Love you a lifetime of hot temperature | Konka kmini washing machine evaluation starter

With the increasing demand in the maternal and child market, mother-infant washing machines are gradually being favored by mothers. The concepts of saving time, saving time, health, and intelligence are being given more to the washing machine itself. One can seize the market demand and grasp Live the needs of users, seize the needs of the mother and baby market products can really win the favor, And buying a good and healthy baby-friendly washing machine has become a problem for many mothers.

Today, the World Wide Web has helped many moms solve this problem.

To solve the problem, we must start from the root of the problem. What mothers need is a time-saving washing machine. It is also a laundry washing machine. Of course, it can also provide baby clothes with high-temperature cooking and so on. More health features, and, this washing machine also sometimes under the popular smart IoT function. Such a multi-functional washing machine, you want to have it?

World Wide Web will tell you that such a multifunctional washing machine is Konka Kmini XQB25-W620 washing machine.

▲What kind of washing machine has such a great ability? Let us first look at its 'real capacity'

Konka Kmini XQB25-W620Washing machine to meet the needs of users, saving the use of space, the product is very small in design, the overall size of the product is wide, deep, high only 390 × 420×720mm, straightforward, said that this versatile washing machine covers an area of ​​only 0.1638m2, is very small, in the current soil, it can not only meet the needs of many mothers laundry, washing machine is a very space-saving, Can be placed anywhere in the bathroom.

Konka Kmini XQB25-W620The washing machine uses zero-pollution and is made of environmentally friendly materials. It is safer to use in health. In addition, in terms of product design, this washing machine prevents hot water from overflowing during the rinsing process. The user-friendliness of safe door protection is safely and reliably used. Design, make mothers feel more at ease and use it with confidence.

In addition, in order to make mothers use their limited time more reasonable, more opportunities to accompany the baby, the washing machine also has 'reserve washing' function, mothers can arrange their own laundry plan.

In addition to the appointment wash, this Konka washing machines are tailor-made for consumers to customize a variety of washing procedures. This includes normal temperature standard washing, 30 degree immersion washing, 40 degree warm washing, 60 degree high temperature washing, 90 degree boiling and quick washing, single float, Single-off, bucket clean these practical and unique washing machine is Konka washing machine.

From the product's appearance, this Konka washing machine's inner cylinder also has a 'excellent place'. It is reported that this washing machine uses a stainless steel gem barrel, such an inner cylinder wall simulation gem structure design, fine and smooth off the hole Can effectively reduce the high-speed wear on the clothing, effectively avoid clothing knot.

▲ comparable to hand washing can be high temperature cooking Konka washing machine to make baby one step in place

The uniqueness of Konka's Kmini XQB25-W620 is that it has a clean degree of intelligence.

Clarity Science & Technology uses light sensing systems to automatically detect the degree of water contamination in the washing process until it is detected that the wash water is truly clean before rinsing into the dehydration process. This not only ensures the cleanliness of the laundry, but also allows Love cleansing mothers are more comfortable with laundry and feel at ease.

This Konka Kmini XQB25-W620 washing machine It also upgrades the high-temperature cooking to the four-speed programs of 90°C, 60°C, 40°C and 30°C, which can not only meet the deep cleanliness requirements, but also provide a more gentle heating and sterilizing mode, cover more kinds of clothes, and match the three-dimensional bionic handwashing. The system, by generating turbulent water waves, bounces stubborn stains, activates fiber activity, and makes laundry more protective.

After the washing is completed, Kmini can also use the self-cleaning barrel air-drying function to keep the inner and outer barrels dry and fresh, effectively avoid mildew in the inner barrel environment, inhibit bacterial growth, and provide a safe environment for baby laundry.

In order to make it easier and more convenient for mothers to use, this washing machine is also equipped with a smart Internet connection. Just turn on the phone and move your fingers to easily control the Konka Kmini XQB25-W620 washing machine in your home.

▲ Light says no practice Who will be better than handwashing?

The Konka Kmini XQB25-W620 washing machine has a wide range of washing programs. In the actual washing process, whether the washing machine can perform excellent washing performance on common stubborn stains? The World Wide Web has fully demonstrated the actual washing performance of this product. , For everyone to bring hand-washing machine washing machine with Konka comparison, to see who can perform better in the entire washing process.

Laundry stains: Ketchup - imitates baby stool stains

1, In the end the machine is clean or hand clean?

Seen from the stain itself, tomato ketchup is a stain that is not easily cleaned. From the point of view of the hand-washing and machine wash comparisons, slight differences can be perceived. Because of the machine wash, ketchup is smeared on clothing. It has been cleaned, and the ketchup under handwashing has slight residue on the clothes. From the photo of the real shot of the photo below, you can clearly see the difference.

To highlight this The washing characteristics and differentiation of Konka's Kmini XQB25-W620 washing machine selected a high-temperature cooking and washing process of 90° during the stain washing test. This will not only ensure the thorough cleaning of the clothes, but also the high temperature during the washing process. Cooking is to make baby's clothing easy to keep away from bacteria.

2, how much noise?

in Konka Kmini XQB25-W620 washing process, Three sets of noise were tested. For example, in the washing preparation stage, the noise of the washing machine was about 51.4 decibels. In the washing process, the noise of the washing machine was 48.9About decibels; At the final spin-drying stage, the noise is only 44.9 dB. We can compare the noise level table with the daily noise situation.

3, How much electricity does it cost to wash once?

The Konka Kmini XQB25-W620 washing machine standard washing process consumes only 0.07 degrees of power for a single wash. This electricity consumption is very low. It takes almost 14 times to wash 1 kWh of electricity. This kind of energy saving and energy saving has not caused many Moms can not put it down?

Written at the end:

Many mothers in the usual cleaning of children's clothes will have this trouble when the visible stains are washed clean, but those who can not see the stains and bacteria do not know if there is no clean? The first requirement for the baby washing machine, can not wash Clean, wash the health is their most concern Konka Kmini XQB25-W620 washing machine can solve this worries for mothers.

This Konka Kmini XQB25-W620 washing machine, set the phone wifi Internet touch computer control panel, intelligent security door lock in one, the washing machine is not only equipped with a unique Clarity Chi detection technology, 90 ℃ high temperature cooking, nano-antibacterial, self-cleaning bucket dry four major health functions, it's 4 files temperature washing, Three-dimensional bionic hand wash and many other laundry features, It is also attracting many want to buy baby washing machine mom's eye.

Enjoy the health, intelligence and convenience it brings! Now Konka Kmini XQB25-W620 washing machine Jingdong is hot sales, to participate in 'Konka Ice New Year huge benefits' shocking snapped up, sun single purchase to send pot three-piece!! Give the baby a healthy laundry experience, starting from Konka.