Science and technology early news: responds to June 6th JD's global purchase allegations that Hawking died

1, Jingdong responds to June 6's JD's global purchase allegations: Department of delivery errors

On the 14th, in response to the author's allegations of June 6th global purchase of, issued a statement stating that the merchant acknowledged that there was a mistake in the delivery process and that it was not selling fake goods and had no right to ask the merchant to provide tenfold compensation. Fierce, and the fact that there is a large gap between the facts and maliciously denigrating the article, seriously infringed the credibility of the Jingdong platform. We have already carried out the preservation of the relevant contents and we will firmly adopt legal means to safeguard our rights. stated that the merchant acknowledged that there was a mistake in the delivery process and was willing to apply for a refund, return or exchange for the consumer, and to bear the relevant international freight charges, but the consumer insisted on obtaining a tenfold compensation. As a platform arbitrator , In the case that the business is not for sale, we have no right to ask the business to provide ten times compensation.

The following is the full text of the Jingdong statement:

Statement on Ms. Liuliu's Complaint about Global Dealers

We noticed that Ms. Liuliu issued a consumer complaint through her personal account. Jingdong attaches great importance to this. After a day’s serious investigation and evidence collection, special instructions are as follows:

1. Ms. Liu's friend ordered a U.S. Comfort U brand waist pillow from's globally-purchased 'Whale and Shrimp Foreign Store', but received the American Bluestone brand Contour U. After investigation, the two merchandise are of different brands. The merchandise's two merchandise are sold, and the same two merchandise are sold on the website. It is not fake. However, the price, weight and The material is indeed different. The merchant acknowledges that there was a mistake in the delivery process and is willing to handle refund refunds or exchanges for the consumer, and bears the relevant international freight expenses, but the consumer insists on obtaining ten times the compensation. As a platform The arbitrator, we do not have the right to ask the merchant to provide ten times the compensation if the business is not for sale.

2. Ms. Liu's article quoted a lot about the communication between consumers and customer service. After we have retrieved the recordings and other original data, we found that the content was seriously misleading and that it has been exaggerated. Consumers said that Jingdong customer service staff repeatedly expressed 'How do you complain, it is this result', 'You complain about it is useless, Finally return to my hand' and other inappropriate words, After we verify the consumer and customer service call recording, And No, we can also announce the recording of both parties at any time.

3, For the article in the consumer's allegedly not found with the business chat record, Jingdong backstage intentionally deleted, Jingdong statement: We will never delete the chat records of any businesses and users, which is also Jingdong as a platform to deal with consumers and The important basis of the business disputes. Consumers can view the complete historical chat records after clicking on the messages on the Jingdong mobile terminal. The PC side just clicks on any chat interface and can also see all the historical chat information. If the consumer is searching for records, In the face of problems, we will help consumers make related queries.

4. We believe that Ms. Liu, who had not been fully investigated and understood, just published her personal micro-channel public accounts and Weibo and other public platforms to express fierce rhythms based on her friend's narrative and one-sided words. The maliciously defamatory articles have caused widespread communication and have seriously infringed on the credibility of the Jingdong platform. We have already carried out the preservation of the relevant contents and will firmly adopt legal means to safeguard their rights.

5, Authentic licensed, quality service has always been Jingdong's most cherished brand image. We will continue to adhere to the 'customer first' core values, create a good shopping environment for consumers, and also build a fair deal for many businesses. platform.

Jingdong customer service


2. High-tech executives mourn Hawking’s death

At noon today, the famous physicist Steven ·After the news of Hawking’s death, executives of major technology companies also expressed themselves Grief

'Today, we have lost a great man. Stephen Hawking is remembered for his unparalleled contribution to science. He allows ordinary people to understand complex theories and concepts. His spirit and relentless pursuit of the universe will also be In mind. ' - Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

'The world has lost a scientist with a beautiful heart and wisdom. Rest, Stephen Hawking.' - Google CEO Sandal Pachachi

The world has lost a beautiful heart and lost an outstanding human. Communicating with AI Stephen, how fortunate it is. Rest, Stephen Hawking. - DeepMind CEO Hasabis

Stephen Hawking once said: "I don't fear death, but I don't want to go to death so quickly. I want to do a lot more. ' Rest in peace, Professor Hawking. Also wish we can all live like him. - Wu Enda

Comments: Take good, great people!

3, SAIC: Consumer complaints increased 44% year-on-year last year

According to the latest data released by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce today, in 2017, the nation’s industry, commerce, and market supervision authorities handled 2,504,400 consumer complaints, an increase of 44.0% year-on-year. The complaint hot spots mainly focused on clothing, footwear, home improvement, household appliances, communication equipment, and transportation. Tools, resident services, catering accommodation, internet services, sports and entertainment, leasing services and other ten aspects.

According to statistics, there were 685,700 online shopping complaints in 2017, an increase of 184.4% year-on-year, and the number of complaints increased significantly. The growth rate of rural consumer complaints exceeded urban consumer complaints. In 2017, rural-related consumer complaints reached 73,500, an increase of 66.4 year-on-year. %, 20.5 percentage points higher than urban consumer complaints. Quality and after-sales service are the focus of rural consumer complaints.

In addition, on March 15, 2017, the national 12315 Internet platform was officially launched. Consumers can easily report complaints through various web channels, such as web pages, mobile app, WeChat public account, and WeChat applet, etc. As of the end of December 2017, the total number of platforms Accepted consumer complaints, reported a total of 43.50 million.

Comments: It is reported that After 90 have become the main group of complaints reported.

4, Apple announced that this year's Global Developer Conference will be opened on June 4

According to the March 14 news, Apple Corp. will announce new versions of the iOS operating system and Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch software at WWDC.

Industry sources expect that Apple will introduce new features for Apple TV and Apple Watch, and it is likely to introduce new features for HomePod smart speakers.

Historically, Apple has occasionally used WWDC to display new hardware. For example, last year the company announced at WWDC a new 10.5-inch iPad.

Comments: Will Apple 5G come?