Environmental protection and more energy-saving | Haier R290 air conditioning performance how?

The air conditioners used in our daily life not only relate to the comfort of home life, but also hide a huge number of environmental bills behind them, of which, the refrigerants running blood as air conditioners have a profound impact on the surrounding environment.

At present, China's room air conditioner industry mainly uses refrigerant R22, which is a substance that has a great damaging effect on the ozone layer and has a high greenhouse effect, and has long been included in the 'black list' of elimination by the international community. According to the data from China Household Electrical Appliances Association Shows that China is the largest manufacturer, consumer and exporter of room air conditioners in the world.In 2016, the cumulative production of air conditioners in China reached 110 million units, mainly using two types of refrigerants: HCFC-22 and HFC-410A, the former having both ozone layer and climate Dual damaging role, at present, China's air conditioning industry is accelerating the phase-out of this material.

However, R410A, a refrigerant commonly used on inverter air conditioners, is a super greenhouse gas that does not destroy the ozone layer. The greenhouse effect of this material is even higher than that of R22. It is also listed by the international community as a reduction list.

What is R290 refrigerant?

Compared to R22 and R410A, R290 is harmless to the ozone layer and has a GWP of only 3, which has almost no negative impact on the climate and is a truly ozone-friendly and environmentally friendly refrigerant with a direct emission reduction of 99.9% , And the indirect greenhouse effect reduction reaches 9%. Compared with R410A and R32, R290 is equally effective in reducing greenhouse effect.Only from the perspective of reducing greenhouse effect, R290 is more in line with the trend of global low-carbon and environmental protection.

At the same time, the R290 itself is cheaper and has a smaller charge capacity than the traditional R290 refrigerant, which reduces the compressor size and thus the material costs, and the R290 compressor delivers superior energy performance compared to the R290 compressor Ordinary air conditioning more energy saving.

Although the R290's environmental friendliness is high, its flammability characteristics have given international standards the harsh limits on how much room the R290 fills in room air conditioners, while at the same time product safety has become a reality for some foreign-owned companies and overseas A big concern when considering R290 refrigerant.

In China's air-conditioning business, Haier is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in the research and product development of R290 refrigerants in China.According to Haier's research, the R290 refrigerant has the same refrigeration effect as R22, greatly reducing the refrigerant charge, Rise than R22 4% -10%, especially in the high temperature environment R290 air conditioning refrigeration system more reliable, energy-saving effect is obvious.

R290 refrigerant is flammable, in order to ensure product safety, Haier R290 air conditioning carried out a series of safety design, including the indoor unit to prevent leakage of indoor unit nitrogen factory design, to prevent the installation and maintenance personnel accidental disassembly operation The use of non-removable pipe design, in order to prevent on-site installation of welding and random with 5m long machine pipe.

So, Haier R290 air conditioning KFR-26GW / 01WDB62U1 performance how?

Take this Haier KFR-26GW / 01WDB62U1 air conditioning as an example, it looks simple and modern, with streamlined design and wild color, the LCD panel on the panel can show real-time air conditioning mode of operation, so you get the air conditioning operation at any time.

In terms of energy saving, the Haier R290 Air Conditioner KFR-26GW / 01WDB62U1 achieves Level 2 energy-saving products with energy efficiency rating of 4.11 by adopting smart inverter technology and an innovative structure compressor developed jointly by Haier and Hayley. The eco-friendly and efficient , Even if you use for a long time will not be distressed because of electricity.At the same time, inverter air conditioner has a large number of electrical components, Haier innovative use of the industry's most secure design, to achieve safe and efficient operation of inverter air conditioner, cracked inverter air conditioner in the application of R290 environmental refrigerant After high temperature refrigeration, low temperature heating, safety and efficiency, and many other industry problems.

In addition, this R290 smart inverter air conditioner is also equipped with smart, free operation, sleep, energy saving, personalized custom, including the most practical 8 smart scenes, to create a more intelligent, personalized solutions.

It is reported that entering the 2018 cold year, Haier Air Conditioning also announced full access to non-fluorinated, the ozone layer and climate have double the destruction of HCFC-22 refrigerant all out, so that the global air cleaner and further promote the green earth. The impact of the industry is huge, will effectively promote the industry's popularity of new environmentally friendly refrigerant.


Environmental issues are not only the responsibility of the government and society, but also with our daily life and vital interests are closely related. At present, R290 air-conditioning has been listed in our country, the use of R290 air-conditioning, will not sacrifice a comfortable life, without undermining the human survival Home, why not?