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In such a mobile-first and cloud-first era, most of the things we touch are already connected to the Internet. Smartphones such as mobile phones can be automated through routers or other wireless communication technologies, greatly facilitating us Of today's printing equipment is naturally keeping pace with the times Canon recently introduced TS9180 inkjet printer not only the appearance of the high value of the printer, but also with a lot of cool new features, will certainly make you shines.

It's hard to get rid of bulky, ugly and hard-working hats in people's subconscious printers, which are printer-based printers, and the beauty of a Canon printer alters your traditional perception of the printer.

In the author's opinion, the deciding factor in choosing a printer is how easy it is for the printer to be used, of course.

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For ordinary home users, the choice of a product is relatively more emotional, because most people do not understand the specific parameters of electronic products.So, choose a suitable for their own printer to pay more attention to the appearance of the product and Ease of use For the appearance of the product, Canon TS9180 is very confident, she said: 'Chinese people like the most golden, I want to be loved by everyone.

I think the fuselage surface with a more recognizable gold, the atmosphere but not tacky, allows 'eating in the corner of the printer' can brush a sense of their own presence and the machine with a 5-inch large-screen touch screen, This appearance can be very good with the sense of science and technology of the fitting style, not feel awkward.

For such a delicate appearance or even called the art of the printer I can not help feeling, the appearance of doing so well, is to show it out? After trial, I found the Canon TS9180 not only has a beautiful appearance .5 inches Touch screen, operate as if operating your own smart phone, get started. And the UI interface is very simple, common features on the home page. The operator panel can be tilted, the user can use according to their own Habits choose different angles. More comfortable operation, is not very humane?

Users are also most concerned about the print quality. Especially for our home users, photo printing needs will be more. Live in a beautiful moment vivid vivid paper? This is the printer's color control requirements are particularly high. Canon TS9180 Six-color ink system, so you see what you get.

Today's era, the basic mobile phone in hand can handle many routine tasks quickly and conveniently.We use mobile phone photos, if the previous printer often only print jobs from the computer output.Therefore, the operation steps will be very much, and time-consuming special Long.But this printer and the phone is a tacit understanding of the 'good partner' .Wi-Fi environment can print through the Wi-Fi connection, no Wi-Fi can also be connected through the printer's wireless direct connected hotspot easily Canon TS9180 seamless docking, fast output you want to print the beauty.

Hope professional photography enthusiasts do not have to worry about, Canon TS9180 support inserted SD card printing. Insert SD card, the operation panel will display photos, slide around the touch screen to select favorite photo printing. Also comes with the filter function, you can Print into a favorite style.

Printer novice little white do not have to worry about the face of the machine, do not know where to start Canon TS9180 intimate for the novice prepared a rich animation demo.You simply follow the demonstration steps, step by step operation on it. For those who like to explore new features You, this machine you can through the product manual to find and use some of the features of their own interest.

In order to make users more convenient and efficient use of the printer, Canon offers PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY mobile App, the software can query the printer cartridges, perform printing, copying, etc. With Easy-PhotoPrint + (photo easy printing) Easily edit and print photos on your tablet or computer.

Canon TS9180 can also use the PIXMA / MAXIFY enjoy the cloud, cloud service provides a reservation print (Sudoku), the impression notes, Creative Park fun park, network template printing and other very rich features.

For iPhone users, the Message in Print application embeds greetings, animations, and background music in your photos, allowing recipients to place an iPhone on top of the photos with embedded information on the screen. Share beautiful memories and moving.

Of course, in the course of the use of certain problems will encounter some problems, through online customer service, hotline, e-mail can get help.In addition, this printer after the product is successfully registered through the warranty period, can be extended to 3 years warranty.

Such a product from the appearance can be cute, in use, but also be able to get rid of the computer can easily print the product. The official suggested retail price of only 2588 yuan. Who said both can not bear and bear's paw And get? Canon TS9180 really value and easy to use both. Like you can start!