Black Technology to create a flagship TV constellation | Sony X9000F live experience

Less than a month before the first appearance of CES 2018, Sony formally brought this year's main TV model X9000F to China on February 1. It is enough to explain Sony's emphasis on the Chinese market. Last year, the flagship model X94 / 9300E decentralized X1 advanced image processing chip, but also equipped with a number of Sony's quality black technology, especially the latest research and development X-Motion Clarity Octavia Dynamic Technology After watching the dynamic performance of the scene, let me once again deeply subdued the power of Sony Black Technology.

Compared to last year's X9000E, X9000F has a very large upgrade, although they are using dynamic direct backlight technology, but X9000F image processing chip upgrade from X1 to X1, Z9D and other flagship version of the X1 Advanced Edition, elite Light Control Pro technology upgraded from the standard version to enhanced version, the other is that it is equipped with the latest research and development X-Motion Clarity Octavia Dynamic Technology.

X-Motion Clarity Octavia Dynamic Technology is improving the LCD TV in the performance of dynamic images such as smearing and other issues, and if you are more familiar with Sony TV, MotionFlow XR technology is certainly no stranger to. MotionFlow XR technology includes two major technologies, frame interpolation and backlight flicker, frame interpolation technology to improve the smoothness of dynamic images, backlight flicker technology to reduce visual residuals, Is also used to reduce the image blur caused by rapid movement and residual blur problem, what is the difference between the two?

According to Sony TV's product manager, MotionFlow XR technology has some limitations. Although it improves the dynamic definition of the picture, its side effect is to reduce the brightness of the picture. Octavia dynamic technology can accurately analyze the objects on the screen, the object of the operation of the instantaneous brightness increase, the screen does not move the part of the still guarantee normal brightness display, so eventually get both bright, dynamic high definition Screen.

From the scene of the comparison results, X9000F dynamic picture clarity is high, high-sport train body outline, the text on the car without blur, significantly more than the X9300E and X9000E, this time its brightness display and next to the X9300E Do not see any difference, if you usually look at sports competitions, or often use the TV to play games, then Octal X9000F dynamic technology to enhance the very obvious.

While playing non-moving picture, X9000F and X9300E performance is very close, and X9000E compared to the brightness, color and details of the performance should be higher than a grade.

X9000F also supports Dolby Vision (Dolby Vision), also supports HDR10, HLG two HDR format standard, so X9000F completed on the mainstream HDR format full support.Also Sony also said Z9D, A1, X9400E, X9300E and other high-end machine Follow-up firmware upgrade will be supported Dolby vision, but the new Octavia dynamic optimization technology can not be applied to the old model through the firmware upgrade.

X9000F appearance

A variety of cables behind the fuselage can be well hidden

Echo wall HT-X9000F harmonious with the TV, seamless

Many people may be surprised at the X9000F base design, and the previous generation product is very different, it is because it uses a Soundbar matching design concept, Sony also introduced at the same time and X9000F highly matched echo wall products - HT- X9000F, the two are highly similar names.The HT-X9000F supports Dolby Atmos and in conjunction with X9000F series TVs that support Dolby Vision Dolby cinema-grade audio and video experience.

Echo Wall The HT-X9000F inherits many of Sony's Acoustic Black Technologies, which use the latest surround technology, the 'Vertical Surround Engine' vertical surround engine, to reproduce vertical surround sound in home audio environments without overhead speakers, So you can feel the vertical sense of the sound; the same time, in front of S-Force Pro virtual surround technology with the virtual extension of the sound field, without the back surround the case, but also feel a wide surround sound, the two major three-dimensional Surround technology together to create a surround sound of up to 7.1.2, completely out of the room layout and layout restrictions.

X8500F appearance

X8500F than the previous generation also has a significant upgrade, The whole system comes standard with 4K HDR image processing chip X1, all the Department of brightness enhancement, and the whole system comes standard with 120 / 100Hz screen panel , Size is very comprehensive coverage, but also more than the X9000F also a 43-inch models, the appearance of the same with the X9000F using the new base design. X8500F not only the brightness of the simple upgrade, but with the 4K HDR image processing chip X1, the overall upgrade TV contrast, color performance, etc. The X8500F will be available in March and April.

Although the A8F is not the protagonist of this conference, but if you have long been the intention of buying OLED TV, but also think A1 is expensive, A8F soon listed should not let you down.

55-inch A8F wall effect

65-inch A8F new base design

A8F and A1 using the same quality, sound quality technology, in the view of Sony, A1 avant-garde design is to expand the OLED market, return to the TV traditional appearance style A8F is to reach more consumers, but not Less used to impact the market models, so the price of A8F should continue dropping, we'll see.

A8F simple design, although equipped with a traditional base, but it is a very weak sense of presence, from a distance or even feel the screen is directly on the desktop, still can bring no small visual impact, because there is no Integrated bass backplane bracket design, A8F is more suitable for wall, 55-inch A8F wall after the screen and the wall at a distance of about 7cm, the effect is still pretty good.

X9000F series covers 85, 75, 65, 55 to 49 five size range (49-inch models for the price has not yet announced), 85-inch models are not covered before the X9300E and X9000E, Sony and our communication process That 85-inch models market acceptance, such as 85X8500D this model has been a hard to find, the introduction of larger models is imperative, but also the result of consumer choice.

Finally back to the price of the X9000F, although the configuration to the X94 / 9300E by Qi, but the price is closer to the X9000E, to further reduce the Sony high-end TV purchase threshold, so a little bit more expensive, but bought a better picture quality , Especially Octavia Dynamic Technology, which significantly improves dynamic clarity, and if the X9000F still exceeds your budget, you can wait for the upcoming X8500F, which is also a good choice.