Equipped with 4D automatic trapezoidal correction technology | God painting smart theater F1 / F1 Pro release

Intelligent projection after several years of development, auto-focus, auto-trapezoidal correction has basically been popularized, the use of experience has been greatly improved, including automatic trapezoidal correction there is room for further improvement, because the automatic keystone requires the projector placed in the 'screen 'Directly in front of the direct placement of the projector, so later appeared to support the left and right trapezoidal correction of the projection products, and today God painting technology to go further, released a 4D automatic trapezoidal correction of God painting intelligent theater F1 / F1 Pro, so that the use of smart projection experience once again upgrade to a higher level.

Press conference, the God of science and technology spokesman said 4D automatic trapezoidal correction to overcome the technical problems, God painting set up more than 100 R & D team, took 224 days to tackle key problems, and finally with the super computer for 384 hours of continuous operation to be able to make 4D automatic Keystone from the vision to become a reality from the scene of the actual demonstration results, F1 equipped with 4D automatic trapezoidal correction technology only takes a few seconds to display a clear Founder of the screen, vertical and horizontal automatic correction up to ± 45 degrees, regardless of Is placed next to the bedside table or sofa, F1 can automatically bring a clear picture of Founder.

Mr. Na Qinglin, Chairman and CEO of God Painting Technology, said that innovative technology is the driving force for Chinese brands to enter the international market. The original intention of God's painting was to make a distinctive projector that is dedicated to creating the ultimate user experience. Following the auto-focus, virtual touch technology to solve the pain points of artificial interaction, God painting technology will be intelligent projection 'Everest' technical problems - trapezoidal correction overcome, God draw F1 as the world's first diagonal investment screen can automatically become square Projection, with a new AI technology to lead the upgrade of home entertainment lifestyle, open hundreds of billions of smart home market.

In addition to 4D auto-trapezoidal correction, the God of intelligent theater F1 / F1 Pro other configurations are also strong, 1080P resolution, 1200ANSI lumens bring a bright and clear picture, auto focus, virtual touch, dynamic focus compensation technology, sound quality There are aspects from the United States Crossroads audio support, content integration Tencent video, CIBN and other mainstream video resources, design is by the famous Rococo team surgeon, the use of high-end audio cloth elements, there are smart and elegant double Curve and so on.

God painted intelligent theater F1 / F1 Pro price conference was not announced, but God painting technology at the meeting with the Jingdong formally signed the 2018 strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will carry out a deep strategic cooperation, God will draw the best quality intelligent theater products Prerelease to provide users, so stay tuned!