Do not look strange TA shape | These alternative home printer to solve big problems

With the improvement of people's quality of life, the sales volume of home-printing products has been on the rise in recent years. Under the influence of word of mouth, many home users will buy some of the main home-market printing products, but more printing products are gradually being replaced Some trendy home purchases, let's see what these alternative print products are and how they can help our family life?

Mexican warehouse / Mexico-type printing products into the family

For home users, the traditional use of ink cartridge home inkjet products, although the appearance of compact, but smaller ink cartridges, single printing costs are higher.Now many home users in order to reduce the frequency of replacement of supplies to reduce the cost of individual printing has been Started to buy ink cartridge / ink-in-print products commonly used by small business companies.

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Ink cartridge / ink-type printing products are Hewlett-Packard, Canon, Brother, Epson and other brands, the author believes that home users in the purchase of such products, it is best to buy those who will be the ink cartridge and the fuselage integrated or built-in design Products, such products not only facilitate the user to change the home display, but also reduce the risk coefficient of children at home.

Label printers make life more efficient

Many users will choose to use inkjet printing technology when buying home printing products, but in recent years as the pace of people's life accelerates, many users begin to choose to buy household label printing products, and now many home labeling machines come with Chinese input France and the entire keyboard, user-friendly information will be quickly printed out notes.

There are many Brother products in the household label printing products. There are several Epson models and the prices range from a few hundred to a thousand. Some models of household label printing products can also print text images on a ribbon type medium, Ladies who give gifts are like.

Pocket photo printer

Since the advent of ZINK inkless photo printing technology, pocket photo printing products equipped with the technology have been on fire all over the country for a long time. Such products are popular with the beauty ladies because of their extremely small size and convenient link with mobile phones. However, Pocket photo printing products with the level of consumer spending as well, slowly into the family.

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Home users can not only use it to print some photos of their family, but also use the product to classify their daily necessities. Users only need to take pictures of the stored items through their cell phones, and then they can attach photos printed by pocket photos Storage of goods on the packaging, user-friendly in the future to find the use of the market pocket photo printing products are mainly Hewlett-Packard and LG two brands are mostly, but more expensive photo paper.

Whether it is the ink cartridge / ink refill or label printer or pocket photo printer, these seemingly and home users do not take the product was gradually accepted by home users and applied to family life, from which we can see is not difficult , There is still a lot of blank area in the printing demand market waiting for the products to be filled.