Skyworth's strategy for Baidu joins hands: Using artificial intelligence to seize the commanding heights of smart homes

On March 16th, Skyworth Group and Baidu Company reached a strategic cooperation. Baidu Strategic Investment Co., Ltd.'s Internet TV operation brand is coolly opened. Baidu's dialogue AI operating system, DueerOS, will be fully connected with the CoolOpen system; both parties will be in AI (artificial intelligence). The field launched a series of in-depth cooperation to jointly provide consumers with products and services at the smart home entry level.

Baidu's founder, Chairman and CEO Li Yanhong, Baidu Senior Vice President Liu Hui, Baidu Department of Mystery General Manager Jing Ye, Skyworth Group Founder Huang Hongsheng, Skyworth Group Chairman Lai Weide, Cooltech Network Technology Chairman Lin Jin, Cool open network technology company CEO Wang Zhiguo and others attended the signing ceremony of this strategic cooperation.

On the scene of the strategic cooperation conference, the leaders of the two sides exchanged gifts. Baidu Chairman and CEO Li Yanhong presented to Mr. Lai Weide, Chairman of the Board of Skyworth Group, a self-edited book called “Intelligent Revolution,” which reflects Baidu’s new intelligence. The Times actively transformed the capabilities and determination of AI Corporation. Chairman Lai Weide presented the Chairman Li Yanhong with the first domestic AI quality chip independently developed by Skyworth, demonstrating Skyworth’s outstanding capabilities and achievements in TV hardware capabilities. The two companies have cooperated. , also represents the perfect combination of AI industry software and hardware, will inevitably bring another upgrade of the industry and a new leap in user experience.

Not only capital connections, but also business collaboration

Skyworth and Baidu's strategy join forces, mainly from two aspects:

One is the capital link.

Although it is Skyworth's Internet TV operation platform, it has always been adhering to the spirit of openness and has introduced external resources and strategic shareholders rhythmically. Public information shows that in September 2016 and June 2017, Coolopen obtained Baidu respectively. Its iqiyi and Tencent strategic investment.

This time, Baidu continued to open its code at the capital level. After the completion of the new round of strategic investment, the market value of Coocaa opened to nearly RMB 10 billion. At present, the total number of active activations of Coocaa terminals exceeds 28 million, and the number of daily active users exceeds. 12 million, regardless of the number of users can operate, or market valuation, Cool open are ranked in the industry.

The second is business collaboration.

With capital as a link, Skyworth and Baidu can better conduct business collaboration. At the strategic cooperation press conference, the two parties stated that they will launch a series of in-depth cooperation in product and technology.

In terms of products, Skyworth TV will launch a joint development of both the CoocaaOS and DuerOS dual-engine super-AI TVs Q5, Q6, and Q7 series. In addition, Skyworth, Cooltek and other old smart TVs equipped with a Coolboot system will also be gradually upgraded to Dual Intelligent Engines. The two companies will also cooperate in the introduction of smart home entry-level smart products to create a smart home control terminal.

In terms of technology, Baidu's interactive AI operating system, DueerOS, will fully interface with the CoolOpen system. Baidu's cutting-edge technology capabilities, such as face recognition and image recognition, will be fully introduced into the CoolOpen system. In the future, the company will jointly do more in the smart home area. The forward-looking technology layout.

It can be seen that the cooperation between Skyworth and Baidu is not simply a matter of cooperation at the capital level, but a deep collaboration at the business level. Such a strong alliance will have a far-reaching impact in the color TV industry and even the entire AI intelligence industry.

The perfect match of strategy, cooperation to create a win-win situation

As the leading brand of China's color TV industry, Skyworth is unmatched in terms of its hard power. For example, Skyworth independently developed the AI ​​quality chip 'Hummingbird', which uses AI technology to search for images, identify and reconstruct images, and can accurately enhance images. The quality of the image, to restore the unique and high-quality images. Baidu has many years of accumulated massive data resources and leading AI technology.

The giants who seem to be on two different tracks, why can they join hands and embrace each other? The reason is actually very simple, that is, the development strategies of both parties can be perfectly matched.

From the perspective of Skyworth, although TV hardware has always been its core label, from the perspective of creating a smart home product service ecosystem, only excellent hardware capabilities are obviously not enough. From Baidu's perspective, it is possible to better implement DueerOS. The landing of the system in the home allows Baidu's artificial intelligence technology and premium content resources to reach more users.

Specifically, Skyworth chose to introduce DuerOS, Baidu's interactive AI operating system, to the CoolOpen system. One of the most important reasons is the recognition of Baidu's AI capabilities and ecological advantages. Because the competition of artificial intelligence products in the future will be more than just voice. Recognition rate, back-end service capabilities.

With the help of Baidu DuerOS, the CoolOpen system can not only enhance the TV user experience, but also create more advertisements and new marketing models based on Baidu search and artificial intelligence voice to realize OTT traffic.

For example, using the TV's voice portal can greatly solve the problem of the cumbersome use of the TV remote control, increase the open rate of the application, and increase the value of traffic. By introducing the voice search function, the use experience of the Cool Open system can be improved, and the user payment rate can be increased. rate.

Skyworth will fully enter the AI ​​field and use AI technology to optimize the diversified products of Skyworth. The strategic significance is to be able to combine the Internet and chip technology, to provide consumers with better experience through the AI ​​algorithm, to lead the consumer electronics field, and to realize the development of Skyworth. One hundred billion dreams.

Skyworth teamed up with Baidu to realize the perfect matching of strategy. On the one hand, Skyworth can fully enter the AI ​​field, combine Internet and AI chip technology, and enable smart terminals such as color TVs to achieve product and service upgrades, helping the company achieve its strategic goals. On the other hand, Baidu's AI capabilities have a wider range of hardware entry, which is conducive to Baidu's advantages in software, algorithms, content, and services at home.

The wisdom of the family has arrived, Skyworth occupied the commanding heights with AI

With AI as the entry point, Skyworth and Baidu's strategic cooperation, the final field of landing is a smart family.

With the rapid development of technologies such as Internet, artificial intelligence, and internet of things, the market potential of smart homes and smart home industries is erupting. Market research firm Statista predicts that the global smart home market will reach 79.3 billion U.S. dollars in 2021; ABI Research forecasts The point of view is that the global smart home market will reach 70 billion U.S. dollars in 2018, and in 2021 it will exceed 100 billion U.S. dollars.

At present, Skyworth has built a relatively complete smart home hardware ecosystem, including high-definition OLED TVs, open cool internet TV systems, and smart refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners...

As artificial intelligence gradually becomes the industry's new fundamental capability, Skyworth's smart family has more room for development. In the creation of smart homes, Skyworth proposed the concept of 'wisdom and new ecology', in which the application of artificial intelligence is a major bright spot. The industry generally believes that artificial intelligence must be landed in specific industries before it can release its huge potential. Smart households are one of the best areas for landing.

In cooperation with Baidu Strategy, Skyworth and Baidu based on the joint development of Baidu DuerOS and Skyworth CoocaaOS, Skyworth can launch a new generation of dual-engine super AI smart TVs, smart speakers, voiceprint payment and other 'intelligent home entry level' products, thereby further enriching the smart family Product and service ecology, to realize the full depth layout of the smart family ecological chain.

Through cross-border cooperation, breaking the industrial boundaries and realizing the great leap in software and hardware capabilities, Skyworth will bring a brand new user experience to consumers and at the same time, it will also drive the transformation and upgrading of the entire color TV industry and the accelerated development of the smart home industry.