Luxury wind sweep the world, the World Cup limited edition Hisense U9 ultra-definition TV depth evaluation

2018 World Cup will be held in Russia, of course, all the news is also emerging, it is also rumored that this may also Messi and C Lo last World Cup in the face of such a heavy sporting event, a good quality good TV certainly is Essential.

Hisense, at this time, not only announced it will become the official sponsor of the Russian Cup in 2018, but also became the first Chinese consumer electronics brand to step onto the stage of the World Cup At the same time, Hisense has released the ULED Ultra Quality TV U9 series, 2018CES exhibition is even more eye-catching, becoming the focus of the audience.

In 2018, as a booming year of intelligence, the television industry is once again mustering strength and sustained force .In the first year of artificial intelligence encounter the World Cup, what kind of sparks will be wiped? In this regard, Hisense has something to say.

'High-value, black technology, luxury wind swept', the Hisense for the World Cup limited edition ULED ultra-quality TV can be used such a sentence summary .As the World Cup limited edition TV, Hisense U9 super quality in the end what Exceptional place? View the World Cup, we are worth choosing it? Today, the World Wide Web home network for everyone to bring a depth evaluation, luxury technology, see Hisense U9 how to define the United States!

· Evaluation products:

Hisense U9 ultra-quality TV

High value with the World Cup

We all know that as a TV designed for the World Cup, what kind of Yan value can be worthy of the world's first sporting event World Cup?

In the first time we saw Hisense U9 ultra-definition TV, we saw it in the low-key luxury on the value of color, summed up the following seven points:

1, Hisense U9 ultra-definition TV, in appearance, 75-inch large screen, the concept of filming swept from the main use of Phantom of the Opera and the color of the glass with gold, making the appearance of the whole machine bright and yet steady, low profile In full luxury

2, in the middle of the front, there is a "Hisense" breathing lamp, alternating light and dark standby personality, to show the unique Hisense;

3, Hisense U9 ultra-definition TV, tailored for the World Cup, the world is limited to 2000. In its lower left, there is a custom number and custom-made for the World Cup trend logo .Smart carving, custom-made ID card, only One

4, Hisense U9 ultra-quality TV's base is also very particular about the 45 ° frame Phnom Penh base and the perfect combination of transparent rear seat, the right hand is equipped with a touch-button operation, luxury full, but without losing Moderate humanity;

5, Hisense U9 ultra-quality TV back, frosted TV on the back, fresh and elegant, the interface location at a glance, to bring more convenience to consumers;

6, Hisense U9 ultra-definition TV, the sound design of its former sound and the sound of the Grammy Gold Waves, pure sound, come immediately.Not only this, in its back, also built-in array speaker, bass, global sound field Through customized high-end audio mesh filter, it is immersive;

7, Hisense U9 ultra-definition TV remote control is also a major feature of its equipped with 19-key minimalist remote control texture drawing machine with the whole, complement each other, extraordinary refined.

In total, Hisense U9 ultra-definition TV is definitely an excellent set of elegance, luxury, quality in one, 75-inch large screen placed at home, is definitely the living room Texture center, the crowning touch of beauty at home.

· Look at the wonderful sports events, there is no super quality how to do?

Hisense U9 ultra-quality TV has shown us its graceful appearance, but for consumers, in addition to the appearance of the value of the outside is a major factor, its quality, but also consumers consider a major factor for the fans How image quality will directly affect their viewing experience.

This time, we come to see, in the fans are most concerned about the 'quality', Hisense U9 ultra-definition TV force it? We will test from five aspects, so that users have a comprehensive and comprehensive understanding of these five The aspects of testing are tailing test, sharpness test, brightness test, color test and level reduction test.

1, tailing test

In this tailing test, we watched the clarity of pictures or texts by playing a series of fast-moving pictures, texts and other related videos to see how the Hisense U9 HDTV's ability to control the tailing!

When watching a series of dynamic images, we found Hisense U9 ultra-definition television pictures and text displayed on the content can be clearly seen, there is no tail, far better than the traditional LCD TV, of course, has a super non-tail strength, This should benefit from Hisense U9 ultra-HD TV with Hiview light control engine, designed for the control of light, ULED backlight control plays a crucial role in the quality of treatment more professional and it also can The various quality adjusted to the best state, to achieve smooth movement of the screen to watch.

