Q&A: What is a screenless TV? Can it really replace TV?


What is a screenless TV? Can it really replace TV?


Non-screen TV is a concept that has only emerged in recent years. In simple terms, a screenless TV is a TV without a screen. It includes smart projections that are getting hotter in the past two years. It also covers emerging ultra-short-focus laser projection equipment. In the process of large-screen display devices in the living room, the non-screen TV brings a lower-cost large-screen solution compared to traditional LCD TVs, and the word 'TV' is more easily recognized by consumers.

The most obvious advantage of a non-screen TV is the large screen size, which is much more convenient than the same size TV, transportation and installation. No screen TV has a certain gap with conventional TV in brightness, contrast, color performance, etc. , Constrained by the external environment, such as light, even if the brightness reaches 1200ANSI lumens, the viewing effect during the day will be greatly reduced, need to do a good job of shading.

As for the laser television with ultra-short throw projection technology, it seems more like the shape of the future TV in the evolution of technology, but the price has been stubbornly high. After the launch of Mijia projection TV with 9999 yuan, nuts, peak meters, etc. Million laser TV sets, of course, they are not equipped with anti-light curtains by default. If there are more during the day, the anti-light curtains are absolutely more than necessary, so the price of laser TVs is still relatively expensive, which is an obstacle to its popularization. A big factor.