black ink tanks , C/M/Y each one. In addition, the use of large-capacity ink tanks, to further enhance the print volume, It is reported that a single set of supplies can print up to 100,000 black print. This reasonable configuration, while improving the print volume, Also greatly reduced the cost of supplies.

Stacking and binding program: In addition to the basic input tray, Epson WF-C20590a can also provide a full range of professional file processing solutions, including solutions for stacking, binding, etc. Among them, the binding program can provide corner nails, flat nails and other binding methods. During the evaluation process, Xiao Bian personally experienced this solution. I have to say that for companies with binding requirements and a large amount of linguistic needs, this is a good solution.

Inlet and Outlet System: Epson WF-C20590a comes standard with 5 feeders, including 4 cartons and 1 multi-purpose feeder, the capacity of the tray is 550 sheets, and the capacity of the multi-purpose tray is 150 sheets. According to official data, the maximum capacity of this multifunction machine is 5,350 sheets. The size of the paper feed capacity determines the amount of print and multi-media processing capability to a certain extent. After all, in actual use, everyone's requirements for media and Paper size requirements are different, Epson WF-C20590a well meet the above needs of the company.

Function introduction: From four-into-one network printing

In terms of functions, in fact, a lot of introductions were made. From the ADF, fax and other configurations, it can be seen that the Epson WF-C20590a is a printing, copying, scanning, fax four-in-one model. In addition, the control from the model The panel can also roughly understand the functional configuration of this machine. In simple terms, as the printing equipment used by enterprises, single-function machines have been difficult to meet the demand, so the composite machine is generally all-in-one, Epson WF-C20590a It is no exception.

The following simple look at the machine's printing, copying and other parameters.

The Epson WF-C20590a prints at speeds up to 100ppm on the A4 format, with single/double sides at the same speed, and the default print resolution can reach 600×1200dpi, which means that in the daily printing process, this machine can not only meet the speed On the demand, the quality can also meet the needs of business users. Copying, this machine's copy resolution can reach 600 × 1200dpi, copying effect is quite good. It is worth noting that the largest format for printing / copying is A3 +.

With the rise and development of BYOD and other office methods, office printing also emphasizes mobile printing or wireless printing. A few days ago, when a friend consulted a printer, he said, “Is it possible to print directly on my mobile phone? All jobs left by the school are through the mobile phone. It can be seen that a machine that only has a wired network printing function is already out of the picture. Wireless printing has become a new necessity. The Epson WF-C20590a not only has a wired network printing function (satisfy the workgroup LAN Office needs), and advanced printing methods such as wireless connection, wireless direct connection, to meet the needs of the user's mobile phone, tablet-end printing.

Compatibility, Epson WF-C20590a also has a lot of configuration, such as U disk printing and optional NFC printing, which U disk printing can support JPG, PDF and other formats of direct printing, and after inserting U disk, you can U disk As a scanning storage device, electronic documents are archived. NFC near-field printing is an option for this model, which also satisfies the needs of enterprises for mobile printing and document security.

To sum up, the basic function, Epson WF-C20590a has a printing, copying, scanning, fax and other four-in-one function. In the network function, this model also has wired network printing, wireless direct printing, wireless connection, etc. Advanced printing method. In addition, on the control panel, the user can simply set the scan/copy parameters, and can also easily maintain and manage the network and consumables.

Driver Installation: Epson Express Style

Whether it is a printer or a copier, driver installation is very necessary. During the evaluation process, Xiao Bian also performed a simple installation of the Epson WF-C20590a driver. The specific steps are 'Insert CD' - 'Eject Prompt Installation' - 'Installed according to instructions' - 'Installation completed' Compared to other similar models, the whole process is relatively smooth, and it takes relatively little time. It is worth noting that during the installation process, USB or other methods need to be prompted. Make a connection.

The following is the specific installation steps

In summary, driver installation is a necessary step. If the configuration is relatively complete, the entire installation process is much simpler and takes less time. The Epson WF-C20590a performs better in this test.

Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčTest: 100ppm Record

Fast print speed is a clear advantage of the Epson WF-C20590a. Compared to laser combined models that are known for their speed, the Epson WF-C20590a is faster and more environmentally friendly. The reason, Xiaobian thinks this is a benefit. For the application of the new upgraded PrecisionCore array printing technology, the technology has been described in detail in the previous section. A simple understanding of this complex machine, in the printing process, the paper can be printed in one pass to complete the entire printing process. In addition, due to the unique double-sided Paper path design, double-sided printing speed and single-sided printing speed consistent.

The following is the actual statistical data of the print speed statistics.

Remarks: The print speed tests all use the YORK network standard test samples, including Word documents, graphics and text, PDF, and IE, etc. The print speeds are all warmed up from the copier.

From the measured data, the Epson WF-C20590a took only 2 seconds and 97 seconds to print from the warm-up to the first print. Printing 30 pages of Word documents took 17 seconds and 07 seconds, which means that it took 100 seconds to print 100 pages. The time is higher than the 100ppm shown on the official information page. Of course, the print speed is determined by many factors, such as graphic coverage, color/black and white, but 100ppm, which is already the industry's second-best.

