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Micro-whales also launched their own smart micro-cast K1 series, the recent micro-whales brought us the latest series of intelligent voice projection F1 Micro-whales smart micro-vote F1 Ingenious borrowed Mr. Dieter Rams minimalist design 1960 classic record modeling, Emphasize the form of the function of cooperation, efforts to fade unnecessary decoration overall shape can be used to describe the sharp heterogeneous sharp but in fact the corners are used CNC chamfering more refined.

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Micro-whale smart micro-vote F1 overall glacier gray color, appears to be low-key steady temperament, will not be overwhelming, usually do not use the leisure time in the living room is also an exquisite decoration. Interface, respectively, the power connector, USB3.0 interface, HDMI2.0 interface and 3.5mm audio interface, and micro-whale smart projection K1 pretty much.In my opinion, for the micro-cast products, in addition to the power interface, the other interfaces are large Most users do not have access, especially in the Internet resource-rich circumstances, few people will choose to download their own video through the hard drive to watch the movie. But there is no better than nothing, as a micro-cast that micro-whales this projection The interface is rich in the market, HDMI2.0 interface also makes it to meet the needs of the daily office projection.

Micro-whale smart micro-vote F1 overall weight of only 1.2kg, for this level of projection equipment in terms of speaking can be said to be very lightweight.At the same time micro-whale smart micro-vote F1 has also passed various reliability tests, but also the industry's only through EMC certification of the brand Appearance and Products Micro-whale smart micro-vote F1 strict selection of materials inside and outside, safe and reliable, consumer buy enough time to rest assured.

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