Hisense VIDAA AI into 2018 new model of artificial intelligence television, to read the map era

'Face recognition people', 'microscopic identification of water', 'recognize the bone recognize people' are the strongest brain "Among the hot and popular programs, all of them have in common the participants remember the memory-related content identification, the art in the artificial intelligence community was called 'to identify people', in short, is already able to 'read Understand 'picture.

With the release of the Hisense VIDAA AI Artificial Intelligence Television system, the trick to 'know people' is now also easily implemented on Hisense AI televisions and is the first in the industry, which Hisense claims is 'full scene' Real-time image search technology ', referred to as' one-click map search', Wanwei also fortunate enough to experience the site for a simple experience, and netizens are most concerned about the three major issues were summarized:

· 'A key figure search' how to use?

In any TV screen, simply press the 'small gather' button on the remote control, the screen will automatically open screen shot sharing and image recognition function, and the relevant content is presented on the right side of the screen.

Press the 'small gather' button on the remote control, the TV will automatically intercept the TV screen, and began to identify

· 'A key figure search' can identify what content?

Up to now, the information search of Hisense VIDAA AI artificial intelligence television system supports 20000+ stars, 1000+ TV stations and 4 levels of two-dimensional code identification, 100% of the tasks are completed from the field experience.According to Hisense Group chief scientist Wang Zhihao said that the current recognition accuracy can be as high as 99%.

In addition, Wang Zhihao also said Hisense VIDAA AI technology is self-learning ability, support for the future will be more and more, such as the VIDAA AI during the World Cup will also increase the sports star search capabilities.

· After a key search, what will be revealed?

From the site experience, the current recognition of the star, will provide this star encyclopedia, news, film and Taobao with the same content, for users to understand this star and large-screen content of the expansion of operations provides a lot of imagination.

Will provide this star encyclopedia, news, film and Taobao with the four sections

From the clothes provided style, although not 100% accurate, but the similarity is indeed very after, and only need to click on the single, you can buy directly through Alipay.

In addition, the screenshot of the TV screen, you can also scan the QR code on the TV screen to the phone, and then share with friends, this is a fun game.

Hisense VIDAA AI artificial intelligence television system more relevant functions, click on the video below to watch:

Click on the picture to watch the video

For what is artificial intelligence television, there are many voices in the industry, In response, Hisense Yu Zhitao said: 'The combination of artificial intelligence technology and smart TV enables television to have the ability of speech recognition, image recognition, natural language processing and machine learning. Based on the foundation of big data, television has the user's thinking Ability 'and' learning ability '.The television screen is an extension of the user's life scene, and the television becomes an assistant covering the whole scene of the user's life.

Of course, perhaps other brands have other explanations, but data and algorithms are generally recognized as the most basic content, and natural language applications and learning, the composition of the image atlas is to make AI faster and better cognitive ability to understand the world , So that the perception of the machine more and more close to humans, and Hisense VIDAA AI artificial intelligence television system And related functions formally constitute the essence of this process.

No wonder Hisense Yu Zhitao said at a press conference, after Only need to say to Hisense TV 'I want to see what's what,' Artificial Intelligence TV can accurately provide what you want to see We are also looking forward to this day.

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