Other data, such as IE, PDF, Excel, etc., can refer to the data sheets listed by Xiao Bian.

In summary, thanks to PrecisionCore array printing technology, Epson WF-C20590a print speed is better based on the second speed. 100ppm printing speed has become the benchmark model of A3 copier industry. In addition, A3 page The print speed is also quite good.

Print quality test: Professional quality

When it comes to quality, many companies are full of pain points. For example, the contracts printed by your company are always missing a few words, and the color of official seals printed has completely changed. These pain points, I often meet, and what exactly is quality? High. In simple terms is clear, no shortage of words, color reproduction is good! Epson WF-C20590a print quality? Xiao Bian want to parse from the following two points.

1, print head: PrecisionCore array printing technology

In fact, quality and print head technology are inextricably linked, and the ink conveyor, ink gun, transmission channel and nozzle plate all affect the quality, especially the main reasons for the lack of characters and the unclear character. Epson WF -C20590a adopts PrecisionCore array printing technology, the number of nozzles under this technology has reached about 33,500, its density is very high, so this technology has unique advantages in multi-media printing and high-quality printing.

2, ink: full-color pigment ink

For ink-jet equipment, there are basically two types of inks, namely, pigments, dyes, and dye inks. The biggest drawback is that they are not waterproof, and they are easily decomposed under strong ultraviolet radiation. The pigment ink is completely different, and the ink can be waterproof. Lightfastness, bright colors, and good for long-term preservation. Epson WF-C20590a is a full-color pigment ink, so overall, Epson WF-C20590a print documents of good quality, suitable for long-term preservation.

Let's take a look at the printed proofs.

Text proofs:

Click to enlarge

Comments: In dealing with different types of fonts, this machine can do its job smoothly. There is no incomplete or laced handwriting. On the contrary, the writing is clear and sharp, and the quality is relatively high.

OCR proofs:

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Comments: This test sample mainly considers the coloring ability and the clarity of small-size fonts. As can be seen from the proofs, this multi-functional machine has an advantage in color control, the color gradient is more obvious, and even 6pt font size can clearly show .

Image proofs:

Comments: The image proofs test session, Xiao Bian selected three high-contrast scenery, as a test sample, from the test sample point of view, Epson WF-C20590a print is still quite good, from the color brightness, color saturation or color The domain and other parameters are all remarkable.

In summary, the Epson WF-C20590a incorporates PrecisionCore array printing technology and full-color pigment ink technology in print quality, which enables superior document quality while allowing long-term preservation of printed documents. From this point of view, this composite machine The advantage is very obvious. In addition, in the process of printing the image, it is recommended to use Epson recommended paper, so that the combination of the two can make the print sample more perfect rendering.

Good office environment: Did you ignore the printing equipment?

Many of the friends noticed the radiation from the computer screen, but they paid little attention to the noise, radiation, and even gas pollution produced by the printing equipment. Indeed, how do you pay less attention to the printing equipment when you pay attention to a good office environment? Environmentally friendly Epson, when the WF-C20590a was launched, provided a good explanation of the power consumption and environmental protection of this model.

Power consumption:

Xiaobian has actually tested the power consumption of Epson WF-C20590a, and tested it from sleep state, standby state and working state. The test result shows that in sleep state, the power consumption of Epson WF-C20590a is 2.23W; State of the art, Epson WF-C20590a power consumption at 74.06W; in the working state, Epson WF-C20590a power consumption at 179.23W, in line with Epson WF-C20590a low energy consumption advantages.


Due to the limited testing conditions, Xiao Bian conducted a noise test on the equipment in a noisy environment. The test was conducted in a comparative manner. The ambient sound was tested beforehand, and then the noise of the composite machine under the normal printing state and the mute state was tested. Display, the noise of the test environment is 50.0dB, the noise under the normal printing state is 81.7DB, the noise under the silent state is 73.7dB. It can be seen that the Epson WF-C20590a produces little noise and can maintain a good office environment.

In addition, inkjet and laser produce a relatively small amount of radiation and air pollution, which is one of the unique advantages. Therefore, companies that pay attention to health and environmental protection will have a special attraction for inkjet printing equipment. In summary, Epson WF -C20590a is a good environment for keeping and practicing.

Evaluation Summary: Innovation means breaking the routine

In the compounding machine market, laser digital multi-function machines have always maintained a dominant position. The awareness of times of danger in times of safety is relatively weak. Therefore, once there is faster speed, more environmentally friendly equipment will enter the multi-functional machine market, which means a breakthrough innovation. Epson WF-C20590a has achieved not only breakthrough in speed, but also in terms of quality, print volume, cost, and related literary solutions that are another breakthrough and innovation. Epson WF-C20590a launched for the entire The composite machine industry brings a faster printing solution with lower color printing costs!