In addition, Hisense U9 ultra-quality TV also equipped with Motion Flow intelligent motion frame measurement system, to enhance the motion picture of the intelligent frame measurement, you can clear and smooth restore physical trajectory, and more suitable for watching like World Cup such a large sports event , Can perfectly restore the event scene.

2, 4K decoding and 4K definition test

In order to obtain excellent picture quality, the clarity of the consideration is even more essential. Hisense U9 ultra-definition TV as a 4K TV, its 4K decoding capability and 4K resolution, we will be followed by a detailed test.

Through testing we found that in the 4K decoding test, we played 24 frames / 30 frames / 60 frames of 4K video, at the same time playing 30 frames, the stream is 2M-120M 4K video, Hisense U9 ultra-quality TV all Very smooth playback, decoding ability is very powerful.

His 4K super-sharpness test, Hisense U9 ultra-quality TV performance is also very good, for the smallest text, up to 25 black and white lines can be clearly distinguished.At the same time, we also play several very test 4K resolution Video, Hisense U9 ultra-definition TV texture of the skin of the characters, the elderly, such as white hair can be clearly identified.

Hisense U9 ultra-definition TV in 4K decoding and 4K resolution test, have shown a very strong ability, in addition to its 4K display capabilities, but also thanks to its use of the industry's top processing chip, 4G + 64G ultra-high Configure, let its decoding ability and clarity of display, can be handy.

3, brightness test

The quality of a TV, not only need to decode the ability, but also to observe its degree of color subdivision, the brightness is sufficient to measure the quality of a TV quality has become an important factor.This time we mainly through the black and white brightness of the distinction To test the Hisense U9 ultra-definition television capabilities.

By watching the figures wearing white and black clothes walking in black and white, we can see that Hisense U9 ultra-definition TV can clearly see the white clothes in its brightness test under white background while the black clothes In black background, the shoulder still visible, black and white are obvious distinction, prove its strength is not bad.

Hisense U9 ultra-quality TV in the brightness test has perfect play, which also benefits from its intelligent peak algorithm, which in the Local Dimming, based on the backlight of each partition will be based on the brightness of the screen to make real-time adjustments , So that the presented portrait, bright and dark contrast obviously, the picture clearer and cleaner, bright and beautiful.In short, Hisense U9 ultra-definition TV, through the intelligent algorithm, so that black and white brightness level more distinctive, more perfect.

4, color reproduction test

In addition to the sharpness and brightness, the color display is of course extremely important for watching the game, and we used the color chart and some highly expressive videos during the test.

Through the test we found that Hisense U9 ultra-quality TV in the color test chart, for each color, chromosphere gradient and color distribution of the performance are in place in the strong color performance of the film, its color color Performance is also very eye-catching, amazing.

Hisense U9 ultra-quality TV has such excellent color reproduction, which also benefited from the Hisense U9 ultra-high definition TV for the first time raised the backlight partition to 1000 Zone, so that the partition more and more sophisticated, and up to 1000 independent backlight partition and 4096 Fine dimming technology, the real show ordinary TV difficult to show the level of detail and depth of field sense, to achieve point by point dimming, showing ultra-high contrast, so that each frame more colorful picture, every light and shade are more Significantly superior texture, so that the details can not be seen in the 1000 Zone under the vision of a small end.

5, level reduction test

An excellent television, not only to make the color fine enough, more natural and vivid, but also watch more details of the picture quality, therefore, as a good TV, the level of reduction is also very important.

During the testing process, we can see that the Hisense U9 ultra-definition TV's grayscale performance is very good, for the 32-order hard-to-identify grayscale gradients can be clearly identified.

Of course, the performance of the level of reduction test so outstanding, thanks to Hisense U9 ultra-definition TV technically, the use of 66 backlight control chip, which controls 16 backlight partitions for each, you can achieve high-precision backlight brightness Control, enhance the screen effect and its 1056 backlight partition is independently controlled by 1056 high-pressure MJT lamps, precise circuit arrangement, efficient backlight utilization and low heat, to achieve point by point control light.Moreover, Hisense U9 ultra-painting Qualified TV technology also uses the industry's first backlight fine adjustment, can be based on the 1000 Zone, so that each high-pressure MJT lamp with a 4096 brightness gradient, precise control of each frame behind the screen the best brightness, the picture level rich Bright, brightness switch more delicate and natural.

