Watching movies at home during the day! Micro whale F1 home projector: light up your world

I believe a lot of friends who like to watch movies have a dream, that is, you can have a private theater, enjoy a giant screen at home, quietly enjoy the old movie quietly. However, the dream is always a dream, for most people Said that this may be a distant daydream.However, the world is not absolute, you and the giant screen movie may only be the difference between a micro whale F1 home projector distance

Jingdong Mall micro-whale (WHALEY) F1 home projector projector (1200 lumens 800P HD resolution voice control with 3-month member mobile phone / smart / mini projector) to buy links

The micro whale F1 home projector comes with 1200ANSI lumens, even in the daytime projection, the light soft case, the picture is still clear; no need to turn off the lights at night, you can enjoy the super large theater feeling. At the same time, coated glass lens makes the brightness more focused , And LED light source also brought a guarantee of service life.

In addition, the Micro-whale F1 home projector adopts the DCI-P3 color gamut which achieves the standard of Hollywood movie color display, the RGB is increased by 25%, the color range is wider, and the movie and photo color are more realistically restored. Of course, in addition to good picture and sound To force, built-in high-power dual speakers, support DOLBY / DTS dual decoding, can bring a powerful audio-visual enjoyment.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that, 4K HD decoding with 1: 2: 1 projection ratio, can project up to 300 inches large screen, high-definition picture quality is not inferior to the movie .Carly, the movie screen can be adjusted to their liking. So, but also giant screen theater, a micro whale F1 home projector is enough.

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