God the same peripheral! ORICO magic disk evaluation: Swiss Army knife in the digital world

First, the preface: do not want to do private cloud mobile hard disk is not a good mobile power

September 5, ORICO launched mobile hard disk set, private cloud disk, routing WIFI, mobile power, offline backup and many other features of the mobile magic disk usher crowdfunding.

Nowadays, the types of digital peripheral products are more and more detailed. For different usage scenarios, you may need a dedicated product that is extremely inconvenient for personal management and going out.

In the era of geometric growth of personal data volume, everyone needs to ensure their own data integrity and security, for now, although the local hard disk security is high, but can not meet the people that read-write needs, and Public network disk more and more restrictions, data security and personal privacy are also subject to more and more challenges.

So, whether there is a product that can adapt to different use scenarios, but also provide users with secure private cloud services?

In such a doubt, ORICO magic disk was born, so let's take a look at this much-anticipated product performance how!

↑↑↑ ORICO move the magic disk parameter list