Not only that, Hisense U9 ultra-definition TV not only uses the exclusive 1056 backlight partitions and 4096 dimming, so that the picture quality is more clear and delicate, but also uses a quantum dot four-dimensional real reduction system, so that this ULED ultra-definition TV Color reproduction is more realistic, viewing is also more comfortable.

Good TV, it will be really smart

An excellent TV, in addition to the appearance and quality of the top has excellent strength, the user experience in the process of using the effect and whether enough intelligence, is more important for users to bring more convenience.

For the effect of experience, there are two most obvious impact: First, with the operating system to force? Second, the artificial intelligence experience?

Hisense U9 ultra-definition TV experience the effect of how in the end, we will also start from these two aspects of testing.

1, the operating system is to force?

Hisense U9 ultra-quality TV equipped with the latest VIDAA AI artificial intelligence system, from the VIDAA 1.0 era of simple, then to the back of the polymerization, speed, smooth cool, has now evolved to the AI ‚Äč‚Äčartificial intelligence system that can help users to achieve deep Artificial intelligence interaction.Moreover, Hisense U9 ultra-quality TV also added many user-friendly settings, such as the following features:

(Theme customization)

(Dialect setting)

(Voice of many voices)

(A variety of user-friendly custom settings)

(Push content through WeChat and TV)

(Live interface, you can also bind the home HD set-top box, in order to achieve a remote control)

2, how to experience the function of wisdom?

Almost all of the smart TV manufacturers are talking about artificial intelligence in 2017, the year was known as the peak year of artificial intelligence, and on the smart features, everyone focused almost always on the voice above Hisense U9 ultra-definition TV Has the voice control function, and equipped with AI artificial intelligence system, can be perceived voice, is the most sci-fi.From the following verification from many to see Hisense U9 ultra-quality TV intelligent voice in the end how!

Through the experience, we found Hisense U9 ultra-definition television response speed is quite fast.It not only accommodates a variety of dialects and a variety of timbre, so you play smart.Also be able to conduct multiple rounds of dialogue, intelligent error correction, so that voice Search for more human intelligence.

Of course not, Hisense U9 ultra-quality TV, also has the ability of television encyclopedia, as you asked 'who is the play in the list of Mei Changsu', retrieved The result of 'Hu song', so that intelligent voice more intelligent perfect, and we also tested its computing power, plus, minus, multiply and divide together, Hisense U9 ultra-quality TV also perfect operation, it is artificial intelligence Great work.

In the intelligent voice control, Hisense U9 ultra-definition TV intelligent voice is not limited to voice search, but also mainly in video, music, live, education, applications, games, shopping, message inquiry and local control Covers almost 90% of the content of smart TV operation.Moreover, it also can enjoy a home with a key link Hui Hui refrigerator air conditioner, so that intelligence everywhere .In the wisdom of experience, Hisense U9 ultra-definition television can count It's a smart TV that reads 'heart'.

Of course, the experience of smart TV, in addition to the importance of intelligent voice, the film and television content is still very important.Hisense layout in the content, is through 'gather good look' for everyone brought massive content resources, including not only video Content, the new film, the first broadcast of drama updates, as well as children's education specifically for children to create the area.Moreover, it is also configured to play history, chase drama, collection, guess you like, daily popular features and other functions, Let you watch the film can play together .Style content, smart TV, Hisense U9 ultra-quality.

Hisense U9 super quality evaluation experience:

2018 Smart first year is about to open, meet the World Cup Hisense U9, ultra-quality, true AI, bring you settled in the future!

Believe that for the majority of fans, Hisense U9 ultra-definition TV in terms of appearance, quality, artificial intelligence or content experience, have superior strength, to bring the most amazing viewing experience. And as the World Cup To create ultra-quality custom machine, which also joined the rich elements of the World Cup, very eye-catching, but also fans are worth buying a TV.

If you want to feel the luxury of low-key beauty in advance, if you also want to see the way future science and technology, Hisense U9 ultra-definition TV, together with you to define the future, the definition of the United States!