US chain supermarket group Kroger or seek Alibaba cooperation to fight the Amazon

Beijing time January 25 morning news, according to the US "New York Post" reported that the US supermarket chain Kroger may have found ways to fight the Amazon.According to foreign media reports, the company is seeking to start with the e-commerce giant Alibaba Cooperation.
Similar to Amazon, Alibaba is also using a similar technology with Amazon Go, to open unmanned convenience store.

Sources disclosed that last month in China, Kroger executives had had contact with Alibaba executives.
There was no specific topic for discussion between the two parties, but one report said both companies have reached an agreement of intent on online and offline sales.
Last week, a news report released by the Chinese government said that Alibaba has partnered with Kroger ... to speed up the integration of online and offline sales. '
In the past year, shares plunged by 13% as Amazon acquired Kroc's rival Whole Foods Group.
In fact, Kroger shares plunged 26% two days after Amazon announced the acquisition of a high-end all-food supermarket on June 15.
So far, Kroger shares have not lost ground yet, Wall Street has been speculating Kroger will respond.
Last November, Kroger, a company with 2,800 stores, announced the launch of a clothing line.
Then earlier this month Forbes reported that the chain of supermarket chains based in Cincinnati is talking to, an online warehousing-based e-commerce company that is a far better city for millennials.
However, cooperation with Alibaba can be regarded as Kroger's boldest move.
'I think it will require two things, technology and funding, all of which are strong points for Alibaba,' said New York University marketing professor Scott Galloway, who is "Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google giant stealth gene "a book author.
Kroger's lack of technology is not enough capital relative to Amazon, said Galloway.
Analysts pointed out that Kroger wants to follow competitors like Amazon and Wal-Mart and sell more products, and has been trying hard to launch his own home delivery service.
Alibaba can provide Kroger Alipay platform, allowing customers to pay through the App application to buy goods, this attempt has been fully rolled out in the Chinese market.
In addition, Kroger can direct customers to the Alibaba website, where they can buy general merchandise.
Sources said Alibaba has been working hard to increase its presence in the U.S. market and change the status of small-scale operations to compete better with Amazon on a global scale.
Freshman, a food retailer backed by Alibaba, is at the forefront of this technology, and a Goldman Sachs report in August last year showed that boxwagon also serves as an online sales depot and distribution center.
The Alibaba store's report states, 'Shoppers can order goods from stores or through the Mobile App application, shipments within 1.9 miles of the store can be delivered within 30 minutes,' and '
All payment must be done through the Alipay Alipay App application.
A spokesman for Alibaba told foreign media: 'Alibaba talks daily with hundreds of enterprises around the world with the aim of expanding commercial relations and serving Chinese consumers. Kroger is an example.'
Kroger declined to comment.