Villa-level coverage with performance? Linksys tri-band flagship EA9500S router evaluation

Many of my friends are full of doubts about how to realize the full coverage of Wi-Fi in a mezzanine house. Xiao Bian had suggested that friends should do bridging and install wireless repeaters. However, bridging or wireless repeaters have some drawbacks, such as network speed Affected, but also for example, multiple routing may be a security issue.In addition to bridging, repeaters, the use of a wider coverage, faster routing is also a very good choice.

In recent years, home, small business wireless router market has two trends, one is to take the low line, the price lower and then lower, and the other is to take the high-end route, and constantly improve the performance and configuration of wireless routers. Linkys a high-end routing - Linksys EA9500S, its tri-band Gigabit configuration, the large apartment and multi-storey apartment market positioning, so Xiaobian one of the hi .. So, Linksys EA9500S performance in the end How? Xiaobian will offer hands-on experience!

Model introduction

Linksys EA9500S is a tri-band AC5400 MU-MIMO gigabit wireless router, Linksys EA9500S supports intelligent tri-band, with two 5G band and a 2.4G band, three bands can be smart to switch.In addition, Linksys tri-band version 2.0 is relatively traditional Tri-band support for MU-MIMI-AC Wave2, intelligent band switching, balanced transmission technology, and supports auto-update firmware and other functions, relative to dual-band, or even the traditional tri-band, Linksys EA9500S become more intelligent.

On the hardware, Linksys EA9500S with 1GB of memory, 256MB flash memory, a USB3.0 interface, eight Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, the other with Broadcom 1.8GHz quad-core processor, making Linksys EA9500S enhance multitasking, multi-terminal performance It is reported that Broadcom 64-bit 4-core processor integrates four 1.8GHz Cortex-A53 CPU core, an additional three coprocessor equipped, without increasing the CPU load to achieve more than 5Gpbs system data throughput.

The Linksys EA9500S uses MU-MIMO technology and 802.11ac (Wave 2) technology. The Linksys EA9500S supports 6 MU-MIMO transmission simultaneously to completely solve the "queuing" lag problem of the previous connection between wireless routers and multi-terminal devices.

If we compare the working principle of a traditional router with that of a single lane, congestion will inevitably occur during operation. However, six sets of MU-MIMO transmission are equivalent to two-lane and multi-lane expressways, even if the router is heavily loaded. The problem of congestion.

Appearance articles

Linksys EA9500S relatively large size and looks more stable compared with the wireless router for the family on the market for the first time to see this router, black appearance, huge body, really make Xiaobian shine.In addition, Antenna configuration on the market, mostly not, two based, the antenna of this router is based on the EA9300 6 antenna, an increase of 2, a total of 8 antennas.

Below, specifically look at the appearance of the model.

Linksys EA9500S with black color design, the overall look more calm, in the middle of the front of the machine is designed with a display screen, you can display the status of the router, in addition, the display Linksys logo, very beautiful.

In addition to the front of the fuselage in addition to the display, the machine is the cooling holes, high-power models do not have a good cooling system, then it will have some impact on the stability of the machine, all around the Linksys EA9500S vents With a large area all-alloy heat sink to solve the problem of cooling the machine, in order to maintain sustained high performance operation.

Looking at the antenna, adjustable 5dbi high-gain low-impedance antenna a total of eight, two of which were three, respectively, the rear two, the overall more symmetrical, but also engraved Linksys logo on the antenna, built-in wireless signal amplification Device, with beamforming technology, so that the maximum signal coverage of a wider range.

Behind the fuselage configuration 2 USB and 8 Gigabit Ethernet interface, you can connect an external storage device, you can also connect the printer, high-speed high-capacity starting file.In addition, Linksys EA9500S also offers a variety of power, users Can be selected according to actual needs in the back of the fuselage, this model is also equipped with a reset hole and the switch button, it is very easy to use.

Backstage management

As the technology advances, the wireless router's background management interface becomes more intelligent, in addition to ordinary Internet settings, such as setting a password, set the Internet, check the network status, the router should be more understanding of the user's psychology .In this regard, Linksys EA9500S closely follow the needs of the configuration of the visitor network, parental control and other functions.

Which parental control features designed to stop, restrict access to users, access time, so that children have a reasonable time online, refused to indulge in the network for a long time.

Linksys EA9500S there are two ways to visit, one is the PC side, the other is the mobile APP / webpage.Mobile APP / webpage design fully adapted to the current user's Internet habits, more and more people use the mobile To Xiaobian, for example, at home in the Internet, shopping, watching video, etc., are basically used in mobile phones, and most of the settings on the router are achieved through the mobile web page. At this point, Linksys EA9500S do Humanize.

For mobile APP, Linksys EA9500S can use 'Linksys' APP, which can set up and manage the network on this APP. Here we will not go into details. Here's the PC-side management interface.

Connect your computer to Linksys EA9500S and open IE and enter to enter the background settings.

Into the background of the main interface, you can see the overall function of the interface, including the network status, Linksys home network, wireless settings, network maps, visitor access, parental control functions, media wired order and external storage, etc. Interface design more clean, Relatively comprehensive.

In the main interface on the left, also set a simplified version of the function of the entrance, the overall is divided into two blocks: Smart Wi-Fi tools, router settings. Smart Wi-Fi tools include network maps, guest access and other functions, Settings include connectivity, troubleshooting, wireless, security and other functions.

Overall, the PC-side background interface is neat and tidy, its functions are also made for Chinese users to improve, security, guest mode and parental control is in a simple network settings made a big upgrade!

Performance Testing

Linksys EA9500S performance is quite good, from the configuration of the machine to the appearance to the background management interface, so what is the performance of the Linksys EA9500S for the wireless router that can both serve as the best companion for chicken games and villa-level architecture?

Due to company speed and other restrictions, Xiaobian mainly tested the signal strength of the Linksys EA9500S to test its performance from the strength of the signal.

Test Equipment: Dell Tour 7000 Red Edition

Test Tools: WirelessMon

Test frequency band: 2.4G band, 5G band

Test distance: 5 meters, 10 meters

After testing, we get the signal strength of the 2.4G band (the corporate environment may interfere with the signal)

5 m 2.4G band signal strength of 40%

10 m 2.4G band signal strength of 33%

From the test data can be seen, Linksys EA9500S in the 2.4G band signal strength is quite powerful, covering a wide range, basically to meet the needs of the thermocline.

So, 5G band, how the performance of this router?

0 m 5G band signal strength of 93%

5 m 5G band signal is 57%

10 m 5G band signal strength of 36%

From the test point of view, 5G band signal also has this outstanding performance, the traditional 2.4G band to take care of coverage, 5G band signal to take care of speed, no matter in 5G band or 2.4G band, the signal strength of this router is not Popular performance.

Evaluation summary:

In recent years, Wi-Fi gradually flew into the homes of ordinary people, can be said to be one of the necessary home devices.However, the family area, wall partition, or more Internet devices and other factors, to a large extent for the router Increase the load.However, the router whether to withstand these loads, is also a test of the router.As a high-end routing LinksysEA9500S appearance, configuration, signal coverage and other aspects have a decent performance, in the face of a wide range of online appeal , Such as watching video, playing games, Linksys EA9500S is also a good way to network.

Price, Linksys EA9500S in Jingdong on the price is 2299 yuan, relative to the same grade of routing router this router is still a good price.

How? Still considering how to network friends friends, whether to consider this router ?!