Cyclops CP white flower water (test articles) 24hr scared 10cm burst

In the previous article, we made preliminary preparations for making icebikes for 'Bike + White Snake Water + Refrigerator' and interested friends can move forward with the previous article: "Preparing for Bicycle CP White Snake Water" Appearance ".

The following will be modified test.

tool: Bike, two refrigerators, white snake grass water, mold, waterproof plastic, wrench ...

step: First of all, remove the front fork of the bicycle, reassemble the welding, and rebuild the bearing.In order to ensure the stability of the bicycle, we will broaden the front fork of the bicycle and add the keel to both sides of the bearing.

In accordance with the freezer area of ​​the refrigerator, make a round barrel mold .In order to ensure its sealing, we will be in the seams at the plastic .Put the prepared all the white snake grass water into the bucket.

Different refrigerators have different freezing ability and freezing effect. Therefore, in order to prove the freezing effect of the commander refrigerator, we will add 'a certain refrigerator' and make two ice wheels respectively with two refrigerators.

Statistics a bit, each mold spent 36 bottles of white snake grass water, two mold enough enough for three boxes!

Two vats filled with white snake grass water, it is necessary to prepare the process of freezing the freezer temperature of the two refrigerators were adjusted to -24 degrees Celsius, waiting for 24 hours.

Said carbonated drinks can not be frozen, and white flower snake grass water is a great flower in carbonated drinks, all for the two ice wheel curious endless results.

After a day and night of freezing, as of now, the two flowers in the refrigerator have been frozen in -24 degrees Celsius refrigerator for 24 hours of continuous freezing process, two super large ice wheel has been frozen to complete.

Open the fridge and witness miracles!

As can be seen from the details, the super-large ice wheel made by the commander refrigerator shows a small amount of crushed ice, but the barrel body is complete and very hard.

Analysis of the reasons, the commander refrigerator pure stainless steel, on the one hand to ensure good thermal conductivity of the refrigerator, cooling speed; the other hand, through the metal conduction can achieve a balanced cooling, the temperature difference within the refrigerator is small, which is our actual operation in the frozen Ice wheel, the commander of the refrigerator freezer ice intact reason.

In contrast, 'a refrigerator' is not so optimistic about the effect.

Middle barrel appeared at least 10CM burst! In principle, this burst is still a kind of physical explosion, that is, the pressure caused by the change of the material state in semi-airtight space.

Analysis of this reason, on the one hand because of the refrigerator itself freezer cold freezing uneven, resulting in the inner and the door by the side of the different tension appears in addition may also be the main components of the white snake grass water - white snake grass water The main component is water, carbon dioxide and various drugs, carbonated beverage explosion is caused by water ice become larger, the second is dissolved in water, carbon dioxide gas in the process of ice into water was released.

The experimenter took two ice wheels one by one and prepared them for mounting on the bicycle.Because the height of the bucket and the width of the front fork of the bicycle were calculated in advance and the corresponding bearings were customized, a wrench was taken.

Commander of the refrigerator made of ice wheel is very complete and hard, so it is very simple to install; and another large depth of more than 10 centimeters of ice cracks, can be installed on the bike are a problem.