Special cure spring sleep | HP M132a hand just 1099 yuan slow no!

When winter comes to spring, besides refreshing springtime, what can be more exciting for shopping people than the discounted price in the special season? Therefore, we will focus on introducing a good price for everyone in this issue. The versatile office machine - HP M132a black and white laser MFP. Do not look small machine, but people fully-equipped! Set printing, scanning, copying in one, very suitable for those with limited space for a compact office use.

The size of the HP M132a is only 398x288x231.1mm. Its compact body, double-digit digital LCD screen, output tray that can accommodate 100 pages at a time, and endless scanning panel are the words 'details determine quality'.

In terms of output speed, the printing speed is as high as 22 pages per minute, and the output on the front page is only 7.3 seconds. This reduces waiting time and improves office productivity. Automatic switch technology is a small helper to save energy, allowing users to save money and worry.

It is worth mentioning that, HP M132a drum separation technology, the effective control of printing costs.We count to use a toner separation technology used cartridge printing costs of a single account, the official HP Hewlett-Packard, HP LaserJet 18A series Toner cartridge sold for 411 yuan, the official nominal amount of 1400 pages, a simple math problem, with the price divided by the amount of print, it is best to get a number of about 0.29, which is what we want results, that is, a print Page black and white documents only need to spend 0.29 yuan, from this figure, the use of toner separation technology does have a significant improvement in printing costs.

Finally, the key plan! March 9 Suning HP super brand day, take the reel and then enjoy every one hundred minus, this HP M132a Only the final hand price of 1099 yuan, no slow hands!

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