Save the holiday syndrome, here are four major heart-art for you

Spring Festival is like a tornado

To conclude, it is over

Can be careless, suffering from holiday syndrome

Is not always felt

I will not get up tomorrow morning

The whole person is spiritless

Did not find the feeling of going to work

Do not worry

Here are prepared for you a few artifacts

Let everyone quickly adjust the status

Enter working mode as soon as possible

Artifact One: Multi-functional smart lights, let you easily dream

In fact, to have good spirit, it is very important to maintain the original law of healthy life, and sleep well is the most important.This multifunctional smart lamp, designed by Beacon's design team, integrates lighting, environmental testing and music Play function, let you sleep at night, get the most intimate protection.

When it's normal, it's a show light, and when it's 'transfigured', the light on its side changes to give you the safest monitoring based on the current air quality and temperature.

It also simulates a variety of natural lights based on your biological clock, with built-in white noise to help you fall asleep better, to play music that helps you to sleep, to take care of you gently, so that you no longer have to suffer from insomnia. About air quality monitoring, it also provides a personalized intelligent service, which can use the app to send you tips and advice, comprehensive care of your health.

Artifact II: work and fitness correct, do exercise more healthy

I heard that going to the gym a few days before going to work would be more natural, but if you do not have time, we recommend that you get a computerized table with a fitness function introduced by the Japanese furniture firm Bauhutte, Exercise.

The exercise desk, called the ExerciseDesk BGD-780, is a combination of a table that can be raised and lowered and a stationary exercise bike to play games at home or work in the office, And because energy is mostly on the computer, it's never boring and the duration of exercise is much longer than that of a single exercise.

This exercise bike fitness exercise bike can be divided into 8. For people who do not exercise often, physical overdraft easily recommended strength below 3 stalls to exercise, so that you can warm-up and relieve stress; for want to lose weight, and can Enjoy the fun of sports, the official recommended intensity of 4 to 6 stalls between; and for those who workout-based, supplemented by the game, more than 7 files is your ultimate goal, definitely able to experience the general feeling of flying in the gym .

Do more exercise, let your body and mind, happy, and work hard.

Artifact three: bubble feet, the equivalent of a day of exercise

After going out to find a circle back than seems tired than work, the rhythm of the rush around the body in a state of exhaustion, this time there is a coup is foot bath, prepare a foot massage bathtub, at home can always enjoy the massage.

Nowadays, many foot baths have intelligent functions, such as smart temperature, which allows the foot bath to automatically adjust its working state according to different seasons, climates and geographical locations of users to achieve the best foot bath effect. At the same time, intelligent frequency conversion adds foot bath According to the use of power requirements automatically enter the low-power state.

In addition, APP control is also supported, giving users more custom functions and preset modes as well as data statistics.

Want to be a foot massage to relax yourself, there is a smart foot tub is simple.

Artifact IV: Drink Kung Fu tea, set God

Busy throughout the Spring Festival holiday, and finally you can use the 'work' time to enjoy this rare clean time, this time tea secret smart portable Kung Fu Cup absolutely not to be missed.

It has a three-color optional appearance, using natural PLA polylactic acid extracted from corn starch as a cup of material, is simply a cup made of corn, youthful and beautiful.

You think the simple Yan value wanted to conquer the audience? It is not a female student without a story. Tea secret smart portable Kung Fu tea cup, you can also link through the Bluetooth login WeChat interface, intelligent control cup, make your cup 'move' up. As intimate smart cup, do not want to give you more trouble, but do not want APP to occupy your phone space, so just scan the bottom of the two-dimensional code, into the WeChat public platform, more games, so you can drink tea Have a good time

Tea secret smart portable Kung Fu tea cup, 8 features take full care of your state of drinking tea.Wake up wake-up, inverted tea, the system automatically restart the tea program, make you pound tea have become concise.It also uses intelligent algorithms and non-contact Infrared temperature technology, the ratio of tea, tea time and temperature of tea accurate real-time monitoring and compensation to help you find each cup of high-quality taste of tea, the intelligence allows you to drink the best tea, drink the best mood.

'Steal life half idle, half-Buddha semi-immortal mood', a smart cup, let you in the bustle of the earth, forget the troubles, forget the sadness.

Editorial Department of the children also let me recommend some food, it is estimated that we eat more fish in the Spring Festival, recently may wish to eat light, drink plenty of water to speed up intestinal metabolism, while the fruit is also a good choice, simple equipment can .

Finally, of course, attitude adjustment is also important, 2018 holidays will be.

But for Wanwei Jun