Science and technology early news: Sun Hongbin | 'naked speech' | LeTV, artificial intelligence TV inventory risk

1, Sun Hongbin resigned as chairman of LeTV. He only served for 8 months. announced on the 14th that Sun Hongbin applied for resignation of the chairman of as a result of work arrangement adjustments and withdrew from the board of directors and no longer held any position in LeTV. The board of directors fully respected Sun Hongbin’s personal wishes and accepted his resignation application. Sun Hongbin was originally appointed until October 13, 2018.

At present, the problem facing LeTV is still very serious, with as much as RMB 7.531 billion in related arrears. The debt default and litigation need to be clarified one by one. In addition, in the case of LeTV's 2017 performance loss, how to make the main The rapid return of business to business is also a problem that the company's management team must solve.

Comments: Recall that 'investment of LeTV is a miscarriage of justice. I would like to lose my game and lose money, and Sunac has no intention of adding LeTV'. This is very natural.

2, AQSIQ: 11 batches of induction cooker failed

Today, AQSIQ issued an announcement. According to the announcement, in the first quarter of 2018, the Bureau organized a special spot check on the product quality supervision of the electromagnetic ovens sold on the Internet. This time spot checks Tmall, Jingdong Mall, and Suning Tesco. , Jumei Youpin, Amazon, Gome, Dangdang and other seven major e-commerce platform companies sold 30 batches of products, including 11 batches of unqualified samples.

Some unqualified products are as follows:

Nominal Nordic Home Appliances (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. produces electromagnetic oven energy efficiency rating (thermal efficiency), terminal disturbance voltage and other items failed.

The Induction Cooker produced by Zhongshan East New Electric Co., Ltd. was not working properly, mechanical strength, energy efficiency rating (thermal efficiency), terminal disturbance voltage, electromagnetic radiation disturbance, etc. failed.

The induction cooker produced by Guangdong Rongsheng Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. was nominally not working, and the energy efficiency rating (thermal efficiency), terminal disturbance voltage, electromagnetic radiation disturbance and other items failed.

Nominated Foshan City, Fujitsu Electric Technology Co., Ltd. production of induction cooker structure, energy efficiency rating (heat efficiency) and other projects failed.

The energy efficiency rating (heat efficiency, standby power) of the induction cooker produced by the nominal Zhongshan Lebang Life Appliance Co., Ltd. is not qualified.

The energy efficiency rating (heat efficiency) of the induction cooker produced by the nominal Zhongshan Pentium Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. failed.

3, Most smart TVs have significant security risks

On the 14th, Thai terminal laboratory united with the OASES Alliance, Baidu Security, Antiy, Pangu, and Che-yu, and other security groups and manufacturers released artificial intelligence television security evaluation results. The participating brands include: Skyworth, Hisense, TCL , Sharp, Changhong, Xiaomi, Konka, Microwhales, Philips, Haier, LeTV, Storm TV. The results of the evaluation show that there are currently certain security risks in the AI ​​TVs currently on the market, including unfixed security vulnerabilities that can be remotely installed. Applications, unencrypted transmission of user personal information, etc., are mainly divided into the following three points:

Intercept voice search information

1. Some AI TV privilege debug ports are under strict control. The system's highest root privilege can be obtained remotely. That is, a hacker can gain full control of the TV through the root privilege, and can even remotely switch cameras, install malicious software, control ransomware, and play illegally. Advertising, mobile phone user privacy information, etc.

2. Some products are not encrypted for the transmission of user privacy information. The TV remote control, voice control instructions, and even viewing habits are easily stolen by criminals.

3. Since most TVs are based on older versions of Android, many exploits that have been publicly exploited have not been fixed. Hackers can obtain TV control rights and user privacy information based on vulnerabilities.

Comments: Most of the artificial intelligence TV upgrades are slow. It is estimated that the hackers will be the next gathering place.

4, Microsoft's new Xbox Avatars virtual doll system will be launched in April

The Verge reports that Microsoft plans to launch the new version of the Xbox Avatars virtual doll system next month. Microsoft demonstrated its next-generation Xbox (Live) Avatars virtual doll system at E3 2017 and plans to push it to Windows 10 users at the end of last year. , but it was not implemented in the end.

According to insiders familiar with the Xbox project, Microsoft Xbox employees are now able to use the new virtual doll system, Xbox Insiders users will get this feature this month, and Xbox Alpha test users will be available next month.

Microsoft also plans to open an avatar store in May that allows Xbox Live users to purchase customized services for props, clothing, and other avatars. The virtual doll system was developed by the Unity engine and is mainly used to replace the 2008 launch of Xbox with people. Even system.

Comments: This is the gospel of deep AVATAR enthusiasts.

5, Li Yanhong talks about unmanned vehicles on the road: There are also three to five years that can replace drivers.

Li Yanhong, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and founder of Baidu, recently stated that it is possible to drive autonomously under many common road conditions. For example, if you drive from Beijing to Shanghai, you just need to go to the highway and you don’t need to control it. You can eat hot pot and sing songs. When we arrive in Shanghai, the car will remind us that we need to supervise the high speed. In another 3 to 5 years, I believe that the driverless car that can replace the driver on a completely open road will also appear. Because of the open source and opening up to the most advanced. The technology can be immediately acquired by almost every depot. Artificial intelligence will bring us a very different experience in the future.

Comments: In three to five years, can wait.

6. Opposed to the U.S. government, Broadcom finally abandoned the acquisition of Qualcomm.

On the 14th, Broadcom officially announced that it had withdrawn and terminated the offer to acquire Qualcomm, and withdrew the nomination of independent directors at Qualcomm's 2018 annual general meeting.

On March 12, US President Trump issued an order prohibiting Broadcom’s acquisition of its US competitor Qualcomm on the grounds of national security. Trump stated in a statement that Broadcom is exercising control over Qualcomm and that the United States will probably adopt The actions that undermine national security ordered the two companies to immediately abandon the proposed deal and also banned Broadcom's proposed Qualcomm board candidate from running.

Comments: Just waiting for the Chinese company to go, remember to take a chance.